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Nov 21, 2009

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Hey guys.  It was my son’s first birthday on the 9th. I made him a 2 hour long video that shows him from birth to now and added in some children’s songs. He likes it. He loves watching himself on video.

I’ve almost  run out of videos on my hard drive. And considering that my youtube channel is getting less views than ever…I don’t feel much motivation to make new videos. But nonetheless it only takes a few hours to make a series….and a series can last a few weeks worth of uploading. So I’m sure I’ll be putting something up.

October/November was supposed to be the best month of my life considering the exposure I should’ve got from Boorman’s show. But instead of mentioning my videos….they just called me a criminal. And now Big Earth Productions are ignoring my emails. And coincidentally my youtube numbers choose this month to plummet. It’s ironic that my numbers have been steadily rising for the last 4 years…..and all of a sudden for the first time ever….they choose this month to go down?

Ahh, well. I’m still hopeful about opening the tour company next year. I’ll be planning out the route and working out the details this winter. It should be good.

Jade is doing well. And that’s the most important thing.



November 6th 2009

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Hey all.  I wanted to let you know that I am talking with Big Earth. And while being somewhat non-apologetic….they are still trying to reach an understanding with me.

Yes, I will be selling my bike. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop making videos. I still have my scooters and I can always borrow a motorcycle for a day…and in a day I can make a dozen videos easily. So no worries.

I was expecting October November to be the turning point for my youtube channel. My youtube earning have always gone up. Each and every month…..starting from next to nothing….and just recently started to become…..well….something. But…for no reason I can pin point my views are plummeting.  The last few days they’ve reached new lows that I haven’t seen in 6 or 7 months. So all the progress my YouTube channel has gained in the last 7 months now feels like it was lost. It might just be a temporary low… might bounce back to a new high. It very often drops before it spikes….so this might be the case. I hope so.

Other than that Cujo ran away and my dentist thinks I might have cancer and sent away his findings to a pathologist (I’ll know in 10 days).

So all in all a good month! But don’t worry…..I’m laughing as I write this……don’t get me wrong….it’s all 100% true….I’m just oddly enough not in a bad mood. Probably because recently I’ve been getting along well with my wife and if I had to choose between cancer and my wife nagging me……I’d choose the cancer. So as long as my wife isn’t destroying my soul…..I’m happy enough.

Thanks for reading this and I’ll try to keep you updated.


M13 on By Any Means

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Many people have been congratulating me on being on TV. And yes in a way I think it’s cool that I’m on an international TV show. But to be honest. I’d still rather I wasn’t.

Yes, the show made me seem like some badass underworld racer. But problem is…..I’m not that. Last time I checked I was “The World’s Most Successful Motorcycle Video Blogger”…..I’m a  video blogger. That’s it. No more no less. But they didn’t even mention that.

So instead of saying what I really do……which would have really really helped me and my family. They instead make up a fictional story that they thought sounded cool. About me “organizing illegal street races” …..they make me sound like Vin Diesel. I’ve seen his movies…..and yes he’s cool…but he’s also always on the run from a shit load of police. And I can’t run. I have a baby. I have a job teaching. I was starting a tour company. But now………now they have announced to the planet…..that I am a criminal…..which is a lie….but their show is made to look like a documentary so people will believe it. The Taiwan government will believe it.

I’ve never been in an actual race on the street. Sure I may pass someone and ride quick for a few seconds….then slow back down again. But that sure as hell doesn’t fit the definition of a race.

And to top it off……they showed my license plate. You know….the one I have been editing out of my 600 plus videos…..the one I’ve been editing out of videos for the LAST 5 YEARS! The same license plate that they said they would not show. The  same license plate that I wrote about in their waiver…..I wrote “You may use footage of me in your show as long as you do not show my license plate or my face without my helmet or mask on.” That was how I signed the waiver they gave me.

In other words…..they made up a lie and told everyone I was an organizer of illegal activities and then gave everyone my name and address.

