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So my son was born on Nov 9th (11,9). And all is going well now. My wife is still staying at a post pregnancy care place. It’s like a hotel, but they have nurses that take care of your baby so you can rest when you want to. Asians are smart. After they have a baby instead of tiring themselves out further and destroying their bodies…..they instead rest for a solid month eating nothing, but special health foods (no salt or sugar for a month). My wife is happy healthy and so is Jade. I am visiting her every day in the hotel/hospital thingy. And taking care of my dogs and working. Plus I have a few new games that I’m trying to play…..and I’m finding that I don’t have enough time to do half the things I want to. Oh well, at least I’m too busy to spend any money. I’d put up a picture of my baby……but he’s ugly. And I hate it when parents show me their ugly babies and then wait for me to say how cute they are…..I don’t want to put you all in that position. Laterz!

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