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Alright, I’ve said this before…but I’m gonna really try this time….lol…I’m going to update my blog every Monday.

This last week I announced my 2011 private series. This is a big deal to me as it’s a once a year deal. I went to the race track 2 weeks in a row. I haven’t gotten my knee down in a long while, but I got it down on Thursday. I was happy. I plan on going to the track once a week from now on as well. I figure since my main “job” involves motorbikes I might as well try my hardest to be good at them. So I plan on going every week from now on. I’m also toying with the idea of getting a cheap (very cheap) 125cc motorbike to use for racing only. And start to join actual races. I figure you guys would get a kick out of watching me race from a first person point of view. I think I can justify using money from the private series sales for this as it should help to improve my channel.

My son is talking more and more. His vocabulary seems to expand every day. If you don’t talk with him for a month (like my neighbor or something) then you’d be surprised by how much he would change in such a short time. I guess this is normal for kids his age (learning quickly)…..but his vocabulary is considerably larger than others of his age. Some kids his age can barely talk at all.

Wife and I had a serious argument. And she’s trying to ignore me as much as possible….and we do things separately now. Which is how I wanted to do things as long as 2 years ago. 2 years ago I tried to make a “family” schedule where we’d take turns taking care of our son and rarely do things together….because even then I knew the best thing for my wife and I was to be apart as much as possible. But she wouldn’t have it. Luckily for me she’s now starting to dislike me as much as…, she couldn’t possibly hate me that much……well……she dislikes me more now anyway. And that’s a good thing. She finally starting to understand that we are not meant to be together. In the past when I would tell her that we would get a divorce as soon as Jade was older, she’d assume I was just speaking out of anger (even though half the time when talking about it we weren’t arguing or anything). But she’s starting to see the truth now. If I were her I’d start looking for a new boyfriend ASAP, she isn’t getting any younger. And speaking of younger, I met a…..hmmm……nevermind. 😉

  1. JS Said,

    The racing idea is brilliant. Go for it man…Sorry that things never worked out with your wife, but I’m glad stuff is gettin better, it seems. Well you’re getting away from her anyways lol. Much love and good luck!

  2. JubaVas Said,

    Good to see that things are moving along with regards to your wife. I would love to see you in a race since it will be something different. I wonder if your going to be video blogging whilst racing, that will be cool but then you’ll probably end up last or close to last because of all the talking and distraction.
    P.S. i forgot what i was going to write

  3. JG Said,

    I seriously hope you start racing! , also will divorce affect your residency in taiwan? hope all is well

  4. Quentyn73 Said,

    Darn! Quick! Go back to her and apologize! Say that you love her more than anything and that to you she is heaven and earth.
    Have you gone completely bonkers, m8y? What’s wrong with you. Keep the faith and family together.

  5. Tomac Said,

    Quentyn73… what’s the point in upholding a genial relationship if there is no love. This sort of parent relationship can be just as stressful for a child when he/she finds the truth, as a break up or a divorce.
    It seems that you’ll do a lot for your son Mordeth, I hope this is true. As you say Jade has a wise head on his shoulders, hopefully this will help him come to terms with the situation.

    On a lighter note, it’s good to hear you’re getting your mojo back, with life, and with your channel. Racing a 125 sounds like a good idea too 🙂 . Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today… got to it Mordeth.

  6. Darryl Said,

    I think you should race. It would be cool to watch and keep your skills sharp. As far as your wife and family go, do what makes you happy. Sounds like time with your son and time away from your wife is healthiest for you. Good Luck!

  7. Jack Said,

    Damn Was watching your vid Travel Asia on 2 Wheels for Cheap – Check it out
    Time past by so fast!

  8. sam05 Said,

    Good for u man,nice to see u going positive again. Ur wife really put you down but now its time to continue to live, u still have a few more year of youth i believe.

  9. Dinny Said,

    Awesome awesome awesome man, all good news.

    Especially the part about updating the blog more often.
    And the part about the racing.
    And the part about the little bloke.
    And the part about that crazy lady you live with.

  10. car.addict123 Said,

    Nice one man.

    First thing, get that bike and race man! Watching you racing from POV would be a good idea and it would be interesting to watch + im into motor racing sooo….yeah hehe 🙂

    Second thing, when do we get to see jade again man?