Slander. Defamation of character.  Libel (they wrote under my picture that I was an illegal street racer). And last, but not least Breach of Contract. I’m sure there are a few others….that I can’t think of.

So……thanks to Charlie Boorman’s Big Earth production company,  M13 is selling his motorcycle and won’t be buying a new one for awhile. The police in Taiwan now have all my info……and will make up an excuse to impound my bike if they see me riding it.  So….for the last few months I’ve been looking forward to this….as you all know… I wrote about in my thank you letter for my private series. This was supposed to be my big break…..this was supposed to be my big chance. Oh well.

The producer of the show already apologized and said he’d tell the people at Big Earth to contact me (they haven’t yet). And oddly enough Claudio hasn’t responded to my email yet. But he’s such a nice guy he’s probably just looking into it for me first. We’ll see what they say. In the meantime…..anyone know a good lawyer in the UK?

This was supposed to be the best month of my life.




Mayhem Madness and M13

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A friend in the UK just told me that chapter 17 in Charlie Boorman’s new ‘By Any Means’ book is called “Mayhem Madness and M13

Boorman book

How cool is that?


Sep 22nd 2009 – Life Update

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I took down my last update because I was getting too much sympathy and it made me uncomfortable. Things at home are going better this last week. My wife finally spit out what here real problem was….it wasn’t house hold chores….or any other thing that she’d use to pick a fight….it was that I wasn’t spending enough time with her. So using her brilliant female logic….she decided that if she treated me like shit that I’d spend more time with her?!?

Anyway….like I said….at the moment we are getting along well enough. It’s just another thing I have to do each day “Set aside time for the wife? Check.” .   3 dogs, a wife and a baby for me to look after……who looks after me? Well the answer is you guys do. The money from my last private series has done away with so much stress and hassles that I would have had. Thanks again.

So I got a new job. And I like it quite  a bit. Oddly enough I’m back at the job that I worked at first when I started to vlog…..remember the job I got fired from about 4 or 5 years ago…….the one where I pulled out a girl’s chair and she got me fired? (I didn’t pull it out…..I tilted it and pulled it….she dropped maybe one inch to the floor). Well they’ve had a few different teachers since I left and they say I teach better than any/all of them. So it’s nice to get some respect from my employers for a change.

My YouTube channel is doing well. And I’m happy about that. I talked with someone from By Any Means and they said I would be Highlighted in their Taiwan episode of the series……so no cutting room floor for me! That show will be coming out in October sometime. Keep an eye open.

Erm…..that’s about it. My son is doing very well. He is walking and talking at only 10 months old. He took his first steps at 9 months. Recently he is laughing and smiling lots…..and I commented in a video he didn’t do those much when he was younger… I’m loving every minute of his happiness. Sometimes when he’s out with my wife I will go to his crib and close my eyes and just imagine him there with me. And that’s after not seeing him for just a few hours…’s scary how much a parent can love their own child.

I’m working on starting a Motorcycle Tour company for next year. I already have a partner (who is wealthy and owns a bike dealership). And I expect by this time next year I’ll be advertising cheap tours of Taiwan with yours truly as the tour guide. I expect to meet quite a few of you then. Should be interesting.

That’s it for now. Hope all is well with you and yours as well.

Thanks…for everything, M13.


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This Saturday gone by Mordeth13 spent most of the day with Charley Boorman who is best known for his trip around the world on a BMW bike with Ewan Mc Gregor. He’s a true motorcyclist and I have a lot of respect for him as a rider. He also tried to include me with everything he did that day….which was very nice of him. Claudio spent a lot of time talking with me and invited me back to their hotel that night. We sat around in a lounge up on the 19th floor of a very expensive hotel and just  chatted for a couple of hours, Mr Boorman was there as well. They have a new cameraman named Robin. According to Claudio he’s supposed to be some kind of prodigy, some kind of boy wonder….hmmm Robin? Boy wonder? Hmmm. Robin was also very cool. There producer Sam Simon was understandably busy, but he still made time to chat with me and listen to any and all ideas I had. He even got excited a couple of times and would grab a camera and join in on the fun of filming…which I was told wasn’t normal for him.

