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Hey guys! Been awhile. I have no excuse other than my addiction to LoL . When I get some free time in front of the computer…I generally put that game first. But I’m here now baby….I still love you (and the LoL servers are down at the moment).

So what’s new with me? I mentioned in a video description that my wife got me a cool present for Christmas. It’s a watch. My first semi-expensive watch in my life. I like it. Although it blows my mind that I could get a computer or scooter (2nd hand) for the same price as my watch.

Jade is doing well. His vocabulary keeps growing in leaps and bounds. And he seems to have overcome his childhood asthma…which is interesting and I’ll make a video about it sometime.

Wife and I haven’t argued much recently. I through her through a door recently….that seemed to help. Just kidding….it was awhile ago. Don’t think that because we aren’t arguing anymore that that makes us “OK” or anything. Even if she never picked on me again…..I’d always remember the last 2 years and resent her for it. Plus….we are honestly just not compatible regardless of her abuse.

Speaking of which she told me that if we separate/divorce that she’ll give me custody for now… I’m very excited about that. My YouTube earnings are good enough now that I don’t have to work long hours and that leaves me plenty of time for raising my son. I think if I could be a full time father, part time YouTuber then that would be great.

My numbness…..seems to be receding. Hard to tell. But it seems that way. So hopefully it was just a pinched nerve or something and it’s resolving itself.

My Taiwan tours already have 6 people booked for 2011 and they are still a long way off. And 2 others said they are coming… I already have about 8 people when last year I only had 3. Plus I’m making a few improvements to the itinerary for the 2011 tour so it should be amazing.

Chinese New Year starts at the beginning of February. And that means I get a week off of work. Hopefully I can use that time to do something interesting. Perhaps travel….but my son has only recently begun to get his inoculations. He has missed his last 18 shots or so…lol….I wanted to wait until his brain was a bit more developed before shooting him full of foreign substances. But that’s a topic in itself.

I’m honestly worried about Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2011. So let’s all hope that we get through the next year with no nuclear bombs falling. Alright?



  1. Drayden Said,

    LoL for the win!

  2. SageNTitled Said,

    I’m level 5…

  3. Arkantos117 Said,

    Damn you Drayden, beat me to it πŸ™‚
    M13 you should also try the Bloodline Champions beta, it’s only a small download and it’s quite a good game, it has a different style to LoL so you can’t really compare them, but its pretty similar as in it has champions fighting it out in small arenas, however the gameplay is more based on skill shots and auto attacking.
    189 mb + a 81mb update if I remember right, shouldnt take longer than an hour if you have atleast 5mb internet.
    Nothing can replace LoL though πŸ˜€

  4. Ozwerks Said,

    wife is a cool person and a real schmuck just like husband! enjoy that watch, time is money….

  5. Tomac Said,

    Guessing by the other comments, people haven’t followed the link. That’s a very negative view of the future. Though of course world wars look likely, as basic resourses such as water and land become sought after by everyone. There’s no doubt that we’re in for a rough ride, but nuclear holocaust and the destruction of Europe, doesn’t sound too likely to me, especially not in the next 5 years (At least I’d like to hope not).

    The closest the world has come to a world war and that level of predicted destruction has to be Gulf war of the 1990s, a war over the land on the Iraq / Kuwait. Of course the real dispute was over the oil in that land, which was worth 2.5 billion USD. (Iraq was making 80 million USD a day by selling oil just before the war). The conflict was resolved by february 1991, after just a few months of negotiation and fighting. There were 35 countries in a coalition against Iraq, had the violence escalated, it would have been very messy indeed.

    This show how quickly a war over a resourse can develop into a world war, countries will only become more hostile as resourses become thin on the ground.

  6. Rafael Said,

    Nice to see your feeling better man, but you might want to see if your wife has postpartum depression, pretty much depression and erratic mood changes after pregnancy. Life was she different before you had the baby? Hormones change when you bear a child and they can stay that way for a while… causing a whole lot of not good stuff. You can look it up here or just google it. Just making a suggestion. Have a great day M13!

