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Jan 31st 2010

Hello, been awhile. YouTube re-instated my video. And they took the warning off of my account! So hurrah for us!

Other than that things are going well enough. I won that video contest…well 2nd place…..but I wanted 2nd place as it had a prize I preferred. I won a Nvidia 295 GTX. It’s Nvidia’s top level graphics card and worth around 4 to 5 hundred dollars.

Now my big question is….keep the card….and spend money updating my computer so it can use the card….or instead sell it and buy a PS3?

I recently got a new HDTV. A rather big one…..and the a PS3 has a Blu-ray player….BUT….the new graphics card will have an HDMI hookup….so I can just carry my comptuer down and use that to watch wicked quality movies. What to do…..what to do….?

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