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Everything is still going well enough. My video A-hole Parking Job found it’s way onto the local news in Taiwan. I haven’t seen it myself, but a few people have told me. I also had a large spike in views this last day or so.

My son continues in daycare. He enjoys it. I’m rewatching The Sopranos with my wife who hasn’t seen it before. Found all three seasons for only 18 dollars at a 2nd hand movie shop. Pretty cool.

There is a free video game that just came out. Totally free and playable online with up to 4 friends called Alien Swarm. I’ll be making a video about it soon enough.

There were only a couple of people coming for the tour in September, but even if only one person came I vowed to make it as fun as possible for them. One of them cancelled just the other day and the other I’m starting to be unsure of. Oh well….their loss. You can’t do a motorcycle tour in your own country for cheaper than what it would cost to do one in Taiwan with me…..even with the cost of the flight added on top. I didn’t think my viewers were so tight for money considering how generous they can be with donations. Should make me appreciate the support they send all the more.

As far as new videos go. I recently took on a Drunk Driver….pretty much single handed. You’ll see that in the next week or so.


  1. Sam Said,

    I cant wait to see the drunk driver video. I hate them so much!

  2. UH40 Said,

    I think the Tour would be very interesting (cool) – money and economy tight in USA right now – Still I will check out Flights – and your sight for how to get more information.. I have been blowing up YouTube watching your P-casts … Great stuff!! Been a biker most my life – just getting back into motorcycles, but have had 6 in my lifetime, with 2 safety courses, and about 10yrs exp under my belt. Keep up the vlog – its awesome!! been hunting for the answer to the “Friends Moped Crash” but cant find it – Did the guy in the truck ever payup?? – I Love Asian culture – so keep up the videos – good stuff πŸ™‚

  3. Arkantos117 Said,

    I would come on your tour if:
    A) I could ride a bike
    B) I had the money
    C) I wasn’t so shy
    D) If i was actually old enough XD

  4. Dinkoman Said,

    I thought i had to pay for that game the other day haha. I was out when you invited me for a game, i’ll check it out tomorrow and see if you want a game when you’re next online (it’s 4:36AM here and i’ve just finished waiting for my friend as he just got robbed).

    As far as the tour goes i would love to come but i move into my new apartment on the 14th September. If you’re doing another tour next year then i’d almost certainly be able to make it as i have no other commitments (the joys of working for yourself and being single haha).

    Glad things seem to be going in the right direction with your son, wife and YouTube now anyway!

  5. dark_finish13 Said,

    One day I truly hope to go to Taiwan and meet you in person, and take a joy ride with you. Generally you seem to be a really down to earth dude, I’ve watched nearly all of your videos and have inspired me furthermore to get a bike.

    I really enjoyed the tips on how to ride, and what not to get as far as 1000cc’s VS 250 and what not for beginners. I hope you upload faster, so I can watch your tours on bikes. It’s very entertaining and extremely interesting to see the adventures of riding in another country. Your 10 min videos have saved my life from boredom…I really hope to see lots more to come. Maybe one day, my wish could come true to ride with you in Taiwan. It would certainly be an experience to have and a sure honor.

  6. MrBKBiker Said,

    Drunk Drivers……….a loaded gun w/3500 lb bullet traveling at 65mph down the highway!

  7. Cole Said,

    The Sopranos is six seasons, not three! πŸ™‚

  8. Dinkoman Said,

    Just been on Alien Swarm and i have to say it is pretty awesome, especially since its free haha. Had me screaming down the mic at everyone running in my way haha.

  9. Bloodhay Said,

    Alien swarm is addicting, when i got it, i thought, ohh over the top view, i wont like this, but its so challenging and when you beat it once, then your like SHIT, i gotta try this on the next difficulty, then you realize it was you that sucked, and your teammates were awesome lol.

  10. Turk999 Said,

    I would love to see some more vides about you checking out scooters. I’m currently looking into buying one and would just like to see whats out there.


  11. Oli Said,

    I really hope one day I can come on one of your tours or even just go for a ride round Taiwan with you. Looks like it would be awesome fun, but money and work is tough in the UK right now.

  12. Penguin Said,

    I want to go on the tour with you, but I am currently broke, sixteen, and a new biker.
    So, I’m planning on going when I’m eighteen, that way I won’t have to worry about school, and I’ll be a better biker.
    Hopefully you’ll still be doing the tours in 2012.

  13. Frace Said,

    seems like the situation calmed a bit down with your wife?

    i hope the tours will get more members over time, my father is about to make up his own business soon too so i can understand the mental stress and worries if you’re doing the right thing

    I hope i can participate in one of your tours in the future


  14. raizer Said,

    I wouldn’t worry about your 2WAT just yet as the first year (or two…or three) of any business endeavor is kinda tough. I would recommend having whoever gets on your 2WAT in September write a short review/provide feedback on a site like “yelp” (or on a “2WAT reviews” section on your web page) so others, who maybe on the fence about going, can get a better sense of what to expect.
    People dropping out of tours is normal, $#!T happens and plans change. There are a lot of other folks that want to experience your 2WAT. I’m hoping to be able to get into your 2WAT next year if things go as planned.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  15. JamesJ-UK Said,

    Love your vids, and please stick with the 2WAT’s. I really want to do one, i spend a lot of time in Thailand, so maybe i could just nip over to Taiwan one day soon.

