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Hey guys, sorry about the down posts recently. Overall things are getting better around my home.

As I’ve mentioned in the comments under a vid or two M13’s Two Wheeled Adventure Tours are well on their way. The Website is half done. And the route, hotels….etc….are being chosen. It’s going to be one heck of a fun trip.

First tour is in May. A rough estimate at cost for the trip (not including air fare) would be around a grand…possibly less. But you get a lot for that. In America hotels alone would cost that much for ten days…..but here that also gets you a motorbike/scooter and everything else from food to insurance.

I have a PS3 now. And I’ve very impressed by it’s media functions. No more burning DVDs to take downstairs to watch….now I can just use my PS3 to watch anything that’s on my computer’s hard drive. Pretty cool.

Other than that…..I’d like for everyone to pray for my wife getting a brain tumor and dying quickly.


  1. Tokyobobcat Said,

    Haha, “I’d like for everyone to pray for my wife getting a brain tumor and dying quickly.” I have heard this quite often here, each time I find it funnier.

    I am happy that your tour company is getting underway, and I pray that it will be a HUGE International success.

    Happy New Year and 恭喜發財

  2. hankatola (thesmellofnapalm22) Said,

    point by point response time!

    1. Aww dont worry about it dudebro!
    2. Dude, i need to tour it up. As soon as i get some cashish together.
    3. Ps3? more like… PSgay am i right? Heavy rain looks cool as shit though 😀
    4. Vagina air blowing embolism assassination?

  3. Michael Said,

    Hahahahaha, hooooooo-leeeeeeee fuck, that last line…harsh to say the least! Sucks things aren’t working out for you 🙁 Hope you patch things up soon.

  4. jeremy78 Said,

    ps3 is rad add me if you want my tag is

  5. John Loo Said,

    Why should you be sorry for the down post? We should be sorry your life sucks lately…. 🙁

  6. Sybren Said,

    What motorbikes will be available?? Don’t feel much for a scooter 😛
    Once you go green, you never go back hehe

  7. Oli Said,

    great news about the tour company…but T.W.A.T? are you sure about that one?!

  8. Neal Said,

    I’m guessing calling your company TWAT is a joke right? I hope it all works out for you!

  9. Jahnsie Said,

    Duuude, a brain tumor, you must be fucking insane to wish that to your wife!!

    First point is, she could survive, and second point is, it takes way too long. And the third point is, just imagine how much she would get on your nerves with a brain tumor! Trust me, there are much better ways to get rid of your wive *blink, blink*.



  10. bfmv580 Said,

    I know your joking, but thats pretty wrong to say.

  11. INsanity glue Said,

    “****! what are you doing with that?”



    (begins loading shotgun)

    (smack, table breaks, punch (x4) screams, shot fired, more screams, punch (x2) (pleading for mercy) shot fired)

    Hey, Mordeth what was all that noise last night?

    Just solvin a problem

  12. Maya Said,

    M13 killed his wife?!??! WTF?!?

  13. Ray M Said,

    brain tumor? why not use radiation…
    did u really already kill your wife? how?

  14. jeremy78 Said,

    aahhh INsatily that was a little scary…….

  15. Marty Said,

    Everyone wants M13’s TWAT. >_>

  16. suzie Said,

    very funny dude! but why so hard on the misses??
    any how just went to say thanks for your help on ridinga motor bike , the last time i had my legs wrapped over one was when i was 15 , half a life time ago !! getting a bike very soon got my eye on a kawasaki eliminator 125 , i know take the piss if ya want , but im only starting out again

  17. suzie Said,

    just looked back at that message and noticed a few spell mis! but its bloody hard to think when ya have a six year old and a six month old hanging outta ya !!

  18. De Tom Said,

    I actually had MY brain scanned 2 weeks ago and i came out clear. No tumours or damaged nerves just a damaged inner ear from a concussion!

  19. De Tom Said,

    ah yeah.. and my bandit is SOLD

  20. RIP Said,


    I married a Taiwanese gal too. It takes two years!
    And then it gets great! Wait it out bro!!

  21. Kashio Said,

    hey Mordeth13~
    I saw interesting Taiwanese events that you might be interested in filming 😀
    It’s some sortof fireworks show, except everybody gather around with full-gear helmet and thick jacket and everybody get shot by thousands of mini-fireworks (bottle rockets?) I think you might need to ask your wife or some asian about it.. lol..

  22. Ocelot Said,

    cant wait for the tour to be up and running 😀
    By the way, could you please have BaoBao in some of your next videos? it’s been long since I’ve seen her, and I so miss that dog so much 😀

  23. Kruzer Said,

    Oh I don’t don’t know if M13 should bring up having fireworks shot at him to his wife. I’m pretty sure she would be all too eager to arrange it. Minus the heavy clothing… think tied naked to a post.

  24. chris f. Said,

    hey, you’re a pretty cool azz mofo. Im preparing to take a motorcycle safety class and get my first bike. Funny thing is i bought my Jacket 5yrs ago and it took me this long. LMAO!! Your videos were very helpful
    maybe i will return the favor and post one about dealing with women. lol. take care-

    houston, tx

  25. silentmunkey1 Said,

    Whats your ps3 name. Unholy1 right here..add me..

  26. Domino Said,

    Hey D-91
    add me on ps3

  27. M13 Said,

    My PSN name is already up in my forums. If you can’t be bothered to look….then I can’t be bothered to tell.

  28. Lorenzo Said,

    Hey, m13
    Has the earthquake affected your riding at all?
    Are you and your family alright?

  29. cDiddy Said,

    Damn I want a ps3 xD And wishing for your wife to get a brain tumor? I know you said you were gonna divorce her after jd is older, but jeez bro. Never the less, m13 will be m13 ^^ Probly equal to chuck noriss.

  30. Kimi Said,

    Hey, m13
    You’r so cool!! I like…

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  32. Daniel Said,

    That tour sounds great! I would love to do it next year!

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