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May 25th 2009

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Hey guys. Things are going fairly well for me right now with regards to my home life…..but to be honest one day is so different to the next. One day it’s hell….one day it’s great…..but I’m pretty sure that’s what marriage is.

My school is mostly shutting down for summer vacation. They only have a few English classes and they are giving them to the senior foreign teacher. Which isn’t me. So that means I’ll have 2 MONTHS of no work. Unless I can find something before then. My wife says I should use the time to make some really kick ass videos. But I think I should get a better job.

Then again I plan on making another pay-per-view series. One where I don’t have to worry about what I film….or what I say……or what music I use. The plan is to make it first…..and then make a video selling it. Unlike the Canada series where I sold it first and THEN went out and made it. This way I’ll only sell the series if I know for sure it is quality. And again….if you don’t want to pay…..then don’t. But nowadays you need to be so careful of what you put up to YT especially as a “partner”. I miss my older videos where I could do anything.

So if enough people buy that series….then I can probably use the vacation time to really improve my channel.

Or maybe I’ll just get a new job in the next couple of weeks….and if so forget everything else in this post. šŸ™‚


April 17th 2009

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Hey guys. Sorry for not posting in so long. Sorry Atlas. I’ll try to write something every week or two regardless of what’s going on in my life.

So….what’s new with me? For the last few months my wife and I have been adjusting to living with a little white worm that cries and shits…..otherwise known as a “baby”.

We’ve pretty much gotten the hang of it. The biggest problem was the lack of sleep for my wife (we sleep in seperate rooms so at least one of us can sleep). But now I sleep with Jade for 2 nights then my wife for one. She needs more rest than I do as she’s also breast feeding….and that is tiring.

Now that we’ve started to understand how to live with a child and not go crazy. We are starting to look at the future…..and the most important thing now is money.Ā  I don’t make enough in a month to support my family. Which doesn’t make me feel great. So back to the old job search. Maybe I can just find some morning hours…or perhaps another job all together…..but yes…..still teaching.

I have some ideas for creating a “Taiwan Motorcycle Tour” company. But my friend who wants to make it with me…err… know what I mean……is never at home. So perhaps I need to find a new partner in crime.

Other than that my family is happy and healthy and if you’ve read this far than thank you for caring.



The Mordeth13 Shop!

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Hey guys! It’s about time I made some shirts or something as people have been bugging me for them for over a year now. I’ve spent a few days working on a shop. You can read about it in my forum here:


Jan 04 2009

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Hey guys, life is going smoothly enough. My wife and I are getting into the hang of being parents (she does all the work and I don’t hit her…..much).Ā  And although I’m busy, I’m still making new vids. I’m not making as many as before…..but I feel the quality is better. You’d think my vids would become worse as I ran out of things to talk about…..doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon. I’ve got 3 weeks vacation coming up, which I am very excited about. I’ve been writing down video ideas for months now…..ones that need a bit extra planning and perhaps a 3rd person camera view as well. They should be fun.

Went for a ride today with my racer friend who rides the 150cc NSR. We meet up with some other 150s and rode with them for a bit. The guy directly in front of me crashed…..I got it on video from just a few feet away. Not going to say how bad the crash is….you’ll have to wait for the vid.

Oh and I put the racer on a 50cc scooter and then challenged him to a race on grass. Got a little footage of that… was funny. He crashed no less than 4 times. hehe.

I rode with a group the other week. Met them at a biker hang out. They were all on CBRs, GSXRs, R1s and R6s. “True” sport bikes. I started to ride with them and the quicker guys tried to pull away from me… I followed them and we left most of the group far behind…..then I passed their “quick” guys and beat them to the bottom of the mountain. They were all confused and talking trying to figure out why my “budget” bike could not only keep up with them….but leaveĀ  themĀ  behind as well. I felt great.

I need to focus on work a bit more. I know they aren’t happy with me as I’m not putting in the extra time at work due to my home responsibilities…..but now that Jade is getting older he’s a bit more easy to handle (he sleeps at night more and less in the day).

I’m working on the T-shirts as well. Also looking into importing a couple of different items to sell in Taiwan. I need to start some kind of extra income. I hope in the future I can work less and focus on my videos a bit more.

Thanks for sticking around guys.


Happy December 29th!!!

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Hey guys, been awhile. First off let me apologize for roundabout asking for money for my birthday. You guys gave very generously back when I needed it to go to Canada….and I still appreciate that. I knew it was too soon to hint at giving again….but you know how it is….Birthday, Christmas, new baby, and no money…..that combination can cause people to do things that go against their normal character.

Anyway, life is fine. I’m sick at the moment….had a cold for over a week. My wife is just getting it now. And Jade (my son) seems like he might be getting it as well. Nothing like a sick newborn. I have a 4 day weekend coming up. And starting Jan 21st, I have 3 weeks off from work for winter vacation! I have some truly wicked video ideas….I’ve been writing them down. I have at least 3 that are as funny as Biker Waves or better. But we’ll see.

Oh, and here’s a pic of Jade that you’ve all been asking for:


Nov 20th 2008 – Baby is here.

