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Hey guys.Β  I’ve uploaded the first few videos of the 2009 Private Series….and it’s looking ok. I don’t know when I’ll be finished….hopefully around the end of July….and then I’ll make a video announcing that it’s done…..and that I’m sending out the emails. So you’ll know when to check your trash/junk folder.

My life right now is both up and down. Mordeth13’s channel is doing well. I’m getting more and more subscribers and views…and yes I care about numbers….I’ve said that since the beginning. And you guys are awesome with regards to supporting me and sticking around even when my vids get slow for a bit. My son is amazing and I’m starting to learn how big parental love is….and that’s a new and amazing experience for me….to love so large.

And on the down is……my wife. I talked with her sister today….and her sister agrees with me that my wife is suffering some sort of mental breakdown. And that we need to find her some professional help. I’m hoping they fill her full of Prozac and then I can give her a balloon to play with and stick her in a corner somewhere while I do my own stuff (and take care of my son).Β  I went out for a few hours the other day and she phoned me up and said that I was trying to “tire her to death” by leaving her alone with my son. And she told me to come home right away or she’d smash my computer. But on the flip side she has no problems with giving me my son for the whole weekend while she goes off to visit family.Β  And I’m not complaining about her going off…..I love spending time alone with my son. She’s the one who can’t.

Anyway…….other than my wife being a painl…..everything is going well.

  1. Hankatola Said,


    Sympathy from across the planet can only mean so much, but relationship problems are the opposite of awesome, and i hope it works out in the end either way.

    But good to hear about the other stuff πŸ˜€

  2. kaosxV Said,

    Hang in there, my wife went through some post birth depression with each of our kids, my first son got crazy crazy but over time, professional help and each other, we made it… try to stay positive…. enjoy your son and try to help her when you can… without sacrificing your sanity… trust me, it’s hard, I know.

    Looking foward to new vids.


  3. savethefreak Said,

    Ahhh dude bad about your wife of course, but I know people who have gone through what you”re going through, and they just clenched their teeth and kept at it. Thats the most important thing, don’t flip yourself, stay composed and keep at keeping yourselfs in money and your son happy and in a loving environment.
    Look forward to the private series, my first one to view! Wasn’t of knowing you when Canada series was out =)
    Hope you are alright with life soon though,


  4. sparkin88 Said,

    It might be she has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) the same thing that War vets and soldier sometimes get. Except she could be suffering from it due to Child Birth, honestly who knows these days.

    hope all gets better soon.

  5. sparkin88 Said,

    Oh and btw your kids cute

  6. Twincult Said,

    Dang M13. Sorry i haven’t been around lately, well for a long while. happy to hear about your son and that sucks about the wife. i understand all about the wife thing though, im not like that though i know people who are. your son is darling though..

  7. spunkyfl Said,

    Hey M,

    First off, your son is pure badass. PLEASE tell me you have some full leathers for him already (including pucks)

    There definitely will be huge ups and downs, I’ve seen some nasty mental break downs, but after they get professional help, they return to (pretty much) normal. Hope it works out.

    I’m sending good vibes your way!

    * vibe vibe vibe

    – Spunk

  8. McMicky Said,

    That sucks to here about your wife M but its all baby stuff it’ll pass i’m sure. Your kids lookin big already though!

  9. Seth6Strummer Said,

    Im sorry to hear about the wife problems. Its amazing how quick things can go from up to down with a woman. I really don’t understand it. Im having my own problems just randomly flipping into somebody else out of nowhere when things are great. So I feel you… But im afraid not as extreame. I really wish you luck from the bottum of my heart M13, I’ll send out prayers for ya. Other then that, best of luck on the series, the life, and the child.

    Stay strong my friend.

  10. Chris Said,

    Hey man im in the same situation with my wife so i feel you there. only difference is im leaving for basic training for the army for 8 months so shes goin to have to get over it and quick i leave in a week. i just want to thank you for posting that how to ride motorcycles vid. im thinking about getting a kawasaki zzr600 let me know what you think about this being a first timers bike.

  11. BassMasta Said,

    Sooo. M13, what if she reads this? what will happen?

  12. Mordeth13 Said,

    Chris send me a message on YouTube. I answer them all.

    Bassmasta, she can’t read English…..and she knows she’s insane….it’s no secret.

  13. Jonatan Said,

    Greetings from Sweden!
    Sorry to hear about your wife, my uncle is in the very same position as you are.. tragic πŸ™
    Thanks for your videos, and for playing Battlefield Heroes! (sounds a bit too nerdy for my taste, but yeah..) And for your Humor.. well lets say; Thanks for everything! You’ve inspired me in many ways Mordeth.. many many thanks!
    By the way, you’ve got an enchanting son!

