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Happy Chinese New Year to you all. Hope yours is going better than mine. They say that today and more importantly tomorrow you have to be happy and have all debts already paid and your home very clean. Because these two days will set the stage for the upcoming year……..well if that’s true then my whole next year is already shot to hell…..haha. God I hate my wife.

But other than the wife life is going well enough.  And don’t worry about me, in the end things always seem to work out for the best. I’m sure this is just some sort of life trial…and when I pull through it I’ll be a better person all around. I sure will appreciate future non-demonic girlfriends a hell of a lot more than I used to in the past.

I once had a girlfriend I dated for two years. We didn’t argue once. Why didn’t I marry her? Well at the time I found her a bit boring. I would give anything for boring now.

Again…..hope all is well with everyone. And if you know any Asians wish them a happy new year today or tomorrow.

  1. Buckycube Said,

    Happy CNY! I hope you’re just joking about the wife/divorce issues. Just saw one of your videos from before the wedding where you said you already wanted to marry her before she was pregnant. I’m also about to marry an asian asian lady. She’s not pregnant or anything though. But your story is pretty discouraging. Anyway they say finances are the biggest source of relationship problems, and you seem to worry about money in quite a few vids/blogs post before, so I hope this to be a prosperous year for your family.

  2. shadow3d Said,

    Stick it out m13!, you put a ring on it, now your stuck! besides… with m13 off the market us regular blokes have a chance with the ladies 😉

  3. Tokyobobcat Said,

    新年快樂 恭喜發財!!
    Well I have been lucky enough that every Asian girlfriend I have had so far has not been a demon~ or boring. One had commitment issues, and the other one well distance is a bitch lets leave it at that. Well I hope that all things in the world of M13 starting tomorrow will gradually and steadily become better and better. Happy family, happy baby, happy wife to make a happy Mordeth13.

  4. Arkantos117 Said,

    BTW buying an expensive present when you’ve got financial issues won’t help, incase you were thinking of splashing out, just buy a movie or do something like chores / cooking XD.
    Or just ask her what she wants and see what happens, funny when somebodies complaining and you say “What do you want?” , it usually stumps them and makes them calm down, or they might tell you in which case you sort the problem out.

  5. Vrublevskogo Said,

    Happy Chinese New Year to you.

  6. Paradon Said,

    Keep you’re head up and keep plugging on, things always get better eventually.
    Have a nice new year too, I’m sure it’s the tiger this year ain’t it? Just roar your way through that’ll help.

  7. Aaron Said,

    I hope things get better for you Mordeth. Can you make another life update vlog? Maybe delve into why your wife drives you nuts? It’s just nice to hear about your life (good or bad) and understand how you approach things. I’m not saying you’re a perfect person, but you’re interesting and you have some values I’d be proud to have. Hope things get better for you man!

  8. Fds2h3s Said,

    Hello =D!!

  9. nick Said,

    shit.. know how that feels.. if you need a beer over CNY with a fellow whitey in Taiwan (Taipei), and a youtube fan of sorts drop me a note.

  10. Dinny Said,

    Happy friday buddy!

  11. John Loo Said,

    I’m Asian, can I wish you Happy Chinese New Year? But I think Gong Xi Fa Cai is better. Haha.

    shadow3d: What makes you think you think our chances with the ladies will be better with Mordeth out of the market? Even if Mordeth was gay, he would still get all the ladies. Haha.

    Lastly, sad to hear your marriage suck, Mordeth. My parents fight all the time so it really makes me ask, why did you get married anyway? Haha. But I’m really worried for your son. 🙁

  12. buckyb Said,

    i know exactly where your at, had a woman that was great in every respect except not very exciting,
    dumped her , married to a p.o.s. now, i still think of the other woman every now and then , that was
    thirty plus years ago…… sorry for your situation.

  13. Freddy Said,

    Hello Mordeth,I think the keyword here is TALK, you both need to talk about it. You are 2 different people
    who must live with each other, try not too change each other to much, give each other a little space, but keep talking about how you both feel, and than it will work.You both have the duty too fight for your marriage because of your son, Its not easy, it never is, but its worth a fight, O MY gOD do I sound like Dr. Pill. Greetings from the Netherlands.

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