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Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Hope yours is going better than mine. They say that today and more importantly tomorrow you have to be happy and have all debts already paid and your home very clean. Because these two days will set the stage for the upcoming year……..well if that’s true then my whole next year is already shot to hell…..haha. God I hate my wife.

But other than the wife life is going well enough.  And don’t worry about me, in the end things always seem to work out for the best. I’m sure this is just some sort of life trial…and when I pull through it I’ll be a better person all around. I sure will appreciate future non-demonic girlfriends a hell of a lot more than I used to in the past.

I once had a girlfriend I dated for two years. We didn’t argue once. Why didn’t I marry her? Well at the time I found her a bit boring. I would give anything for boring now.

Again…..hope all is well with everyone. And if you know any Asians wish them a happy new year today or tomorrow.

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