  14. ScramUK Said,

    Your wife kind of reminds me of my mum.

    Apparently i’m “working on her” when I’m on the computer. The cat’s “working on her”. The TV reporter, is “working on her”. Everyone’s “working on her”.

    God only knows how my dad managed to put up with it for 20+ years

  15. RobinPhillips Said,

    Sorry to hear about your families problem,

    I hope she gets better, for everyones sake.

    Tonnes a luv from Hong Kong mate….

  16. Shadow3d Said,

    Hey m, im getting better, been a bit sick lately…and yeah, oh you? well we all hope things work out for you… but you know how it goes. Llife can b a right bitch when it wants to. Just keep your shit together man, you’ll be fine.
    best wishes, Shad

  17. keisuk3 Said,

    How long has this been going on? Was it right since birth? I suggest giving her more time and let her ease her way back to taking care of the baby by not having her alone with the baby. Maybe hire a nanny or invite a family member to stay with you guys for a while. Hope things get better soon.


  18. Tokyobobcat Said,

    Thanks for taking the time to make the videos, congratulations on M13online & Youtube subscriber numbers getting bigger. Glad to hear that you are feeling the love of being a new dad, and your boy is one fine looking kid. He looks like he will grow up to be a great guy.
    Sorry to hear about your wife going nuts, but it seems that she might be overly burdened even if it is just in her head. Hang in there and take care of her, just go with her flowing moods and do your best. Maybe your sister-in-law can help you to care for her, if they don’t live to far away maybe you can have your in-laws check in with her from time to time.

    Wishing you well from Taichung~

  19. Dave Said,

    Cool site, cool videos. Great looking baby. Your wife is probably suffering from the ‘baby blues’ and yes she does need some medication, (be sure to approach the issues with kid gloves or it could be very ugly) but more importantly she needs you to be ‘all in’ with helping with your wonderful baby and all of the house work as well. If she needs space and time alone give it to her…whatever she need. I’ve been in your shoes, my wife and I have three children and until your baby grows up and moves all of your hobbies get shelved. I don’t want to sound preachy but once little people come into your life everything is about them. Communication is now more important than ever with your wife if you want to continue your riding and stuff. You all have to find a common ground on when you get ‘your’ time and when she gets hers. If she is a stay at home mom remember that she is with the baby 24 / 7. You may be there with her but she is really never ‘off duty’ unless she leaves the house. The first baby is the hardest….they don’t come with manuals and you can’t take them back. She’s stressed out and needs your help.

    Good luck.

  20. SanityF4i Said,

    M13, Keep fighting the good fight (for your son)

    My girlfriend has depression/mild personality disorder

    Some times it gets to the point of where you can’t take it anymore and the finger may be pointed / you will be blamed for everything, stay positive at least for your own sanity.

    Support your wife and these “waves” will pass

    With our experiences with medication in the past it just gets worse, the prescription amount keeps going higher… the frequency of the “crazy moments” may be less often but when they do happen its like a bomb goes off… aghhhh really the only thing that helps is medication AND talking to councilor frequently

    If you truly love her you will know what to do

    Good luck my friend

  21. Wang Said,

    Best of luck with the wife situation. Relationships are work, there’s no way around it. Sometimes you might feel like you’re doing more work than the other person, but if the love is there it will work out fine.

    Dave speaks the truth.

  22. Dodo Said,

    man , how can you talk about you’re wife like that ? that’s just plain strange , in times like these ( you should be the one who’s holding it , but looks like you’re on the down-side too , best thing to do is understand her condition and do smth about it , but not just “professional help” becouse the pain to get her there whont cut it ( spent 1,6 years to get mine there )

    then again : if you are to survive a new ballance must be found , in normal times evil will be fought by good , but in times like these a evil should be fought by another kind of evil .

    big up’s and hope everithing turns out right

    p.s. please excuse my bad english

  23. Melissa o Said,

    I am not trying to be in all your buisness but after reading what you were saying about the problems you your family has been facing I to be honest didnt feel like reading threw all of your comments that would take me forever, has anyone brought up the idea of postpartium depression. This really does get pretty crazee for us mommies after having children. Anyways it is something you can speak with her and even her doctor about and get some advice.. If its already been mentioned that is great! I hope everything gets better for you and your family..

    Best Wishes

  24. darknessahead520 Said,

    sent you some cash hope alls well soon with everything and congrats on finally getting your house painted M. odd how i trust you more than i trust people but i geuss i know just somewhat from the vids
    your an alright guy it would suck to hear something somewhere that the famous internet vlogger had something bad happened to.
    stay positive


  25. Juan Said,

    That kid is growing in an alarming rate!
    By the time you know it he is going to be bossing you around hahaha
    Lil Boi: “Fix my bike dad, im going on a date with Tina”
    Mordeth: “Tina?! What happened to Xina?!”
    Lil Boi: “I dumped her ass along time ago, it’s funny really… I left her alone in a high hill with these mouth watering monkeys… Bwahahahaha!!!”
    Mordeth: *tears* “Just like his old man…”
    Then both of you start raving hahahaha
    Hey start saving up for his first bike with a little motor attached to the back mordeth!

