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So my son was born on Nov 9th (11,9). And all is going well now. My wife is still staying at a post pregnancy care place. It’s like a hotel, but they have nurses that take care of your baby so you can rest when you want to. Asians are smart. After they have a baby instead of tiring themselves out further and destroying their bodies…..they instead rest for a solid month eating nothing, but special health foods (no salt or sugar for a month). My wife is happy healthy and so is Jade. I am visiting her every day in the hotel/hospital thingy. And taking care of my dogs and working. Plus I have a few new games that I’m trying to play…..and I’m finding that I don’t have enough time to do half the things I want to. Oh well, at least I’m too busy to spend any money. I’d put up a picture of my baby……but he’s ugly. And I hate it when parents show me their ugly babies and then wait for me to say how cute they are…..I don’t want to put you all in that position. Laterz!

  1. jareh33 Said,

    Good to hear news ,sounds a really good system for mothers & gives fathers time to recalibrate their minds to actually having a baby ! Glad to hear you’re all doing well & as for saying baby & ugly together, we would probably be arrested in Britian at the moment for such a thought ! People are so precious and ridiculous ! Any way they all grow to be beatiful ….. dont they ?

  2. sd_rider Said,

    Good to here every one is ok. Now try to rembmber no wheelies with the baby……….. Well maybe just one or two.

  3. Oronare Said,

    When it comes to having children Taiwan knows its shit.

    I tend not to like babies until they have their own personality, start talking etc, until then all Babies look like the exact same person.

    It’s a nice name you’ve picked though! Can’t wait for more videos.

  4. Julian Blow Said,

    Hehe I was supposed to be born around the 9th of nov (but was born on friday the 13th) and my cousin was born on the 10th. cool coincidence that /master Jade was born right around where we were lol

  5. djs1990 Said,

    Like the way you make it 11/9 and not the other way 😮 anyway congrats… get your ass back out on your bike….

  6. Funsizebiker Said,

    We used to have that resting system in England – but no more, it’s in and out the door asap! Then you’re just left to get on with it! Glad he is safely here 🙂 Now to get a monkey bike for when he is tall enough!

  7. kramdjuret24 Said,

    He’s born on my birthday ;D
    best wishes..

  8. Moe Said,

    My b-day is on November 23 🙂

  9. Harry T. Hall Said,

    You say: “I’d put up a pick of my baby……but he’s ugly.” The baby has a beautiful mother, and though some of us know what you look like (which could, indeed, stop a clock), my guess is that your son, even if he takes after you, will have enough of his mother’s genes to be a right handsome little man.

  10. Missa Said,

    I haven’t been on the board in a while. Congrats M, what exciting times(I bet baby Jade is a little stud)!!! Take care of the new family, best wishes, Muah!

  11. Klaudia Said,

    Hey M13!

    It’s good to hear that the family is healthy and everything went fine.
    Jade must be cute, look forward to see pictures of him!
    The healthcare is interesting in Taiwan. Here in Hungary you have to pay for everything :S

    Best wishes,


  12. Joe1124 Said,

    the baby is cute!

  13. Antttt Said,

    wow…what a jackass of a father.

  14. rok Said,

    Congrats! Glad to hear all went well. Your kid stole my birthday though… tell him to give it back.

  15. Andy T Said,

    Congrads MD, same date as my birthday, obviously means he is going to be great 🙂

    C ya

  16. Arazeal/Seth6Strummer Said,

    Good news : )
    Least hes well hung!

  17. Funsizebiker Said,

    Birthday SERIES on YouTube – love it! Thanks M – something to get us through the gloomy winter days

  18. StrongIndependentWoman Said,

    Hey! My birthday is also in the 9th of November. Jade will be a smart one! Like me! 😀

  19. BikeFreak Said,

    Congratulations M13!

    I Just Saw Your Video On How To Ride A Motorbike For The First Time….Thanks A Lot! Keep It Up And Congrats Again.

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