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Only 2 more weeks until my guests start to arrive. Been busy getting ready for that. Plus my son hurt his foot as most of you know. That took 3 days worth of my time. And then yesterday morning he had a stomach flu or something and was vomiting painfully for hours. Not a good week for him.

The August tour should go well. I’ve learned from the mistakes of my last two tours and I keep improving the tour schedule. Next year’s tour will see yet another price jump, but we’re adding on another day as well. So 11 days not 10 for 2012.

Been arguing with the wife a lot less. She turned into a bitch for a bit yesterday and then apologized a few hours later which is very uncommon for her. We had a big fight a couple of months back and she had some time to contemplate what life will be like once I move out…..and I’m guessing she didn’t like what she saw. So she’s actually trying now (I’ve been “trying” for over 2 years……). Regardless that makes the home run a lot smoother.

Trying to figure out what to do with my dogs. My wife won’t take care of them while I go on tour. And I’ve brought them along in the past. But it’s not the best idea bringing them both along. Especially since I can only carry one dog on my scooter and I need to ask one of my guests to take the other one…..and half of my guests crashed last tour. Sigh.

That’s it for now……oh…..we got an Ipad2. I’ve been using it quite a bit……and you know what? Apple really truly ISN’T better than Android. I enjoying using the Ipad…….but it lacks so many options that are common on an Android. Mostly with regards to customization.


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