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Yep, I decided to tell everyone that I’m going to Canada instead of keeping it as a surprise. Why? Because I was looking at hotel prices…..that’s why.


So I’ll be staying in Winnipeg for a couple of weeks……then touring Canada for a couple of weeks….then spending another 2 weeks in Winnipeg and then heading back to Taiwan.


So if any of you have a nice place with a spare room for my wife, son, and myself…….and you live in western Canada then let me know.


Here is the route I’ll be driving:ยย 


P.S. Oh if you live in one of the cities along that route then send me a message on youtube and include your FaceBook. I don’t think I’d risk traveling with my family to someone’s house if I couldn’t see it first.






  1. LithCS Said,

    Come to the Netherlands, I got a student dorm, but I’m sure we can fit in the bed ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyways, it sound like a great adventure for the family, hope you enjoy it, and that your wife changes for the better after seeing where you’ve grown up. Of course this could be wishful thinking.
    Oh, and don’t forget to take loads of pictures, it’s cool for when JD has grown up, and you can show him the places he’s been as a child. (I wish I had pictures of some of the places I have been as a child, too late for that now I guess). It’s a great thing to share your heritage with your children.

    Most of all, enjoy immensely!
    I’m sure that canadian heart of yours is beating faster at the thought of going home haha.

  2. h0ax Said,

    Ewww Edmonton….why would you stay there you should come to Calgary. Kidding…..or am I. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyways if your passing though Calgary you need to go down 16th AVE and hit up Peters Drive In. Only one in Alberta if I am not mistaken and man its fucking yummy as shit. I recommend the double cheese burger and a order of onion rings and a milkshake that comes in like 20,000 different flavors. Greasy as shit but soooo tasty, on that note if you do go they only take cash fyi.

    Also if your looking for an odd place to eat in Calgary never been there before but its called Tubby Dog, basically a hotdog joint but you can put anything on your hotdog. When I say anything I heard anything like chocolate, cereal etc.

  3. wade Said,

    I work at a hotel and could get you some kind of deal IF you came to victoria.Hell Id consider getting you a room free of charge.The hotel itself is situated in downtown victoria…a beautiful city.Perfect for impressing your wife and son.Lemme know ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Mordeth13 Said,

    Let you know? How do I do that?

  5. James(dsm92eclipsegsx) Said,

    I live in Wisconsin, you can come here and have some Real Wisconsin Cheese!!! lol And then we can hit up a Packer game and watch the Super Bowl Champs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Red Said,

    I live in Calgary and I can vouche for Peter’s Drive In and Tubby Dog, if you go to Tubby Dog let me know, I live like 2 blocks away. Oh and a block or so away from Peter’s there is a place called Boogies Burgers, a lot of people prefer those to Peter’s, both are good.

    I’d offer you a room but my only spare bedroom is my man cave. If you really want to save on a hotel room for a night though, let me know. I could throw an airmatress down or somethin.

    I’ll hit you up on youtube though and maybe we can meet up for lunch at Peter’s, a bunch of local motorcycle guys meet up at Peter’s drive In on thursday nights though, you might want to check that out.

    watch for my message on Youtube though.

  7. MR GSXR Said,

    Hey M13, You should consider a tour through the states some time. I live in SW Florida and always have a spare bedroom ready.

  8. marhanen Said,

    I would like to suggest that you
    take Jasper Park (HIGHWAY 16) from Alberta into BC on your way West as it generally has more wildlife because there isn’t a six foot fence on either side of the highway and its more forested mountains compared to banff which is more rocky shrub/tree mountains and then you could take banff from BC to Alberta so that you get both
    you could take Highway 16 till Jasper (buy a park pass) then go South through Icefields Parkway (most glaciers are not visible anymore) down to banff and you can stop at some of the waterfall/canyon/Ice lakes, definitely ask what the best ones to look at on your way down if they don’t tell u, and also stop At the Glacier Ice Center and get a ride on top of the Glacier thats left and walk on it, about $30-$60 an adult, you can also do the Ski lift up across from Lake Louise ($30-$60) on your way down to Banff.

