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Hey guys! I’ve been back for about 10 days now. And I’m doing well. My wife and I haven’t fought since that last spat in Canada about 3 or 4 weeks ago. And this could be the longest we’ve gone without her yelling at me in the last 3 years. So I’m in a good mood.

It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow and we’ve invited people over for the first time to have a real birthday party. For his 1st and 2nd birthday party we just went out to dinner. But he understands fully what birthday parties are now and he deserves a good one. Should be fun.

I went to the race track the other day. I haven’t ridden in 3 months and was nervous. The track was also crowded as there was a race the next day and all the racers wanted to practice.  But when I started to ride….I did well….very well….I was passing/lapping the racers. It was a nice feeling. Out of 12 bikes I was the 2nd fastest. I got it all on video so you’ll see that some time soon.

I was worried that being back in Taiwan would depress me after spending so long in Canada. But to be honest….I’m glad to be back.  I find Canada a bit  too boring/oppressive for my tastes now. I enjoy the freedom of flying around on a scooter/motorbike way too much.

I’ve been playing BF3 and loving it (when it’s working and I can connect). My EA name is M13online if you want to add me.

I sold my main scooter. The one I used for my tours. It’s kinda sad because that was the first scooter I ever bought….and it’s a good one. I’ve been through a lot on that scooter. But with my tour company I decided it was time to get something fuel injected for the mountains. Seems silly buying a whole new scooter just to handle one or two roads better……hmmm…..fuck this I want my scooter back….where’s that guy’s phone number.

  1. Sam Said,

    Thats great to hear that you and your wife have been doing better. Hope JD has a good birthday.

    By the way I’ve added you on battlelog my EA name is PureLyChaos.

  2. LithCS Said,

    Perhaps replace the scooter instead with an nsr250?

  3. LithCS Said,

    You know you want to 😉

  4. Suren Dias Said,

    Happy Birthday JD 🙂 – Suren from Sri Lanka.

  5. rexxia Said,

    shit you sold your cygnus?
    well in any case i’d recommend the PGO X-HOT 150. thats the one i ride and its perfect for mountain roads 🙂

  6. Sandy Said,

    I pray her outlook on marriage stays positive. If so, do you think we could look forward to JD having a baby sister??? YEAAAAAAA! 🙂

  7. idris Said,

    Cool man. I’ve also been considering a Cygnus X but due to COE prices right now its so damn expensive! About $8k Singapore dollars. Also looked at the Honda PCX, very nice scoot, but it looks more suited for riding I feel than transporting things around. You certainly need to put up a review of the new scooter you’re going to get!

  8. KidInThePark Said,

    Im glad your back man , Dont get me wrong i love canada but the roads in Canada are abit boring . Iive been watching you for like 2 years now Im 18 and i almost have my motorbike licence . Just one more test i have to do and then im in the brother hood 🙂 … Happy Bday to JD !

  9. Daaaveee Said,

    Glad you’re enjoying BF3 M13, we had some good games together! I’ll have to keep staying up late so I can catch you when you log on in the morning.

    Happy Birthday to the little man.

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