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Less than three weeks until my first official M13 Adventure Tour takes place.ย  I’m getting nervous.

At first I only had one guy coming. Which isn’t that bad….takes some of the stress off of me. Then we had another guy book. Then recently one of the guys canceled… putting us back down to only one. And then in the last month we had two new people confirm. And two more who say they are coming, but haven’t confirmed yet. So that’s a total of 3 to 5 people who are coming at present. Svengalie is still one of the possibles.

I originally expected the tours to sell out and adjust the budget for 10 people. But with fewer we’ll need to cut some costs. But I don’t think it will affect the fun factor. As we will still be riding and exploring Asia. I’ll put up some videos and update the tour website once the tour is done.

For now I’ll be doing one tour per year. And the next one will be in August of 2011. I chose August because for the last month the weather here has been amazing… hopefully it will be the same next year. The price will also be raising as I’ll probably be breaking even at best this year. But that’s ok as this is a bit of a trial run for the tour company.ย  So next year expect the price to be around 1300usd. And if you do the slightest amount of research you’ll find this is still very cheap. As a motorcycle tour in many countries can’t be found for cheaper than 2 or 3 grand. So even with the cost of the plane ticket it’s still cheaper than doing a tour in your own country (for many people) .

My school is suffering at the moment. My boss’s wife left him, and rumors and gossip are plentiful as to why. And the parents have started pulling their kids from all his schools. I’d say we have less than 30% of the students we had just a few months ago. But less hours is both a blessing and a curse as I’m sure you can see. With the Tour only a couple of weeks away….it feels more like a blessing at the moment.

My favourite game is still Bad Company 2, and other than that I’m pretty busy with YouTube.

Sorry again for the late update. I’ll try to be quicker with my next one….sigh.


  1. hankatola (thesmellofnapalm22) Said,

    Well its good to hear from you again! Also good to hear that we might be having a few more people along, easier to organize an orgy that way ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m probably joking.

  2. jollyroger Said,

    M, what other means of advertising are you using for TWATS?

  3. eviljezza Said,

    Would love to join but alas I live in Greece and wont be able.

  4. Mordeth13 Said,

    @jollyroger None.

  5. jollyroger Said,

    maybe you could look into advertising on different websites to try and attract people to go on the tour?

  6. CBR1000RR Said,

    Bad Company, do you play on PC or PS3?

    Also, dont stress yourself with updates man, we understand you have a life to live, dont need the extra stress of fulfilling expectation if its just gonna make life harder for you.

  7. Mordeth13 Said,

    @jollyroger Advertising costs money. Real money. And I’ll be lucky if I earn back the money I spent having someone make the website for the tour.

  8. Mordeth13 Said,

    @CBR1000RR Thanks man, but no. There’s no excuse for not being able to do a 10 minute update. I’m not THAT busy….haha.

  9. AngelSora Said,

    Glad to see an official update from you. I wish I could go on this tour, maybe next year I will be able to go. Sorry to hear about the school, hopefully things will turn out better.

  10. Dinkoman Said,

    I should almost definitely be able to come next year, already been looking at plane tickets haha.

    Do you know why your channel on YouTube has suddenly lost 13,000 subscribers by the way? I just saw it on Svens twitter?

    Take care buddy.

  11. Sam Said,

    How could those subscribers suddenly go? I swear the same thing happened at a similar time last year? Weird

  12. Mordeth13 Said,

    The subscribers are back. Don’t think I really lost them…it’s some kind of hack. There some flash code going around that blocks your own subscribers or something like that. But they are back now so I’m guessing youtube is on top of it. Someone used it against “Fred” …. which is probably the quickest way to get YouTube alerted to it.

  13. Vrublevskogo Said,

    Nice to see new update ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Ozwerks Said,

    I have a burning desire to f*** off to the other side of the planet. I hope to meet you on TWAT 2012. I’m a solo traveler so this kind of vacation seems perfect for me. Does anyone else see the humor in using the acronym TWAT here? I couldn’t hold back pointing it out any longer, M13’s sense of humor is great and I think it’s a wonderful coincidence. BEST OF LUCK!

  15. Dinkoman Said,

    Good to see everything is alright on the subscriber end of things. Just deposited my money into an instant access ISA today, all ready for TWAT 2011 now lol. I’d have come on the 2010 one but i’m moving house in a couple of weeks so everything would be a little hectic. Have a good 2010 tour anyway, i’ll be watching eagerly from the sidelines haha.

  16. Wang Said,

    Good luck! Hope to meet up with a future ride in Taiwan when I can get back there for a while.

  17. SilentEcho Said,

    i really wish i could go to taiwan, but im only 17 and on the other side of the earth ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Spanic Said,

    @M13 If you are lacking people for the trip why not promote it on other biking forums? It takes a couple of minutes to create an account and post a thread. In a couple of hours of work you might get a few customers…Or do you want to have only M13 fans going on the trip?

    For the website: 3$ domain + hosting (you already have) + wordpress (easy to install) + free 75$ advertising coupon from adwords + free SEO work from me. Doesn’t turn out THAT expensive.

  19. Buhay6 Said,

    Thats terrible that only like 3-5 people are going, I was hoping it’s really kick off. I wanted to do your tour some time this winter (you know how bad the parries winters can get) but i guess that’s not going to happen. But depending on when your tour is next August I could probably come, have you decided the dates or is it still up in the air?

  20. adrian nash Said,


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  21. Mylo Said,

    Hey m13,
    I came across your vids yesterday after seeing a mate’s new bike – and your vids on YT have converted me to the wanting-a-bike masses. On doing a google search for something unrelated, I recognised your M13/Mordeth pseudonym and this page… exactly what I want to do – but it will have to be down the track in a few years no doubt.

    Good luck on your adventure!

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