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*decided to edit out my political rant about Osama and the amount of money it took to kill one guy (trillions?)*

Other than that I find it interesting that my Taiwan tour for 2011 is only 2 days away from starting. Last year I had 3 guests and this year I have 7 for the first trip and 3 booked so far for the second one. Make sure you follow me on Twitter to see pics of the tour as it’s happening.

My YouTube channel is finally starting to get some notice by companies….and the views are starting to increase faster and faster. It only took me 5 years of work with a lot of dissapointments along the way (Charlie Boorman…etc). But it’s finally starting to be successful. And along with that I’m getting comments like “SELLOUT” under my vids….nice. I had just recieved a 300 dollar system that I thought was cool as hell for free… I was excited and happy and I made a video about it. It’s understandable. Oh well. I was gonna upload a different sponsor vid right after the Scottoiler one….but I think I’ll hold off on that for a couple of weeks…haha.

I’m still playing LoL when I get some free time. And my son is amazingly cool. We’ve been potty training him for the last 2 weeks and he hasn’t had one accident. Although sometimes he pees every 5 minutes which can be annoying at the mall.

That’s about it. I’m busy as hell getting ready for the tour. Weather should be good. And hotels are all booked. Should be a fun week. And I’ll have my phone so i won’t be cut off from the internet like I was last time. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.


  1. Alex Said,

    While it’s sad that it took us so long to “get” bin Laden, I don’t think you should look at it so negatively. I know you’re skeptical about the whole 9/11 thing, but the guy has videos admitting to planning and executing it…idk seems like enough proof to me. I do believe that it is a victory, though. He ran an organization that was hateful against all Americans…we at least try to avoid civilian casualties. Terrorists don’t really care. According to them, we’re a democracy so we’re all at fault for our government’s mistakes. That’s really not fair, especially when you consider the young people who were born into our wrongs. Imagine if your son were responsible for every wrong you’ve committed? Doesn’t seem fair, imho.

    That said, I’m glad to hear about your youtube channel. You deserve to be making big bucks of it. I’ve watched a lot of shit on youtube, and so far yours is the only one I’ve bothered to religiously follow. And I’m pretty damn picky.

    The tours seem awesome. I really wish I was going. Maybe after I graduate from college haha. Best of luck.

  2. ozwerks Said,

    I agree with anti-American sentiment but it conflicts with my sense of patriotic duty. So I would like to say my peace on this topic.

    The money spent was not entirely earmarked for finding Osama. It was for war waged in two foreign countries and protecting homeland borders during the conflict. This is government spending we are talking about so efficiency is not optimum.

    As for how long it took to find him, ten years is quick considering United States was willing to take out a thirty year mortgage on Afghanistan to get the job done. I agree that assassination was not the best choice but I feel it was a decision made to save lives of the special-ops team. Live capture would have been optimal but would have carried a higher casualty rate and a higher chance of mission failure. I often disagree politically with my own government but I do not take them for fools.

    Your remarks come off as inflammatory, as to drive controversy and viewership. I’m tempted to return fire, but I respect what you do and I have an emotional connection to your YouTube channel.

    Lots of love to you and yours and I hope to see you on tour once I get my paper stacked right.

    Ozwerks Unlimited

  3. JS Said,

    Glad we finally got the bastard too, but I really have mixed feelings on the war over there and the money spent on it, so I’m not even going to get into it. I do wanna say though, that I’m glad for you M13. I really like your vids and after just recently discovering your channel, I have watched close to half of them already. You really do deserve anything you get from doing all this YT stuff. I can tell you put a lot of hardwork and thought into them, and I really appreciate that. I honestly believe you should be receiving way more than what it seems like your getting (especially in sponsorships).

    I also appreciate what you do for those dogs and your support for Animals Taiwan (You inspired me and my gf to sponsor one). Okay, well now I’m going to stop acting like a teenage girl in a Bieber fan club. What I mean to say is…good luck with your channel and especially your tour, and I hope all is well in M13land. Thanks for everything you do.


  4. RayMan Said,

    Yeah, people are bitching and calling college humor sellouts as well. If people have a problem with you profiting from entertainment which you offer to them for FREE than they can go suck monkey balls. Just try and ignore them M, haters gonna hate.

  5. ozwerks Said,

    he sold out alright…..EVERY SEAT IN THE HOUSE!

  6. camila Said,

    People who cry SELL OUT don’t have the guts to go into business for themselves, and if they do, they give up at the first set back because “somebody screwed them over”. I don’t know why I’m even thinking about these time wasters, they don’t have a CLUE.

    I only just discovered you, I’m not into bikes but your story about making that tough girl walk around in circles and slap herself in the face was hilarious.

    I hope you make lots of money with your obvious talent (you have a sexy voice too).

  7. Sybren Said,

    Best to not pound on the US to hard, people take offense, and I’ve been spending the last 2 days telling people OK OK YOU’RE RIGHT, I WAS WRONG, I MEAN, IT”S NOT LIKE THE US LIED TO US BEFORE AND HAD A HIDDEN AGENDA, RIGHT?!?!?


  8. Ricardo Said,

    about osama: i guess you can really doubt that osama is dead till they show a solid visual proof.. (anyway the family and alqaeda admitted that he was killed) but if you think that even osama is a made up story and a fictional character… you need help…

    and bout your channel: I’m really glad you are getting sponsored and more subscribers and more money, if you hold it for 5 years, you deserve it.. because 5 years making videos non stopping, and almost a thousand videos, really deserve a good pay, but is like any other business, when you start, it sucks..

  9. danmoto73 Said,

    enjoy the tour, hope it goes well for you πŸ™‚ congrats with the scottoiler thing, saw your page on their site, pretty damn cool imo

  10. bedsheetmonkey Said,

    Congratz on the sponsorships! Keep it going, it’s great to get paid for something you enjoy doing… That is the furthest thing away from “selling out.”
    Those comments are probably from a bunch of ignorant kids or people who are disgruntled at their current jobs… Anyway, Bin laden is dead, I must say I feel some sort of closure from it, (being an OIF veteran and watching 9-11 unfold from my high school english class window) but I agree with what you said and sadly I’m sure American’s would give up more of their constitutional rights if other attacks happen… Just look at the whole Patriot Act ordeal. I can just hope people are smarter than that by now.

  11. fronter Said,

    Why all the hate for the US? After all where else would “America-lite” get all that good free defence from the UK?..Speaking America wiping its ass, That’s where the great white north comes in. Toilet paper..It’s Canada #1 export to the US..So..Your #1 in #2 For us ..Thanks Canada

  12. lol Said,

    Fronter, do you know what the US’s main export to the rest of the world is? Assholes πŸ˜€

  13. Lost it. Said,

    You completely lost all of my respect for that anti america comment, and i will be spreading this around the moto vlogger community so everyone else can see how fucking arrogant you are. I hope your shithole country gets bombed by those raggies, but that will never happen because theres nothing there worth dropping a turd on.

  14. Josh Said,

    Your forums are down!!!!

  15. fdos Said,

    I enjoy your stuff and find you very funny. Although here is the U.S. we have an unwritten law that what a black man calls another black man can only be said between them alone. Kind of like, if your American you can talk about your country. But if you Canadian…… ??? Well you get my point…..BTW, Cats are better.

  16. ben Said,

    fdos, obviously he is not in the US, nor is he american so applying american “laws” to him is the same as calling for julian assange to be tried for treason. What I am amazed at is how after a couple of months of information gathering by the CIA and a small helicopter raid, osama was taken down. No need to waste billions fighting against essentially an entire country, destroying america’s reputation around the world, so much so that american were having to say they were canadians to avoid abuse in some cases. Gaining a stereotype for being gung-ho, paranoid , stupid and arrogant. A stereotype that doesn’t describe most of them. Whereas before and just after 911 you were quite well liked. Getting osama was necessary, but was it worth it contributing to ruining the economy, losing rights you wont get back and having more enemies than before?

    A study found muslims watching American movies and tv did more to contribute to fighting terrorism and improving the USA’s image than the two wars. But hey you got osama so everything is ok and lets ignore what happened because we rock is the image that is being seen on tv in the rest of the world.The point is, this could and should have been done far better.

  17. frontier Said,

    ben “unwritten law” is not a true law, no one is applying American laws to m13. It seems you have all the answers..Yeah, we’ll just drop TVs and DVD players on them. Then the world will love us..Great idea!..BTW I don’t know of anyone who claimed to be Canadian, unless they wanted cheap drugs

  18. brandonthomas Said,

    why do these people even waste time at your site if they dont like you or want to talk sh*t. yall should focus more of your energy toward chillin out and letting people have their opinions. and on the osama deal, you cant kill one man and expect an entire ideal (which they have built their lives around) to just vanish. osama was just a public figure anyways. what happened when kennedy was shot? did the religion crumble? did people stop being american? when lincoln was shot did the rest of the decent white people go back to hating decent black people bc they were afraid of gettin killed? unfortunately there are evil people out there that get their rocks off by torturing people and seeing them suffer. its horrible but its a fact. you cant kill an ideal. those people will fight us with sticks and rocks. hell, the way they see it, the sooner they die, the sooner they get their seven virgins and their god will reward them further if they are able to take down a couple “infidels” with them. hows that for a religion……. welcome to planet earth…

  19. G Schorr Said,

    You should stick to motorcycle riding gouge and do it when you are sober…

  20. Tom Said,

    This post seems pretty inflammatory, but maybe you were trying to stir up a discussion, which looks like it worked.

  21. noobade Said,

    awwwwwwwww is your vagina hurting?

  22. Kajual Said,

    Man, some of you take things much too seriously. It’s almost as if you’ve never seen M13’s videos and don’t understand his personality by now; like you somehow just stumbled upon this site and was the first post you’ve ever seen by him.

    Everyone has their own opinions and views, these are his, hence why it’s a f’ing blog. If you don’t like them then don’t even bother reading it in the first place if it’s a topic that you’ll most likely be a pussy about. I live in the United States and didn’t let what he said offend me, not everyone is going to have my view of the country I live in. While it may have been a US issue about getting Osama, the whole world was watching and waiting for this, so the whole world has their opinion of what happened.

    As for gaining more views and getting supported on youtube, the haters are just mad that they can’t get sponsored. Almost anyone would like to get sponsored and earn some money if they could simply do it by uploading videos they enjoy making. “Hmm work at McDonalds at minimum wage or make fun videos that I actually enjoy and earn some extra cash…” Most smart individuals would pick the latter. So good for you M13, look forward to your future uploads.

  23. JS Said,

    Why does everybody have to be so sensitive? He was being funny and expressing his opinion on HIS blog. Anyways, keep up the posts M, we like to see u on here as well.

  24. marhanen Said,

    you only know your doing it right when people start calling you a sellout

  25. Vrublevskogo Said,

    You are doing right things. good luck πŸ™‚

  26. Dave Said,

    Well M13, I personally did not mind one bit you doing a video about the oiler. I didn’t even know what an oiler was until that video. Thank you for sharing your experiences. And hey, free stuff is always cool.

  27. Summers Eve Said,

    Why do people call you a sellout? Simple; 2 years ago you were begging for money to keep the forum going; yet I distinctly remember you showing video of you wife test-driving a new car. Your blatant brand favoritism in your videos; take your pick, there’s lots there. Anyway, glad to see you’re still an unmitigated douche canoe

  28. Joe Said,

    Yo son what up son

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