  16. John Loo Said,

    I think the public perception is; cheap = crap, expensive = better. So they probably think your tour company offers crappy tours. You might wanna reconsider raising the price a little.

  17. Mordeth13 Said,

    Next year I’ll raise the price from 1113 to 1300.

  18. Ryan Said,

    Lol! I love all your videos, by the way.

  19. Chris Samuel Said,

    Hi Mordeth, Loving your videos, I am not sure if you have seen but 88hawahii has had his account restored after 2 years! Have you spoken to Rob at all. Thanks Chris

  20. Emergency56 Said,

    Time to get the M13 account back? πŸ˜€ would be nice to watch all the old videos again seeing as YT NEVER really deleted anything…

    Then all you would need to is get YT partner on that account and you will be set.

  21. Emergency56 Said,

    PS: one thing i found with 88hawahii account is the Sub button is NOT working, i tried on all my TY accounts and the sub does not stick.. and that is a big issue.

  22. bingster Said,

    m13, you are on the news!

  23. hankatola (thesmellofnapalm22) Said,

    that article is so stupid (thanks for linking it though)

    The google translate was pretty funny πŸ˜€

  24. Khris Said,


    I think you have some good stories to tell, maybe you could go to other countries like Japan or Australia and give the viewers a change of scenery:)

    I have a gift from Canada for you… will love it… can watch free episodes on

    please see the travel show departures season 1 to 3. The filming won a few awards and its a bunch of young guys traveling the world..its quite funny. Worth watching.

    The media in Taiwan–they are sensationalists and xenophobic they are tired of seeing so many foreign English teachers in their country. More newbies come each year unfortunately many of them are idiots and this recession is not helping that.

    10-15 years ago it was cool today its a different story.

  25. Phil Said,


    I’m a guy in his last year of high school here in the United States, and the concept of getting a motorcycle for college commutes (since the college I plan on going to has a campus the size of a large town) is sounding more and more appealing as I begin to study the costs of living day to day in college. It’s sort of ironic though; the state I live in doesn’t even require anything protective while riding a motorcycle; not even a helmet. While you’d have to be daft to not wear a helmet when you don’t even have seat belts, it’s not a surprise to see some guy with a baseball cap and sunglasses riding his gixxer like he was running from the cops.

    I stumbled upon your videos on Youtube because a friend of mine is getting a motorcycle as his “first car” instead of, well, an actual car. Like many typical guys I love the sound of a motor, and I always loved Ducati’s and recently fell in love (yeah… right) with the 848. It’s a v-twin so the sound is sort of choppy and reminiscent of a weed whacker, but to my ears, it’s pure sex… I haven’t heard a sound so raw at 7k+ RPM instead of the high pitched whine of a Japanese inline 4 or the deep roar of high end V4s. It sounds good at all RPM ranges, honestly.

    Planning on having an M or L decal stuck to my driver’s license by taking a motorcycle course. Something like an 848… well actually, almost ANY Ducati is probably going to kill me. Like any young adult I’m gonna get bored with a 250cc… but I’m pretty sure I don’t have the balls to ride liter bikes or literplus bikes, I might stick with a 600cc as a catch all.

    I just watched your videos because I was bored and it’s great to hear someone who just likes to have some fun… although if anyone in the states pulled half the shit you do when you ride, they’d probably be arrested. Hope your son’s growing big and strong; keep making the vids and post them here and/or on Youtube. You’re a fun guy; don’t change because people love you… not in a familial or relationship way but, well, people come to love their entertainers. I’ve been more and more inspired to get a bike and FEEL THE WIND IN MY HAIR! Thanks for reading this wall of text, by the way. I assume whoever is reading this has read everything…

  26. hankatola (thesmellofnapalm22) Said,

    Phil… meh, nevermind.

  27. hankatola (thesmellofnapalm22) Said,

    (get a 250 or a 400.. read the forums for why)

  28. ZeroDoX Said,

    HEy!! m13, im a huge (hidden) fan, if you can call it that. i currently live in the uk. but ye im a huge fan and i have watched all your videos like i dnt know how many time (even the ones on the website and not just youtube). and ye i just wanted to say hi and that i hope everything is going well for you.. hope all is good with your family and all. i hope you guys keep well. oh ye also just watched the pregent women vigina blowing air embilism video and was just woundering did you ever make a t-shirt.. haha i so i would buy.. lol.. well kepp well man, hope all is well..!!=D

  29. Brandon Warren Said,

    I just wanted to personally thank you for your “How to videos.” they helped alot (This is probably my first and lost post on the net ever, just not something i do often.) THANKS!

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