World's First Motorcycle VLogger

Hey guys.  I’ve uploaded the first few videos of the 2009 Private Series….and it’s looking ok. I don’t know when I’ll be finished….hopefully around the end of July….and then I’ll make a video announcing that it’s done…..and that I’m sending out the emails. So you’ll know when to check your trash/junk folder.

My life right now is both up and down. Mordeth13’s channel is doing well. I’m getting more and more subscribers and views…and yes I care about numbers….I’ve said that since the beginning. And you guys are awesome with regards to supporting me and sticking around even when my vids get slow for a bit. My son is amazing and I’m starting to learn how big parental love is….and that’s a new and amazing experience for me….to love so large.

And on the down is……my wife. I talked with her sister today….and her sister agrees with me that my wife is suffering some sort of mental breakdown. And that we need to find her some professional help. I’m hoping they fill her full of Prozac and then I can give her a balloon to play with and stick her in a corner somewhere while I do my own stuff (and take care of my son).  I went out for a few hours the other day and she phoned me up and said that I was trying to “tire her to death” by leaving her alone with my son. And she told me to come home right away or she’d smash my computer. But on the flip side she has no problems with giving me my son for the whole weekend while she goes off to visit family.  And I’m not complaining about her going off…..I love spending time alone with my son. She’s the one who can’t.

Anyway…….other than my wife being a painl…..everything is going well.

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