I had planned a great day for Mr Boorman, but right off the bat we had police, a blown engine, and a <wait for series> …….sigh… least the weather was good. And although I felt it was a terrible start they said it made for interesting footage… I guess it wasn’t all bad.

I also got to ride with Mr Boorman on the race track. He impressed me a lot with his skill. He was on a bike he’d never ridden before….on a track that would easily be the worst he’s ever been on. And he flew around it quicker than most of the locals.

Check out their Twitter updates. You can see some cool pics of their new series as it progresses “By Any Means 2” and while you are waiting for that to come out you can get caught up on their past series which are:

Long Way Around – 2004 (television series, book and DVD)                                 Race to Dakar – 2006 Long Way Down – 2007

By Any Means – 2008                                                                     By Any Means 2 – 2009    (with M13)

Outside of racing and stunting Boorman is establishing himself as one of the most well known motorcyclists and adventurers on the planet. Nothing wrong with that   🙂     .
Check Boorman and Claudio out on there twitter pages which are updated regularly from all over the world:

Charley Boorman

Claudio Von Planta

Robin Boy Wonder:  (Hey Robin…what link should I use?)

Sam Simon: (Sam ? )

'M13'- the most successful motorbike Vlogger on Youtube (http... on Twitpic

Had an amazing track day with bikes and cars today near Taipe... on Twitpic

Hello everyone! I’m glad to report that everything is on the up and up. I take care of my son and do house work from 7am to noon every day. So my wife gets a 5 hour break every day…..which is a lot more than me. I’m lucky if I can find an hour in a day to play some video games. But it’s ok. Got some suprises coming your way in the near future. And I should possibly finish up the private series and start mailing it out in the next few days. I’m happy with how things are starting to turn out. Hoping for the best.


July 13th 2009 – Up and Down

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Hey guys.  I’ve uploaded the first few videos of the 2009 Private Series….and it’s looking ok. I don’t know when I’ll be finished….hopefully around the end of July….and then I’ll make a video announcing that it’s done…..and that I’m sending out the emails. So you’ll know when to check your trash/junk folder.

My life right now is both up and down. Mordeth13’s channel is doing well. I’m getting more and more subscribers and views…and yes I care about numbers….I’ve said that since the beginning. And you guys are awesome with regards to supporting me and sticking around even when my vids get slow for a bit. My son is amazing and I’m starting to learn how big parental love is….and that’s a new and amazing experience for me….to love so large.

And on the down is……my wife. I talked with her sister today….and her sister agrees with me that my wife is suffering some sort of mental breakdown. And that we need to find her some professional help. I’m hoping they fill her full of Prozac and then I can give her a balloon to play with and stick her in a corner somewhere while I do my own stuff (and take care of my son).  I went out for a few hours the other day and she phoned me up and said that I was trying to “tire her to death” by leaving her alone with my son. And she told me to come home right away or she’d smash my computer. But on the flip side she has no problems with giving me my son for the whole weekend while she goes off to visit family.  And I’m not complaining about her going off…..I love spending time alone with my son. She’s the one who can’t.

Anyway…….other than my wife being a painl…..everything is going well.


June 27th 2009 – Haters

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Alright, I know I shouldn’t be giving them any more attention. So I’m gonna leave it at this. I just got an email from one of my viewers who watches a lot of different motorcycle vloggers. He subscribes to me….and most of the guys who “hate” me. And he just sent me this email….so I’m gonna share it with ya’ll. And I swear on my son’s life that neither I, nor any of my “real life” friends wrote this. I just got it as a youtube msg from a subscriber I haven’t talked to much in the past.