  26. N3RB Said,

    I’ll keep it short, im in San Francisco right now man and when im down i all ways go to your vids to cheer me up. and then i go bang out on the streets of sf and laugh at the tourists. ( i ride a 2003 ZX6RR ) im a film student here in sf. But anyways. Everything has it’s reasons and something good comes from everything. just stick with it man. I’m keepin you in mind bruv.


  27. 250r Said,

    How can you guys take what he is saying about his wife serriously? Jesus christ.. Its obviously a joke!

  28. songoku777 Said,

    Nice kid you got there man. Take it easy with the wife problem. As they said, whatever dont kill you will only make you stronger -just dont kill em 1st :p watchin your blogs. I dont have immediate access to a broadband so i save your videos on my computer (downloading somewhere else). Got more than 50 of em.. i know that maybe ain’t half of you got posted up there. Good videos & stories you have. Always wanted to do the same (but obviously never equal) ..gota find a good cam 1st to put in my helmet. Hang in there and take care always.. we folks are watching πŸ™‚

  29. Aimee Said,

    Your son is beautiful!

    I’m sorry to hear about your wife. Just as you’ve said in an earlier video, it sounds like she needs to find a new passion. Something that makes her feel like a person again and not just a mom. While some women want nothing more than to be a mom, others still want to feel like women, necessary, and alive. It might be hard for her because you have your vlog and many fans and she doesn’t have her outlet. Women dream their whole lives about having a good man and a family. When you have those things and they’re not enough, you feel lost and life doesn’t make sense.

    Beware of putting her on any meds though. I have too many friends on anti-depressants and while their moods became stabilized, I hardly recognize them anymore. It’s an easy way to deal with the present, even if the consequence comes in the form of not being able to understand what’s bringing you down and how to deal with it.

    Stay positive even though life seems like a hailstorm of negativity. Deep inside the woman loves and needs you, even if she’s acting like hell personified.

    Good luck πŸ˜‰

  30. Alex Said,

    I had horrible postpartum psychosis to the point where I thought there has some evil entity trying to poison me when really I was just having a panic attack. Growing a human inside your body then turning your body inside out to deliver the baby through hours of excruciating pain, then having hormonal overloads trying to sort themselves out sometimes leaves us a little cranky. On top of what is going on in mom’s body there is this little creature (no matter how adorable) that needs mom 24/7 when mom really needs a nap, we just get more cranky. I thought of the perfect solution, though putting it in to action has proven difficult, lactating men. Woman grows the baby for 9 months, man takes care of baby for the following 9 months, (woman can get rid of raging hormones and the “baby weight”) then come back together as a united sane family. Where is Darwin when you need him? The best thing your wife can do now is excerise, a lot! It will balance her out quickly, and you need to take the night feedings. Peace and Love

  31. Homey Don't Play That Said,

    dude, i figured it out. .your wife is getting mad jealous cause you’re hanging out with a 20 year old girl making faux learn chinese tutorials while she’s stuck at home wiping your kids poop off the bedsheets and you come home with all this footage of this chick spendin crazy amounts of time lookin at Miss. 20 year old face up on the comp while wifey been waitin fo yo hizzazz to come home and all you wanna do is park it in front of the monitor or hide it behind the recorder. dude, that’s foul.

  32. Marina Said,

    Hey, im new to your website. i found you when i was on youtube one day. im a huge fan of streetbikes. And im loking forward to reading more and more of your stories when im dying at work in my office. lol Thanks πŸ™‚ wife and baby: Much respect to sticking through it. i take care of my sisters eleven month old and he can be so difficult but of course i love being with him and watching him grow. Im not married so i woulldnt understand much. my sisters married and im around them enough to say that my sister can be so annoying and unnecessacerly rude somtimes. your wife needs the time with her family i think itll calm her down and let her get away for a bit. shell get over it soon enough .. i always tell my sisters husband be the bigger person lol. your son is adorable and im sure he’s alot of motivation to be better in life. dont ever feel guilty for going out and living your passion. somtimes we have to be a little selfish.

    one more supporter
    Marina D.

  33. psypc3 Said,

    The little man has grown quite big…just like his father…:D and he is very adorable. I hope you get over your problems..we all have some..

  34. shorty23 Said,

    Ur son looks so adorable. not so with ur wife. dont worry, God always has a plan for all of us.

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