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So I went to pick up a package from a viewer. He sent me an early Christmas present and I gave him the address of the bike shop I go to. After picking up the present I’m in a very good mood. Listening to Christmas songs, son sleeping in the back. Things are going well with the wife…should be a good Christmas. So then I get home and I’m at my garage and I remember that I forgot to let the dogs run the last half a kilometer to the house as I normally do. So I drive back around the park and let them out to run in the park. So then I’m coming around the park…..coming up to the exact same corner that my wife crashed on before….and as I’m taking that corner I see a body bounce off my driver’s side window.

I get out of the car and see an old man lying on the ground bleeding from the head (just above his eye).

Video to come.

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