Hi from ***********

Dear M,
I just spent the last 2-3hrs watching all these vids from the ( YT vlogger m13 hater crew) and reading ALL the comments about how god-like you think you are !

I was going to leave comments on these guys vids in support of you, but i dont want to add to the already “childish hater mob mentality bandwagon” they have about your channel / forum, so im only sending this to you…

The haters just keep going on about how they hate the way you like to have alot of sub’s, and how they dont care about numbers, yet THEY all know exactly how many THEY have! Just look at how many of these guys did a “wow i got a 100 subs now video”…! They all want more, they all wanna be bigger and better than m13, they all wanna be a YT partner like you……… i wonder why 😉

You are great character, you make YOUR OWN style of vids that none of them can do.
Your quality of filming, topics, jokes, animals, daily life etc is far more entertaining than their normally quite mundane videos.

They say “oh he never responds to the comments under his vids” if i had 300+ comments like you get on a vid i couldnt answer them all ( and i got alot of free time! ) Those haters can do that because they only get 10-30 comments a vid. I respond to 99% of my vid comments because i only get 10-20 comments a vid, and maybe 1 new sub if comment back.
Ah ha, you see, i proved a point, even though i say i dont care how many subs i get, i still want them, haters are just the same really, they just dont realize it!

They go on about how you’ve asked for donations, and how greedy that is, yet both times i asked you to let me see for free you were very gracious and accomodating, that just proves theyre wrong.
If they dont wanna help and support a fellow vlogger who is in need of funds then why do they call themselves a community all the time. You have given me  DAYS of entertainment.
And to be honest i’ve needed it this year, no job no money, but yr vids always make me laugh dude!

Im honestly very disapointed in these guys, i still have to watch their vids as it’s all that is available to me, but now i feel like im watching a bunch of jealous bored kids.

I just wanted you to know, i (and my Mrs who dosnt even like bikes) love your vids, your an entertainer dude, dont change a thing. Please continue being just who you are, thats who you were ment to be 😉

Your friend,

P.S. Hugs to Jade and ya Mrs.
PPS. i must be a slow typer, this took me over an hour…….lol


June 19th 2009

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Hey guys.  Still trying to deal with the new stresses and pressures of having a new family. Not gonna lie….it mostly sucks. But I enjoy hanging out with my son (in moderation).

My son is getting easier and easier to care for as he gets older… I’ve decided to take on more teaching jobs. Try to get my bank account growing. At present I have 9 dollars in it. That’s my life savings…..kinda crazy. But for the last year I’ve only been working less than 20 hours a week.

I’m going to announce my next pay-per-view series soon. The money will go towards a new camera, an overdue tune up for the ninja…..and then perhaps I’ll spend some on my son (priorities).

The good news is that I’m now getting subscribers and viewers more than ever. And the numbers are increasing at a faster and faster rate.  I used to get 50 new subscribers a week…..recently I was getting around 300 per week.  If this keeps up then that will be good for me and my family.

I want to thank you for taking an interest. And for viewing my videos. Some people have said they are “stale” recently….but I’ve rewatched my old vids and they are about the same as what I’m doing now. Also….if this pay-per-view series sells well…..then I’ll take some time off to make some truly epic videos….I have some great ideas, honestly.

June 26th is my last day of work….then I have about 3 weeks off. So I should go pull my 9 dollars out of the bank and go wild with it! LOL, nah….I’ll be alright. I’m a bit short because I replaced all 4 tires on my Suzuki Swift. But I’ll be ok.

EDIT: Like with every year when I mention buying something….the haters are coming out of the woodwork. I think if an artist sells a painting… one calls them a beggar….but if a video producer spends hours and hours making some videos….and sells them….then all of a sudden he is a beggar? Give me a fucking break. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT…..THEN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Real fucking simple folks. I don’t like most of….Renneto’s videos (for example)….so I don’t watch them. I DON’T  go to his channel and insult him…..if I did then I’d be a retard.