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So my son was born on Nov 9th (11,9). And all is going well now. My wife is still staying at a post pregnancy care place. It’s like a hotel, but they have nurses that take care of your baby so you can rest when you want to. Asians are smart. After they have a baby instead of tiring themselves out further and destroying their bodies…..they instead rest for a solid month eating nothing, but special health foods (no salt or sugar for a month). My wife is happy healthy and so is Jade. I am visiting her every day in the hotel/hospital thingy. And taking care of my dogs and working. Plus I have a few new games that I’m trying to play…..and I’m finding that I don’t have enough time to do half the things I want to. Oh well, at least I’m too busy to spend any money. I’d put up a picture of my baby……but he’s ugly. And I hate it when parents show me their ugly babies and then wait for me to say how cute they are…..I don’t want to put you all in that position. Laterz!


Nov 8th 2008 Time: 00:40

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Alright, well my wife just woke up and pissed on the floor…..and according to her that is a sign the baby is about to come. I just thought it was a sign of old age and over drinking. I pointed out that she was no spring chicken and that maybe she was just being paranoid about the whole “baby coming” thing. But she’s being pretty unreasonable about it.

I slept for 2 hours after getting back from the hospital. Would’ve slept more, but someone kept trying to wake me up saying something like “It’s time. It’s time….we need to go to the hospital!”. Or maybe that was something I was dreaming. Anyway, my wife is in the shower now. She says she can’t wash her hair for a month (Asian health culture)……so she wants to get one last wash in before the baby is born. I’m thinking if call a cab for her I can maybe finish my sleeping…..then perhaps if I turn my cell phone off I can still get in a ride in the morning. We’ll see.

Sven@Work says:
hope your stomach holds up
Mordeth13 says:
I won’t be watching
Mordeth13 says:
Probably won’t be in the room
Mordeth13 says:
Might go for a ride if the weather holds up.
Sven@Work says:
you’ve got to be there for the birth of your son
Mordeth13 says:
They’ll both still be there when I get back…..not like they’re gonna run off or anything.
Sven@Work says:
Sven@Work says:
once in a lifetime opportunity man
Mordeth13 says:
Sven@Work says:
your choice, just don’t regret it
Mordeth13 says:
The longer I’m away the cleaner he’ll be when I meet him for the first time
Sven@Work says:
well im saying nothing, you’re a big boy
Mordeth13 says:
I wouldn’t want to meet anyone for the first time after just pulling my head out someone’s vagina…..he’ll appreciate the chance to get himself cleaned up.


Friday Nov/7th/2008 Time: 10:30

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It’s Friday night here and when I got home from work my wife tells me she’s been having contractions for the last 2 hours…..but there’s still time so lets eat the fried rice she’s made for us. I’m like “Shouldn’t we go to the hospital?” And she respondsĀ  with “No, I don’t like rushing things.”Ā  Err…..fine by me. So I watch some TV and eat.

After that we go to the hospital and they say her contractions are 8 minutes apart. And to come back when that gets down to 4 minutes apart. They said the baby should come within the next two days.

On the one hand I’m happy…….but on the other hand I was planning on playing Far Cry 2 a lot this weekend. The little shit is messing up my schedule already……bastard. I was hoping he’d come on the Monday so I could get out of work. But he’s being naughty……already.


Oct 24th 2008

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My wife has started her maternity leave. So I’ve pretty much stopped dating other girls for now. She gets two months off and then plans on going back to work for a month or two to finish off the year (she gets a big bonus at the end of the Chinese year) and then taking leave for a few years to raise our son. I started a job…I’m making less than before, but at least the new job isn’t split shift like my last one….I hated that. And I was contacted by an ex-employer and he is discussing making me a manager at 2 or 3 of his schools. No guarantees there though. That’s all. The next time I write one of these there should be pics of my baby along with it. Later!

Oh yeah, and I found some really cool clothes that are made in Taiwan and I’m trying to get them onto my website. Check out the shirt I’m wearing in the pic below. I love it.



Back in Taiwan

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Hey everyone! First and foremost I want to thank those that “bought” the Canada series. I didn’t exactly get a motorbike…like I said I would (NOT MY FAULT), but I did some improvising and you’ll still get some helmet wearing traveling vlogs. I think the stories are good.

Oh….actually I did do some motorbike vlogging, but from the back of a bike. The back of the bike gives me more time to think and look around….so that isn’t as bad as it sounds. I’ve got perhaps 3-4 hours of footage. So I will get on that right away.

I’ve decided to put it up on LiveVideo (private). They gave me an apology of sorts recently…and I highly doubt they’ll make the private/public mistake again….and it’s the best place since you can comment….and we can talk under the vids. We didn’t seem to be able to allow commenting under my wedding vids.

I got the paper work I needed from Canada… I just need to organize some paper work here in Taiwan. I already had it all….but it’s only good for 3 months… I might need to re-get them. But those are easy….just a bit of running around.

My mother’s best friend gave me a necklace and ear rings for my wife….I bought age of empires 3 (can’t find it in English in Taiwan). My ex and her husband bought some clothes and toys for my son-to-be. Oh, and I bought some toys for the dogs as I didn’t get any in England. But the budget was tight so one game for myself and some dog/baby toys isn’t too much….but none the less I felt like Santa handing stuff out when I got home. I also bought lots of Peanut Butter Cups… there is no chocolate peanut butter combo of any type in Taiwan. I’ll give some to my friends out here as well.

I’ve got a great video idea…..and I want to do it now while I don’t have a job….cause there’s a good chance I could break an arm or leg….hopefully I can find someone crazy enough to help me with it.

Err, that’s about it. Thanks for reading all this. And another big thanks to any and all that helped/are helping (not too late to donate) me out with the trip. You guys really helped to take a lot of stress off of my wife and myself during a very sensitive/stressful time. Thank you…..sincerely.

Canadian Geese: