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Still travelling around Canada am in Edmonton at the moment. Staying at a subscriber’s home and it’s nice. They have a huge home with a sauna, hot tub, pool table, air hockey…etc….etc. They also have two huge loveable labs which are great. My subscriber has a new girlfriend and he’s kind of pussy whipped….so he spends all his time doting on her (which will turn her into a total bitch within about 2 months (not saying she’s one now…..just saying that if a man treats a girl like a princess….then sooner or later she’ll become one)), but I get along well with his parents….haha….and they are awesome.

We’re heading out today to go to Canmore and we’ll be staying with a different subscriber there. Canmore is in the Rockie Mountains… my wife will see our mountains for the first time. And it will be perhaps my 2nd time seeing them. Should be fun.

Only a week or two left for this vacation and then I’ll be rested and recharged for making new videos in Taiwan. Two months out of Taiwan is no small thing. I should have new views and perspectives as well as a new love for riding (as I haven’t really ridden since I’ve been here….and no….putting around in Winnipeg DOESN’T count… sorry to those who bought the 2011 private series as I haven’t been updating it much….but then again it’s already longer than my 2008 and 2009 series. But regardless I have a LOT more vids for it and I’ll get on top of that when I get back.

Alright…off to Canmore.

  1. Nathan Said,

    Like a boss.

    One of my best friends lives up in Edmonton and hates it.

    Cool story though.. I met this girl who rides a Ninja 250r around my campus and we were both parking at the same time and got to talking. She’s a huge fan of you too. Long story short, went riding together.. both on and off our Ninjas.

  2. Johanne Said,

    Looking forward to new movies 😀

  3. Emergency56 Said,

    Nice i have yet to see the rockys myself… Some day i will do a tour in my own country lol… but i am leaving the best for last 😉

  4. LithCS Said,

    I haven’t watched any vids of the 2011 series yet, going to wait till I get holidays so I don’t have to pretend anymore to be working on important stuff that needs to get finished….. yeah…

    Anyways, good to hear you’re having fun! And remember, it’s not illegal unless the cops see you fucking a 16 year old !

  5. demoleus Said,

    Glad you are having a fun time. Did you hit the Timmies on Whyte Ave in Edmonton – tis where all the bikers hang out.
    Canmore is great; check out the Rose and Crown in Banff, its a fun time, live bands usually.

  6. Joe Said,

    Hey! I stumbled upon your youtube videos! I saw you spent some time in Asia, I was wondering if you know anything of the honda cbr250rr, the 4 cylinder 250, or if you had seen one in your travels? Thanks!

  7. Mordeth13 Said,

    The new Honda seems the 250 to beat… it should since it’s brand new and made by Honda.

  8. Piękne zdjecia Said,

    Cool man, i like yours site! 🙂

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