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Baby Pic

It’s difficult to take a picture of a baby smiling when they are under two months old. As their smiles are somewhat rare. But my wife got lucky and took a picture just as Jade was giving a big smile!

Here it is (real pic of my son):

  1. Iqqy Said,

    lol. Your poor kid.

  2. SandeS Said,

    He has your hands, oh wait…

  3. Andy T Said,

    Aww…such good parenting skill’s.
    I’m not a fan of babies but hes pretty cute.

  4. sunnyjason Said,

    how has he got two hands sticking out of his face?

  5. Zeeplayer Said,

    lmao! cute pic ahahhaa.

  6. jareh33 Said,

    Thats better!

  7. Nk155 Said,

    omg a kodak moment

  8. funsizebikerbabe Said,

    Mordeth – you crack me up. Just remember – he will be choosing your nursing home when you are old and senile (have started being nice to my kids …… not long to go for me!)

  9. DashTube1 Said,

    Lmao! haha.

    what a cute baby you have mordeth, you must be proud.

  10. turtlemann14 Said,

    and quite a big smile it was to lol

  11. missa Said,

    Didn’t you get the memo, M?

  12. musicbugey Said,


  13. zboy Said,

    one cute chump))

  14. LiLAsianBoy Said,

    LOL! thats cute

  15. Lauren Said,

    Hi there, I’m a university student studying maternal physiology. I came across this cute pic while surfing the net, Can I have your permission to use it in a presentation I am making to my class? Please email me at

  16. mike sorbie Said,

    this picture just made me laugh for litrally 10 minutes straight ITS PERFECT!

  17. Littlekids Said,

    Couldn’t expect any less of you.

  18. Ernest Said,

    Thats so cute! <3

  19. Firko74 Said,

    Very lovely baby!!! I have a same one… i love him. You can proud of him! Greets from Hungary.

  20. Loc Said,

    Dat’s HELLA messed!!!!!!

    haha…Just kiddin’…Dude, I saw ur post on YT when you’re talking…obsessing about being a “Ninja” Assassin!!! haha…

    hahaha…U’re freakin’ hilarious, mon!!!

    Way to go…!!! Still was laughing hard from the vid of the dancing “stripper” girl…haha…

    Seriously? Man…I’ve got to go see this place…Taiwan?

    Why there, man, if u don’t mind me asking?

    Just curious…U seem like a good person…Someone cool to get to know…online!!!

    Who knows…we might just be good friends waiting to happen!!!?

    Hahha…Ok…ok…I’m calm!


  21. My2wheels Said,

    haha lol :),big fan of all your vids keeps up the work!!

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