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Many people have been congratulating me on being on TV. And yes in a way I think it’s cool that I’m on an international TV show. But to be honest. I’d still rather I wasn’t.

Yes, the show made me seem like some badass underworld racer. But problem is…..I’m not that. Last time I checked I was “The World’s Most Successful Motorcycle Video Blogger”…..I’m a  video blogger. That’s it. No more no less. But they didn’t even mention that.

So instead of saying what I really do……which would have really really helped me and my family. They instead make up a fictional story that they thought sounded cool. About me “organizing illegal street races” …..they make me sound like Vin Diesel. I’ve seen his movies…..and yes he’s cool…but he’s also always on the run from a shit load of police. And I can’t run. I have a baby. I have a job teaching. I was starting a tour company. But now………now they have announced to the planet…..that I am a criminal…..which is a lie….but their show is made to look like a documentary so people will believe it. The Taiwan government will believe it.

I’ve never been in an actual race on the street. Sure I may pass someone and ride quick for a few seconds….then slow back down again. But that sure as hell doesn’t fit the definition of a race.

And to top it off……they showed my license plate. You know….the one I have been editing out of my 600 plus videos…..the one I’ve been editing out of videos for the LAST 5 YEARS! The same license plate that they said they would not show. The  same license plate that I wrote about in their waiver…..I wrote “You may use footage of me in your show as long as you do not show my license plate or my face without my helmet or mask on.” That was how I signed the waiver they gave me.

In other words…..they made up a lie and told everyone I was an organizer of illegal activities and then gave everyone my name and address.

Slander. Defamation of character.  Libel (they wrote under my picture that I was an illegal street racer). And last, but not least Breach of Contract. I’m sure there are a few others….that I can’t think of.

So……thanks to Charlie Boorman’s Big Earth production company,  M13 is selling his motorcycle and won’t be buying a new one for awhile. The police in Taiwan now have all my info……and will make up an excuse to impound my bike if they see me riding it.  So….for the last few months I’ve been looking forward to this….as you all know… I wrote about in my thank you letter for my private series. This was supposed to be my big break…..this was supposed to be my big chance. Oh well.

The producer of the show already apologized and said he’d tell the people at Big Earth to contact me (they haven’t yet). And oddly enough Claudio hasn’t responded to my email yet. But he’s such a nice guy he’s probably just looking into it for me first. We’ll see what they say. In the meantime…..anyone know a good lawyer in the UK?

This was supposed to be the best month of my life.



  1. xfade2blakx Said,

    dude.. FUCK BBC2 and Charlie Boorman..
    i’ll do my best to set some money aside and send it to ur PayPal account, i dnt rly know any other way of helpin you out..
    good luck M13..

  2. Rits10 Said,

    Yeah i think everyone should subit a complaint through that link to the bbc about false representation, the more people that do it the more they will have to take notice, il be trying to get some money together to donate through paypal, think its the least that people can do after enjoying all of you videos, when awful stuff like this happens. If you are looking for a lawyer, you will want a solicitor who specialises in contract law, i could try to help find one as my current law teacher is also a solicitor so he may know one, but if he does know someone, whether theyd be willing to bring up a case against the BBC is another question.

  3. Taf Said,

    NO MORDETH YOu caNNOT SELL YOUR MOTORCYCLE! NO! You’re ONE of the reason I got my damn bike dude….I TOLD YOU this Charlie Boorman’s Big Earth guy was no good I made fun of him and then you got mad at me. These kinda things are always sketchy. Can you out a petition or something where ALL OF US can Sign and help you out there. This is some bullshit bro. Let me know if I can help in anyway I can. I’m submissions72 on youtube btw I comment on your shit ALL the time and annoy you about bikes. Anyway good luck keep us updated.

  4. jibjibjub Said,

    I used to like Boorman’s films but I just lost a lot of respect for him after reading your post. They did you wrong. I hope they pay for it. I know it hurts for your dreams to get turned into a nightmare. Hang in there. Maybe some good will come of it somehow.

  5. Spyda733 Said,

    WTF sorry new to this site but ive been following M13’s Vblogs for three years or so now, I can believe Boorman came out with such bollock’s, My heart goes out to ya fella, Think everyone should get together in the UK and make some demands after all the damage has already been done………..was going to get the series but fuck that now………the guy sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Spyda733 Said,

    Oh by the way Jason you suck dick m8, I mean come on the poor guys on the verg of loosing everything an all you think about is some sort of trophy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes Jason you do SUCK DICK,,,,,,,,,,By the way I already complained to BBC and Boorman on Twitter (Oh I also excluded you from all comment M13),,,,Good luck m8 hope to hear from your Vblogs again soon fella

  7. TrueAiR Said,

    That plain sucks. I think a public apology from Boorman is the least they can do. I just watched the clip on Youtube, and I thought “who the hell is this M13? This isn’t the M13 I subscribe to”. Can you imagine what other people who have no idea who M13 is must have thought?

    I know things are fictionalized to make “good viewing”. But if they had presented Mordeth as the person whom we all know, and maybe shown a clip from one of his Vlogs, it would have made even better viewing.

  8. Countvonaltibar Said,

    I’ve actually met Charlie Boorman at London Heathrow airport and had a lengthy chat with the man. Seen a few of his DVDs etc. also and I think he’s a pretty decent guy overall. He’s done a lot for adventure motorcycling along with his mate Ewan. I don’t think he’d try and reveal your cover on purpose but I do think those unscrupulous media company types would do anything for a few more viewers, arses!! I’m interested in your TWAT but still trying to find the exact dates for 2011 to see if it fits in with my holiday leave?

  9. Think about it Said,

    In the video, Boorman says ‘someone had tipped off the police’. Who do you think that ‘someone’ was? Makes for compelling viewing, the ‘criminal biker gang’ horseshit. You can bet your life Boorman sexed up the dossier. He even asks a young guy in that video, ‘do the police stop you a lot?’ (the Taiwanese misunderstands and then tries to gesture to show that taking footage of police in Taiwan will cause that kind of trouble). Watch the fake ‘documentary’ again.

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