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Less than three weeks until my first official M13 Adventure Tour takes place.  I’m getting nervous.

At first I only had one guy coming. Which isn’t that bad….takes some of the stress off of me. Then we had another guy book. Then recently one of the guys canceled… putting us back down to only one. And then in the last month we had two new people confirm. And two more who say they are coming, but haven’t confirmed yet. So that’s a total of 3 to 5 people who are coming at present. Svengalie is still one of the possibles.

I originally expected the tours to sell out and adjust the budget for 10 people. But with fewer we’ll need to cut some costs. But I don’t think it will affect the fun factor. As we will still be riding and exploring Asia. I’ll put up some videos and update the tour website once the tour is done.

For now I’ll be doing one tour per year. And the next one will be in August of 2011. I chose August because for the last month the weather here has been amazing… hopefully it will be the same next year. The price will also be raising as I’ll probably be breaking even at best this year. But that’s ok as this is a bit of a trial run for the tour company.  So next year expect the price to be around 1300usd. And if you do the slightest amount of research you’ll find this is still very cheap. As a motorcycle tour in many countries can’t be found for cheaper than 2 or 3 grand. So even with the cost of the plane ticket it’s still cheaper than doing a tour in your own country (for many people) .

My school is suffering at the moment. My boss’s wife left him, and rumors and gossip are plentiful as to why. And the parents have started pulling their kids from all his schools. I’d say we have less than 30% of the students we had just a few months ago. But less hours is both a blessing and a curse as I’m sure you can see. With the Tour only a couple of weeks away….it feels more like a blessing at the moment.

My favourite game is still Bad Company 2, and other than that I’m pretty busy with YouTube.

Sorry again for the late update. I’ll try to be quicker with my next one….sigh.



M13 on By Any Means

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Many people have been congratulating me on being on TV. And yes in a way I think it’s cool that I’m on an international TV show. But to be honest. I’d still rather I wasn’t.

Yes, the show made me seem like some badass underworld racer. But problem is…..I’m not that. Last time I checked I was “The World’s Most Successful Motorcycle Video Blogger”…..I’m a  video blogger. That’s it. No more no less. But they didn’t even mention that.

So instead of saying what I really do……which would have really really helped me and my family. They instead make up a fictional story that they thought sounded cool. About me “organizing illegal street races” …..they make me sound like Vin Diesel. I’ve seen his movies…..and yes he’s cool…but he’s also always on the run from a shit load of police. And I can’t run. I have a baby. I have a job teaching. I was starting a tour company. But now………now they have announced to the planet…..that I am a criminal…..which is a lie….but their show is made to look like a documentary so people will believe it. The Taiwan government will believe it.

I’ve never been in an actual race on the street. Sure I may pass someone and ride quick for a few seconds….then slow back down again. But that sure as hell doesn’t fit the definition of a race.

And to top it off……they showed my license plate. You know….the one I have been editing out of my 600 plus videos…..the one I’ve been editing out of videos for the LAST 5 YEARS! The same license plate that they said they would not show. The  same license plate that I wrote about in their waiver…..I wrote “You may use footage of me in your show as long as you do not show my license plate or my face without my helmet or mask on.” That was how I signed the waiver they gave me.

In other words…..they made up a lie and told everyone I was an organizer of illegal activities and then gave everyone my name and address.

Slander. Defamation of character.  Libel (they wrote under my picture that I was an illegal street racer). And last, but not least Breach of Contract. I’m sure there are a few others….that I can’t think of.

So……thanks to Charlie Boorman’s Big Earth production company,  M13 is selling his motorcycle and won’t be buying a new one for awhile. The police in Taiwan now have all my info……and will make up an excuse to impound my bike if they see me riding it.  So….for the last few months I’ve been looking forward to this….as you all know… I wrote about in my thank you letter for my private series. This was supposed to be my big break…..this was supposed to be my big chance. Oh well.

The producer of the show already apologized and said he’d tell the people at Big Earth to contact me (they haven’t yet). And oddly enough Claudio hasn’t responded to my email yet. But he’s such a nice guy he’s probably just looking into it for me first. We’ll see what they say. In the meantime…..anyone know a good lawyer in the UK?

This was supposed to be the best month of my life.




Mayhem Madness and M13

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A friend in the UK just told me that chapter 17 in Charlie Boorman’s new ‘By Any Means’ book is called “Mayhem Madness and M13

Boorman book

How cool is that?

This Saturday gone by Mordeth13 spent most of the day with Charley Boorman who is best known for his trip around the world on a BMW bike with Ewan Mc Gregor. He’s a true motorcyclist and I have a lot of respect for him as a rider. He also tried to include me with everything he did that day….which was very nice of him. Claudio spent a lot of time talking with me and invited me back to their hotel that night. We sat around in a lounge up on the 19th floor of a very expensive hotel and just  chatted for a couple of hours, Mr Boorman was there as well. They have a new cameraman named Robin. According to Claudio he’s supposed to be some kind of prodigy, some kind of boy wonder….hmmm Robin? Boy wonder? Hmmm. Robin was also very cool. There producer Sam Simon was understandably busy, but he still made time to chat with me and listen to any and all ideas I had. He even got excited a couple of times and would grab a camera and join in on the fun of filming…which I was told wasn’t normal for him.

I had planned a great day for Mr Boorman, but right off the bat we had police, a blown engine, and a <wait for series> …….sigh… least the weather was good. And although I felt it was a terrible start they said it made for interesting footage… I guess it wasn’t all bad.

I also got to ride with Mr Boorman on the race track. He impressed me a lot with his skill. He was on a bike he’d never ridden before….on a track that would easily be the worst he’s ever been on. And he flew around it quicker than most of the locals.

Check out their Twitter updates. You can see some cool pics of their new series as it progresses “By Any Means 2” and while you are waiting for that to come out you can get caught up on their past series which are:

Long Way Around – 2004 (television series, book and DVD)                                 Race to Dakar – 2006 Long Way Down – 2007

By Any Means – 2008                                                                     By Any Means 2 – 2009    (with M13)

Outside of racing and stunting Boorman is establishing himself as one of the most well known motorcyclists and adventurers on the planet. Nothing wrong with that   🙂     .
Check Boorman and Claudio out on there twitter pages which are updated regularly from all over the world:

Charley Boorman

Claudio Von Planta

Robin Boy Wonder:  (Hey Robin…what link should I use?)

Sam Simon: (Sam ? )

'M13'- the most successful motorbike Vlogger on Youtube (http... on Twitpic

Had an amazing track day with bikes and cars today near Taipe... on Twitpic


The Mordeth13 Shop!

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Hey guys! It’s about time I made some shirts or something as people have been bugging me for them for over a year now. I’ve spent a few days working on a shop. You can read about it in my forum here:


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