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So I went to pick up a package from a viewer. He sent me an early Christmas present and I gave him the address of the bike shop I go to. After picking up the present I’m in a very good mood. Listening to Christmas songs, son sleeping in the back. Things are going well with the wife…should be a good Christmas. So then I get home and I’m at my garage and I remember that I forgot to let the dogs run the last half a kilometer to the house as I normally do. So I drive back around the park and let them out to run in the park. So then I’m coming around the park…..coming up to the exact same corner that my wife crashed on before….and as I’m taking that corner I see a body bounce off my driver’s side window.

I get out of the car and see an old man lying on the ground bleeding from the head (just above his eye).

Video to come.

  1. hankatola (thesmellofnapalm22) Said,

    Holy shit! Hope you don’t get the blame.. hate to see that one on Taiwan news

  2. Tilllasam Said,

    Oh man, thats no good…I hope everything goes well!!! All the best for you and the old man!

  3. danmoto73 Said,

    ouch!, so what was in the package ?

  4. Chris (L4Isoside) Said,

    Shitman! hope nothing serious happens, would be a right downer for your Christmas ! 🙁

  5. Tokyobobcat Said,

    I know this isn’t right but after reading “and as I’m taking that corner I see a body bounce off my driver’s side window.” I started laughing.. I know I am a bad person.
    Well I hope the old man is ok, and that nothing serious comes about from it.
    I also hope that your Christmas gift is a good one, and you have a great Christmas.

  6. UKRedWing Said,

    Sounds like a failed ninja attack to me

  7. Slippy Said,

    That’s some pretty bad news, I hope everything turns out okay for both parties, financially and medically, It’d be a real shame to ruin anyone’s Christmas T_T

  8. Jes Said,

    my lord m13! i hope everything with the old man is ok and no major damage was done….i mean he’s old though so i can’t imagine it made THAT much of a difference ( i know thats terrible but thats the only positive thing i could think of in your defense). hope this doesn’t ruin christmas for you and your fam!

  9. Vrublevskogo Said,

    You have big experience dealing with dead. (x_X)

  10. marius Said,

    holy shit, it was santa

  11. glenn socia Said,

    If you picked him up, does that mean you are at fault?

  12. McMicky Said,

    Thats sucks M but i’ve gotta say i was worried you were going to talk about a car on car crash, so i was glad to hear your sons ok. hope things turn out OK m

  13. JohnL Said,

    Was it your fault? Hope its not. Merry Christmas (I hope so)

  14. Brian Said,

    Never admit fault in an accident. Shut-up! :p

  15. JodanMcLovin Said,

    Old people are only worth 50pts, M. Hopefully everyone involved is alright!

    Have a Merry Christmas buddy.


  16. OnlyManolos Said,

    What?!?!? This is a joke, right? If not, are you, Jade and the old man okay? Is there such a thing as a Taiwanese hex? I mean you certainly have had your share of “bad luck” lately. I’ll start praying now for all to turn out well. If this is a joke, just tell the guy at the bike shop your Christmas present from me is supposed to be ticking. :)~

  17. Michelle Said,

    Wow… I don’t know what to say. I hope the guy’s alright and that you don’t get into trouble over this. I can’t help but remember a video I just watched on youtube about a woman throwing herself at a car coming out of the driveway and then lying there screaming until the police show up and the whole thing’s proven to be a scam. I hope the guy didn’t do something on purpose to make you hit him. …People are pretty strapped for cash these days… Sorry, I guess I’m just paranoid. But I really do hope everything turns out OK for both involved.

  18. jeremy78 Said,

    most of your responses are in pretty poor form. not really funny at all.

  19. Strad Said,

    Don’t open the present until Christmas.

  20. Gabe Said,

    When you say “Video to come.” Does that mean you got it on recordding or that your gonna make a video where you talk about it? Because a recording would be really useful if this does go to court (but if it proves it was your fault i think it should mysteriously get deleted)

  21. Juan Said,

    The heck? I hope everything comes out the possible outcome.

  22. Crys Said,

    I see I was not the only one who thought Holy Shit! When you said you hit someone. Really hope you won’t be liable for his injuries 🙁

    Good luck M! Will be watching the vid.

  23. Samuel Said,

    I hope this gets settled and that you don’t get held liable!

  24. Samuel Said,

    I hope this gets settled and that you don’t get held liable!

  25. Collin Said,

    Did Cujo come back?

  26. prkultr83 Said,

    Hard to tell from your humor how this video will pan out. Needless to say, I’m staying tuned…

  27. Rolling On Thunder Said,

    Damn, so short before your birthday!

  28. Paradon Said,

    “as I’m taking that corner I see a body bounce off my driver’s side window”

    I thought you’d hit Baobao when I read that, then felt bad when you said it was an old man and felt relieved that it wasn’t her. lol I’m probably going to have a week of punishment for that.

  29. Skuzzy86 Said,


  30. bfmv580 Said,

    Video to come? ah man now im gonna be refreshing youtube all night 😉

    Hope the guys okay, and glad you all are.

  31. Rzrazor123 Said,

    if that happend to me i wouldve got out and said WTF OLD MAN CANT U SEE THE BIG CAR ROLLING DOWN THE STREET YOUR A FAIL NINJA FUCKER(exclamation point)

  32. Brandon Said,

    I hope that man was ok

  33. GashDe Said,

    Jesus M13, hope everything is sorted and nothing too serious happened = )

    best wishs

  34. AK Said,

    Damn that sucks, hope he is fine. I hit a motorist when I was driving in Taiwan. She was ok although she kinda flew off her bike. It was her fault since I stopped and she crashed into me at the intersection. Anyways cops came and told us to settle it by ourselves (wtf, lazy taiwanese cops!). So we did, ended up paying her some cash to fix her wounds and the bike. Case closed.

    Btw, which city do you live?

  35. Quentyn73 Said,

    So who’s fault was it? Yours or the old man is to blame?

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