  9. opczar Said,

    That’s a long tour, nowhere near Montreal ๐Ÿ™

  10. Derek Said,

    Own a house in Revelstoke, spare room with nothing in it unfortunately, possibly willing to lend my bed instead as I do own a couch (or chesterfield whichever you prefer), will have 3 days off on 25-27th. E-mail if interested, I know its kind of a long haul from Winnipeg, but it was on the map.

  11. wade parsons Said,

    I sent you a mail through youtube if your interested in contacting me about Victoria bc for your canada trip.I can likely get a deal at a hotel.

  12. Mr GSXR Said,

    Nevermind. After your rant about how bad us Americans are and our “stupid” Security You are not welcome in my house. And what kind of asshole leaves his wife at home and goes on vacation without her? What a looser.

  13. Francis Said,

    Nice blog..been reading along & watching a few seem a nice fella..
    Francis from Scotland

  14. Travis Said,

    @Mr GSXR – M13 is not the first person in the world to ridicule or express outrage at the TSA or Americans. Calm down. And in the video he explains his wife was booked on another flight last minute due to the visa issue.

    Also, it is spelled “loser.”

  15. Morgan Said,

    @Mr GSXR: your country already has a poor reputation internationally, and you’re not helping it any. mordeth isn’t the first person to have issues with the TSA nor will he be the last.

  16. Jason FL Said,

    @Mr GSXR is probably one of these chauvinistic patriots who never fly. Come one dude. Even American complains about TSA a lot! I love America but it’s not perfect therefore it’s okay to criticize. No need to get offended by every single little things.

  17. LithCS Said,

    Sounds a lot like when my father flown to America on a business trip (which included about 7 flights between different states in the US) he got stopped every time at every airport, had every possible thing checked everytime. Simply because he was a Dutch living in Taiwan going to America, which the system apparently flagged as “TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

    Anyways, a modification of a Jimmy Carr joke;

    The US spends billions of dollars each year for their protection, have they not considered being less of a cunt?

    [sorry if that offends anyone :P, keep the humor alive :)]

  18. JoeyP Said,

    I gotta agree with gsxr. Nobody likes customs but if you are going to talk that much shit about our customs next time find another way to your destination. M13 didnt have to talk about the people trying to do their jobs. Its easy to call people ugly when you wont even show your own face. Sure its cool to hate on the US right now but whos the first one you call when you need help. I enjoy mordeths videos but when he talks shit about my fellow Americans its hard not to take offense.

  19. HStein Said,

    This guy offers to let m13 stay in his home and m13 rants about his country and you guys wonder why he is upset? I am not from america but i would be mad if someone disrespected my country. Its one thing to state your opinion about something but m13 went a little to far with what he said in my opinion. I can see why people are upset about it.

  20. Billson Said,

    America just needs to stop random screenings and just do profiling. It’s proven more effective, efficient, and doesn’t APPEAR as offensive as the current random system we have in place.

    Sure, our airline policies might not be the best, but that doesn’t mean America on the whole is a bad place. I’m not insinuating that M13 was saying it is, but some people in the comments here/on his video seem to put the two together. I had a bad cup of coffee from a cheap gas station once, but that doesn’t mean all coffee in America is bad.

  21. Mat Said,

    You should try going East instead of West since there are so few people offering rooms. Can always try that. ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. LithCS Said,

    Personally I couldnt give a fuck whether people bag on my country (Netherlands), anyone who does is a rather simple minded and easily offended person. Yes, I sometimes get bothered by the everlasting insinuation that “hey youre dutch, you must smoke weed!!” but it is the stereotype that people make fun of, not the individual.
    Seriously, if you can’t laugh at your own country or take any critism, just do yourself and go live somewhere in a hole in the ground under a couple of rocks.

    Remember, offense is taken, not given.

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