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Not much of an update this week. I already put up a 25min video detailing my last week so not much left to say. Although I got a message from a viewer talking about a stranger he saw on a train…..and I think it’s pretty cool.

Also when I was on the train today I saw an older guy with a fanny pack who reminded me of you, but then I realized he was wearing a Dianese jacket, I figured seeing as he was wearing a motorcycle jacket AND a fanny pack he probably knew who you were. So I pointed at his fanny pack and said “M13” and it turns out he was one of your viewers (he also rides a Ducati 996 which is pretty awesome)

  1. Sybren (LithCS) Said,

    You do realize a 25min video will only keep my daily dose of M13 up for so long right?
    More!! 😀

  2. ozwerks Said,

    You should to bring Mai Wyf with you to Canada next time you visit. It sounds like she feels trapped. The trip may help re-establish your relationship.

    Just thought I’d stuff some advise in your face.

  3. XRA1D Said,

    The new thing for bikers is fanny packs!!!!

  4. Jason Chi Said,

    Hope everything works out well eventually. Have fun in the upcoming TWAT. I am expecting you guys go deeper this time in the TWAT. 😀

  5. Juan Said,

    burn in hell asshole.
    I got unsbriscibed because I asked him about his sleep paralysis, and if he got help for it.
    But i’m guessing what got him mad was that I put on the title that I was a british company. I did that so he could see my email wasen’t a question of so many. I did say I was joking, but I guess he doesn’t have a sense of humor. Anyway go fuck yourself. have a bad day asswipe. no womnder your wife hates your guts.

  6. Sybren (LithCS) Said,

    Hey Juan,
    Be gone fucksplash!
    We don´t need people like you in a positive and mutually supportive environment.

  7. Juan Said,

    you say that now Sybren, but wait till he does that to you. He thinks he can delete people like nothing now that he has his touring company and viewrs. I didn’t even affend the guy.

  8. Sybren (LithCS) Said,

    Obviously you did something to offend him, and you continue to do so now, coming on here posting trash like you are, you deserve to be blocked. Grow up.

  9. ozwerks Said,

    M13 is being attacked by trolls and hackers. It sounds like he is taking a zero tollerance approach about it Juan.

    Don’t get so bent out of shape. Just watch the show. I suggest you make a new Youtube account and re-subscribe, leave him alone and just listen.

  10. Mordeth13 Said,

    Juan wrote me a message with the title “British Company wants to Support your Channel” or something like that. Which got me excited thinking it was real. Then I open it up and he’s like “kidding”. I read all my messages so he didn’t need to do that to try and get my attention. And it was a let down. But I obviously did the right thing in blocking him as you can see from his comments above. He’s immature and hateful.

  11. ozwerks Said,

    That’s teenagers on the internet for ya. I suppose I’m too nice.

  12. CC Said,

    Just started watching your series, you videos are fantastic!!! I used to live in Taipei, didn’t meet too many normal white dudes when I was there, you would’ve been the exception. You rule!!!!

  13. Rob C Said,

    “He thinks he can delete people like nothing…”

    Oh crap, see, we thought m13 owned his website and ran his youtube channel and totally COULD “delete” whoever the fuck he wants to. No, but I guess you’re right, every single citizen of any country has the basic right to and mordeth13’s youtube channel.

    I hope I didn’t affend you with this post, Juan.

  14. Sybren (LithCS) Said,

    Perhaps not the right place to ask, but where did the forum section go????
    I’m seriously panicking here!!!

  15. Dawn Robinson Said,

    I just noticed the forum is gone too. Maybe still updating and what not.

  16. Travis (tricky) Said,

    I think they had to migrate hosts today, there was mention of a trojan virus or something similar. Hopefully the forum gets back up soon

  17. Mike Said,

    We’re currently migrating hosts and cleaning up all of our systems. We’re also in the process of upgrading the forum. See my post above.

  18. mfahad695 Said,


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