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Hey guys. First off I want to apologize for not uploading much to my youtube channel and to my private series as well. But the good news is that after 2 months of virtually no motorcycles, no videos, and no Taiwan……I should now be able to go back with a fresh new perspective and a lot of new energy and make even better videos than before. Because if you think about it I’ve been uploading a video a day for almost a year….and before that one every 2 days for a few years. So it was an over-due vacation. And hopefully it will enable me to find new levels of creativity.

My wife loved Canada. Her family warned her that us white folk only eat burgers and sandwiches and burgers and sandwiches for every meal. And that she would go crazy trying to find something good to eat. The opposite was true. My wife found that no matter where we ate the food was very good. And in Taiwan she’s a very picky eater. My wife also noticed that the several different familes that we lived with didn’t have the wife constantly yelling at the husband….even though some of the husbands were noticeably deserving of a good yelling at. And she admited to being wrong with her abusive behavoir towards me and said on more than one occasion that she would strive for change. Personally I think it’s probably too little too late regardless. But if it means my life will easier to live for the next few years…well then I’m all for it.

My wife is already on her way back to Taiwan. And I leave on Thursday (the 27th). We decided it would be best for us to leave at separate times so that at least one of us might be rested (as opposed to both of us riding on planes for 24 hours and then having to take care of our 2 year old).  So she left first.

Hopefully there’s still some more good weather for riding left in Taiwan. Regardless I’ll be pumping out the videos. And come this February we’ll be putting J.D. back in school…..and this time we’ll be doing it full time. So I’ll have my days to myself for the first time in many years. I plan on using that time towards my channel and website.


A very special thanks to all of you who are still sticking with me and my videos. And to those who opened up their homes to my family during our vacation. Thank you.

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