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This Saturday gone by Mordeth13 spent most of the day with Charley Boorman who is best known for his trip around the world on a BMW bike with Ewan Mc Gregor. He’s a true motorcyclist and I have a lot of respect for him as a rider. He also tried to include me with everything he did that day….which was very nice of him. Claudio spent a lot of time talking with me and invited me back to their hotel that night. We sat around in a lounge up on the 19th floor of a very expensive hotel and just  chatted for a couple of hours, Mr Boorman was there as well. They have a new cameraman named Robin. According to Claudio he’s supposed to be some kind of prodigy, some kind of boy wonder….hmmm Robin? Boy wonder? Hmmm. Robin was also very cool. There producer Sam Simon was understandably busy, but he still made time to chat with me and listen to any and all ideas I had. He even got excited a couple of times and would grab a camera and join in on the fun of filming…which I was told wasn’t normal for him.

I had planned a great day for Mr Boorman, but right off the bat we had police, a blown engine, and a <wait for series> …….sigh… least the weather was good. And although I felt it was a terrible start they said it made for interesting footage… I guess it wasn’t all bad.

I also got to ride with Mr Boorman on the race track. He impressed me a lot with his skill. He was on a bike he’d never ridden before….on a track that would easily be the worst he’s ever been on. And he flew around it quicker than most of the locals.

Check out their Twitter updates. You can see some cool pics of their new series as it progresses “By Any Means 2” and while you are waiting for that to come out you can get caught up on their past series which are:

Long Way Around – 2004 (television series, book and DVD)                                 Race to Dakar – 2006 Long Way Down – 2007

By Any Means – 2008                                                                     By Any Means 2 – 2009    (with M13)

Outside of racing and stunting Boorman is establishing himself as one of the most well known motorcyclists and adventurers on the planet. Nothing wrong with that   🙂     .
Check Boorman and Claudio out on there twitter pages which are updated regularly from all over the world:

Charley Boorman

Claudio Von Planta

Robin Boy Wonder:  (Hey Robin…what link should I use?)

Sam Simon: (Sam ? )

'M13'- the most successful motorbike Vlogger on Youtube (http... on Twitpic

Had an amazing track day with bikes and cars today near Taipe... on Twitpic

  1. AtlasRider Said,

    Wow…this all is just so awesome. What a great opportunity for you Mordeth. I’m jealous…

  2. RobinPhillips Said,

    Im so glad you had a proper day out with them,
    Its always nice to meet new people that you respect for whatever reason.

    Do you think you’ll be in some footage when the programme is released?

  3. warrgrave Said,

    Hey m13 quick question what kind / brand of pants are you wearing in the second photo? thanks for your time…

  4. ScramUK Said,

    Thats pretty cool…..
    Yeah, and boorman is a good rider… Did he put you to shame?

  5. Mordeth13 Said,

    @Atlas: I was very lucky to have met with them.

    @Robin: I think there will a fair amount of footage of me in an episode of the new series. Comes out in October.

    @wargrave: I don’t know.

    @ScramUK: No, we were about even. But it’s my track and my bike. His bike was a loaner (that I got for him) and it was his first time on the track.

  6. savethefreak Said,

    Wow thats awesome! I really like Long Way Round/Up by Charlie and Ewan, fantastic bike journeys!

    Look forward to seeing you in their new series M! =)

  7. Emergency56 Said,

    Hay this is great, your moving on up!

    i look forward to the new series you are working on! and ready to click the Donate button 😀

  8. Juan Said,

    Nice mordeth!

  9. NuitDeVotreMort Said,

    Whaaaaat. This just blew my mind. Freakin’ mind grenade. I wasn’t even aware they had something new coming out, and now M13 going to be in it?!?! This is just ridiculous! Can’t wait!!!!

  10. AlanC Said,

    So I’ve been away from the site for a bit. I come back and find that M’s had a date with Charley Freakin’ Boorman?!? And he’s going to appear in By Any Means 2?

    Congrats M! That’s one heck of a nice break for you. 🙂 And I’m really looking forward to seeing this…

  11. ViperRR_Kimble Said,

    Nice one, Mordeth, you look like a ninja in the pictures, lol.

    Also I think that a good topic for you to approach would be a brief explanation of all the gear/protection that you wear while riding (on your daily activities and when you’re on a trip).

    Cya, mate.

  12. cityxr Said,

    Sounds like an excellent time Mordeth. What an excellent combination of characters. I’m quite a fan of both you and Mr. Boorman, I’m fairly stoked at this venture of yours together!

    Congrats to you on this and on becoming a new dad (I know that’s a bit late, but this is my first time really corresponding). =)


  13. Worz Said,

    Hi, I was told by a friend that he just met up with the “By any means” gang just last week in Kyushu Japan. Damn, I was so sad to have missed them.
    I live in Tokyo, but I would have gone down to Kyushu on my BMW 1200 GS just to say hello.

    Anyway, I will be in Tokyo until tomorrow, but will be flying to the UK for a month to do a bike tour round the UK and France.

    Keep up the good work. I am registered with you on the Long way round.

    Take care!

  14. Petter Said,

    This is so great! Can’t wait to see you in by any means 2 😀
    Just because of you writing this, I think I’ll spend this day watching Long Way Round :p
    Thank you, love your videos and everything 🙂

  15. siah Said,

    in the second vid on youtube… i didn’t really get the part when you said about when to pull the clutch and let go of the throttle. which one did you do first ?…. and it would be kind of funny if people only knew how to go in first gear then look at some more youtube vids…. lol

  16. btlegend Said,

    i saw their first adventure, and while watch i just all the sudden had the urge to travle as they did. i mean ever sence i was a child ive been moving around from place to place (sence my father was in the military ) and ,..well i guess thats what got me into vlogging, that and i love motorcycling. i live in Tx, so its almost in the center,a good starting point. i want to start out on my adventures on an hyabusa, its differnt and its an odd choice of a ride, compaird to the BMW Adventures…so, as for the wife and i, we hope they take advantage of your public talents, skills, comradery and comic relief, lol….peace out with a bikers wave.

  17. Dave Said,

    Is there some movie footage and will it be shown on tv?? Iam very curious, i loved the shows with charlie boorman

  18. Ingram Said,

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  19. Angel Said,

    Amazing! Can’t wait to see it! And trouble always makes for interesting footage! Congrats M13!

  20. jameskkkkk1 Said,

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