    Aaand last thing, keep on going with ur VLogging, its nice to see ur videos up to date and everything.

  11. someone Said,

    I hope you know you are an irresponsible douchebag by talking about your wife like that in your vblog. Messed up kids are raised from a family like yours.

  12. DM C Said,

    Just got a peek at a few of your vids after picking up a pitbike and seeing if anyone else has made some mistakes i can learn from prior to my personal learning curve.. lol

    just a thought, ever consider coming to Dalian on the mainland? you’d enjoy binhai lu which goes right along the coastline… all the beautiful women in china seem to come from here.. or claim to.. lol.. Largest mainland harley tour is organized here on a yearly basis, along with china’s highest density of bikes over 600cc..

    it would be meaningless for me to comment on anything about your personal life.. ive seen but a tiny glimpse, and it would be nothing than visceral and biased based on comments here and my own experience with asian women on the mainland..

    I look forward to more!

  13. bedsheetmonkey Said,

    In response to the comment by “someone,” more messed up kids come from families where the parents are at each other’s throats.

    The 125 cc/racing idea is great, pretty excited to see how that turns out!
    M13 keep doing what your doing, only you know your situation and the right way to work it out. Your viewers can easily see how much love you have for your son and that love is truly all that matters. Stay cool!

  14. fronter Said,

    That bad talk about your wife make you sound like a dick… Riots in vancouver ! sore loser canucks

  15. Nick Said,

    If you bought the race bike, I’d pay to watch the private series. You have to keep up the banter, as much as possible, though. And speaking of younger, bow chicka bow wow!

  16. Boonesbury Said,

    Good luck on racing. Looking forward to the new private series. Get on with your life as soon as you can. You may not think so now, but when you meet the real deal and marry her , your life will seem blessed. I met mine at 30. Till then JD will be a great chick magnet.

  17. dean Said,

    she probably hates you as you are seriously obnoxious. maybe look at yourself as the issue. also grow the fuck up. i mean do you really swear at your son nonstop? maybe this is why you fight all the time, or maybe because your penis is so small?

  18. sam05 Said,

    dean, this guys is a teacher and studied psychology, im pretty sure he doesnt swear at his kid.

    Now why do you have so much hate ? it make you sound like a looser. Maybe your own dad was abusive to you.

  19. Morgan C Said,

    I think the racing idea is a great idea! i would love to see that.
    is it going to be a private series only deal? or will you be uploading to youtube as well?
    not that it matters all that much for me, i bought the 2010 series and loved it. i’ll definitely be buying the rest haha.

    good luck with everything man, and keep up the good work =D

  20. Oliver Said,

    I agree with the guy above, I’m looking foward to you racing!

    Your wife is rather… awkward in my opinion. I mean she married you and then started to… well I can’t say use you, but more like rely on you more than she should’ve?

    Anyways good luck, I hope everything works out!

  21. ALORA Said,

    There go all my sexual fantasies out the window…..excuse me while I go eat a whole cheesecake and THEN go cut myself.

  22. Randsons Blog Said,

    I also want to learn that sport. Keep it up bro.

  23. JJ72 Said,

    Forget the wife man, you know you don’t love her. Better to deal with it now than further down the line. Keep up the good work!

  24. bfl800fi Said,

    Racing that small track with other dudes sounds great, good fun watching your viewpoint while racing and also maybe a good oportunity to get more asian people talking in your vids, you know.. knowing the local folks a bit especially if they are talking bout bikes. I’m cheering for you M13, even if i wonder if u are a bit gay lol just teasing you pal. Wish you and your kid all the best.

  25. Jim Said,

    Divorce her and stop bitching about her in your blog. You seem to be the annoying one in this relationship. White guys usually go move to Asia because they can’t seem to make it in their own countries.

  26. Drake19 Said,

    I soul bookmarked it for you so that others testament be healthy to see what you someone to say

    Vinny’s Towing

  27. Anonymous Said,

    Just wanted to comment about your wife. I feel like she still loves you but she can’t find a way to express it.. Maybe if you tried to open up to her it would make it easier for her to express it, but it’s just what I think.

  28. jonathan Said,

    marriage is a commitment. i don’t think you get what commitment is.

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