World's First Motorcycle VLogger

Opps, day late on my weekly blog. But still doing better than before with my once every month or two updates.

Things are going good. I contacted yet another  company about their product and they were also happy to oblige. So I’ve got two more cosmetic mods for my motorbike that I haven’t shown yet on video. And I decided to spend some money to make my motorbike safer since I’m riding so much at the track and with a much more aggressive riding club….so I ordered in a suspension upgrade. Should make my bike smoother in the corners as the stock suspension isn’t adjustable.

So at the moment I’m loving being a biker. More so than I have in a while.

Made some videos the other day. Went looking for Obama. Didn’t know if the vids would be interesting or not…did some different roads. But at the end of the day I was very pleased with what I’d made. I also did huge piles of cocaine which helped with the creative process. Speaking of which you guys see the movie Limitless? I just did. Liked it.

Well I missed my daily upload for Monday…and am working on it now. Spent the day working on my 2011 private channel. The 2011 private channel is going to kick off with an hour long video that is very high speed and still interesting. I sat through the whole hour of it with a smile on my face…..and if a vid can make me smile or laugh….then it generally is well accepted by my viewers.

So yeah……back to work!

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