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Hey guys. Things are going a bit better here. My wife and I almost went a whole week without her throwing a fit. She had one yesterday, but to be honest I was mostly at fault (which isn’t the norm).

Other than that my son is doing great. Doing new things and saying new words every day. I did some price comparing for my tour company and it seems I’m offering more for less when comparing to other bike tour companies in Asia. So that’s good.

Next month Kawasaki has it’s annual meet. They are always very cool with great food, great hotel, and great entertainment. I have permission from Kawasaki to film whatever I want… that means the model’s breasts.

Bad Company 2 is awesome……such awesome things happen with a destructible environment. Awesome game….get it.

Loving the PS3, loving my new big TV, loving my son……and hating the wife a little less….but I still do hate her…..a lot.

M13 OUT!!!

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