  7. Tyquan Said,

    m13 this is a kid name Tyquan… i just wanted to say that you really make good videos. and i want you to add me on the ps3… my online id is quan1998… [please add me/

  8. Jennifer Said,

    haha LoL got to love it. And yay custody! No offense to your wife but I think you would be way better off with just you and him, get out of the all the tension (of course I’m assuming), Would you still plan on living in Tawain? If not, wherever you go make a tour there because I’m going to be pissed if I don’t get to go on one;) As for baba vanga- bahaha, I wonder if she knows from the great unknown that WW3 is still not here. My money’s on 2012… Have a fun week off:)

  9. spectre Said,

    sorry to hear about all the unfortunate stuff M, but I’m glad to hear that a few things seem to be looking up πŸ˜‰ stay safe buddy, and enjoy life πŸ™‚

  10. Cpt.McMuffin Said,

    That is probably the creepiest prediction for the future. One of those things that you don’t want to see happen for real but maybe in some alternate demension or something. And about the abuse and the custody and everything… it would be kind of better(?) if you get custody after you might divorce. But even all that still sounds bad. Hope things work out for you.

    PS: Not trying to seem like a D-bag or anything…

  11. Bradc19 Said,

    Getting divorced always blows, even if it is mutual. Too much shit for what should be a simple process (except for custody issues), but luckily that seems like it won’t be a problem. Hopefully something will help you all out. And fuck the nuclear bombing predictions, we can always follow the Taiwanese to New Zealand. Good luck, bro.


  12. Turbo Said,

    And yay custody! No offense to your wife but I think you would be way better off with just you and him, get out of the all the tension (of course I’m assuming), Would you still plan on living in Tawain?

  13. cavemanwmd Said,

    My ex-girlfriend had postpartum depression, it’s no joke listen to Rafael. My ex went nutty, threw stuff etc. She wouldn’t get medicated and ended up ending our relationship. She also got too keep the kid….. Seriously after almost a year since my daughter was born she got on meds and became somewhat normal, as far as our relationship, it was dead. Not trying to be a bummer, but it’s a serious issue that could potentially effect your child as well.

  14. Clint Said,

    I just woke up from a dream, where you and me just stole two Yamaha Zuma’s at night, and we went through hell to get away from the cops. Haha but the next day I talked to you and you had turned yourself in to the police to get away from your wife since she was having another baby xD
    you were saying about how smart your kid was going to be or something, and that because of that he was going to cry a lot, so you were going to take advantage of the forced housing they put you in

  15. mrkilluhkid Said,

    hey m13! i live in WISCONSIN of the usa πŸ˜› i’m currently in highschool, but recently found your youtube account and started viewing some vids…As i was sitting in AP Pychology i was bored and went on youtube on my phone to watch shit and found your site. I too am a motorcycle lover, i have a 2003 cbr600rr, and i too have a girlfriend who has emotional problems. Relateable to a smaller scale haha, but just wanted to let you know keep up the vids, they are entertaining to watch during school….and school is stupid…Shout out from wisco. baby! spring is near! riding is near!

    best of luck to whatever you do.

  16. KevY Said,

    m13! i dont even ride a bike but i still love your youtube vids. been following from the uk for over a year. hope all is well on your end. chin up man. hope you get things sorted between you and the wife!
    best of luck mate. keep vlogging and keep well!

  17. Paul Said,

    Just dropped buy to ask how ur health is, been waiting for an update on utube but either there has not been one or i missed it. The lack of an update is starting to worry me dude, hope i find you well and it was only the damp helmet straps making ur jaw numb. “Live long and prosper” πŸ™‚

  18. Kevin G Said,

    Well just came upon your video about Taiwan and led me your website …I used to ride dirt bikes but once I got into cars I just never looked back. I still like the idea of bikes, I just don’t ride them anymore. I taught english in Taiwan back in 03-04 and it was a great experience. A friend of mine convinced me to go and stayed for a year. So sounds to me like you are providing tours, hope that is going well for you. Your Mandarin is good! That often throws off the locals lol ! I also like your kindness towards animals, that is something that really bothers me about asia (and many other places on this planet) life, regardless of how many legs you have is precious and important. You rock! Oh if you are looking to come back to canuckland ….and want a good paying job …check out Fort McMurray AB …there is work, employers want your ass …and they will pay for it. I am not sure what kind of expereince you have in the workworld, but McDonalds pays 16$ an hr!!! You can clean hotel rooms and make 20/hr …I drove a bus (motorcoach) and made 100k / yr …I kid you not !! drop me some mail if you want more info!! well cheers for now. Kevin – out!

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