World's First Motorcycle VLogger


Nov 8th, 17:22

Well she’s been in labour for about 24 hours now….or longer. The contractions are regular, but she isn’t dilated. And the doctor says if she doesn’t have the baby in the next 6 hours…..he’s going to cut open her tummy…..sigh. Oh, and we had planned on her staying in the hospital new mother hotel….thingy. But our hospital is full. So we found another and it costs the same…but is older and offers less services. These added stresses aren’t going so well with my wife. Not to mention her damn husband is at home writing on his vlog…..the asshole. (I came home to feed/walk the dogs, and then I need to buy her dinner).

Oh, and it’s raining for the first time in a loooong time. And not just raining, but flooding. Rain symbolizes new life and birth…..doesn’t it? I would’ve still rather had a nice sunny day. Sigh.

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