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Been awhile since I updated you guys here, sorry.

The Taiwan tours for 2011 are done. The May tour was alright, but had a few problems. The August tour was near perfect. And I’m guessing that 2012 tours will be even better than both. The tours really do seem to get better and better with time (I’ve also been raising the price each year). After having done 3 tours I seem to have the knack of it. And I’ve learnt more and more fun things to do and see while giving the tours. Although I’m starting to get a lot of repeat business already so I may have to adjust the routes regardless. We’ll see.


With the tours done and my private series distributed and underway I have a lot less stress. In a couple of weeks I’m going to be taking my wife and son on a vacation of sorts. It will be my son’s first time on a plane. Should be interesting.


My wife and I have been getting along well enough. I haven’t changed…..she’s just started making more of an effort. Our marriage almost came to an abrupt end a couple of months back…..and I think she had some time to think about life without me….and she didn’t like what she saw. So she’s been pretty tolerable since then. But there’s a big difference between tolerable and love.


My son is awesome and I’m loving every minute spent with him. I applied for his passport….which was/is another stress. The passport is supposed to be done by the 14 of Sept. But one of my “references” on the application form didn’t answer the phone when they called him and they haven’t called him back since……according to the rules that means they haven’t sent my application for the passport out yet. But since they haven’t phoned me either I’m guessing they just processed it anyway. We’ll see.


Need to buy some luggage and slowly start packing. Got a house guest just in time for my vacation…..he’s going to watch my dogs. The timing with that was amazing. Almost like “fate” or whatnot. And speaking of the dogs….they are both doing fine. BaoBao had some kind of bad flu….that was all. We put her on antibiotics and she got better quick.


I’ll be uploading vids to YouTube from my vacation destination so for those of you that don’t know where I’m going (cheap bastards) you’ll have to wait a few weeks to see.



  1. Sam Said,

    Hope you get the passport application all settled. Had you been in the states when applying it would have been much worse. They really messed up my passport application/process. Took me nearly 2 months. Glad to hear the dogs are good and that it was only a flu of some sort. Hope your vacation goes smoothly.

  2. James(dsm92eclipsegsx) Said,

    You’re welcome people that have been wanting to read a blog. I’ll take the credit for this one…lol Mordeth, I’m happy to hear that your wife is “tolerable” enough to hopefully get a good relationship going again. It’ll take time but hopefully you will find peace and harmony with one another. Also happy to hear that your son is doing great as usual.
    Can’t wait to see those vacation videos!!! Yes, I am one of those “cheap bastards” so I will be waiting. πŸ™‚

  3. Alex Said,

    Good to finally read something πŸ˜› Great to hear things are less stressful and the wife isn’t as bad as she was. HAVE FUN IN BARBADOS!!!!

  4. Dan Said,

    Hey mordeth, I didnt want to bother you but I purchased the private series and have not yet received it. I understand that it may be due to the alternate payment method but I was wondering if you can send me an email.

    Thanks again

  5. ozwerks Said,

    I would like to put forth a challenge to your wife to learn more English and speak it more often. This would really bridge the gap.

    There is a smartphone Android app that allows you to speak into the phone in your own language and it translates for you in text and synthesized speech. It’s a great learning tool. Get it.

  6. Mordeth13 Said,

    If that’s true then send me a message on YouTube giving me your paypal email that you used and I’ll re-send it out.

  7. vrublevskogo Said,

    cool man. have a good vacation.

  8. my98skipper Said,

    Hope you can relax well. You all 3 of course.

    Good to hear that you and your wife coming closer.
    A vacation is a good way to come more closer.

    Will view the whole 2010 series next weekend with a burger and a beer (or more). πŸ˜‰

  9. Nick Juliano Said,

  10. dayulohoyka Said,

    where are you gonna go m13?

  11. Jared Said,

    If you bought the 2011 private series you would know

  12. LithCS Said,

    looking forward to the footage πŸ™‚

  13. Mordeth13 Said,

    “Good to hear that you and your wife coming closer.
    A vacation is a good way to come more closer.” I hate comments like these. Even if my wife became the perfect partner….and treated me amazing…..I would still fucking hate her. The worst 2 years of my life…..a living hell…..were caused 100% by her. I won’t forgive her no matter how much she changes. If she died today I would throw a party. So in future if you see her and I getting along….that’s just out of convenience. And you can congratulate me on having one less stress in my life…..but please no comments about us “becoming closer” or “falling back in love” or any other shit that would make me want to vomit.

  14. my98skipper Said,

    Nice to read that you love to see that other people are with you and wish you best.
    Too bad that I make you vomit. (perhaps you tell us what we can write?)
    But I am sure you do not wanna know what I hate, do ya?

    And, if you wanna read it or not, if a relationship is under stress, it is not only one persons fault.
    If you ever come to my age you will get it.

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