World's First Motorcycle VLogger

Hey guys! Been awhile. I have no excuse other than my addiction to LoL . When I get some free time in front of the computer…I generally put that game first. But I’m here now baby….I still love you (and the LoL servers are down at the moment).

So what’s new with me? I mentioned in a video description that my wife got me a cool present for Christmas. It’s a watch. My first semi-expensive watch in my life. I like it. Although it blows my mind that I could get a computer or scooter (2nd hand) for the same price as my watch.

Jade is doing well. His vocabulary keeps growing in leaps and bounds. And he seems to have overcome his childhood asthma…which is interesting and I’ll make a video about it sometime.

Wife and I haven’t argued much recently. I through her through a door recently….that seemed to help. Just kidding….it was awhile ago. Don’t think that because we aren’t arguing anymore that that makes us “OK” or anything. Even if she never picked on me again…..I’d always remember the last 2 years and resent her for it. Plus….we are honestly just not compatible regardless of her abuse.

Speaking of which she told me that if we separate/divorce that she’ll give me custody for now… I’m very excited about that. My YouTube earnings are good enough now that I don’t have to work long hours and that leaves me plenty of time for raising my son. I think if I could be a full time father, part time YouTuber then that would be great.

My numbness…..seems to be receding. Hard to tell. But it seems that way. So hopefully it was just a pinched nerve or something and it’s resolving itself.

My Taiwan tours already have 6 people booked for 2011 and they are still a long way off. And 2 others said they are coming… I already have about 8 people when last year I only had 3. Plus I’m making a few improvements to the itinerary for the 2011 tour so it should be amazing.

Chinese New Year starts at the beginning of February. And that means I get a week off of work. Hopefully I can use that time to do something interesting. Perhaps travel….but my son has only recently begun to get his inoculations. He has missed his last 18 shots or so…lol….I wanted to wait until his brain was a bit more developed before shooting him full of foreign substances. But that’s a topic in itself.

I’m honestly worried about Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2011. So let’s all hope that we get through the next year with no nuclear bombs falling. Alright?



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