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Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to get back into a routine. Things are still going well with my wife and me…..which is a huge surprise to myself and something I wasn’t sure was possible. I’d still love to get a divorce…but at least my life isn’t hell anymore…’s been downgraded to a hassle.

Been playing BF3 along with some games on my PS3. There’s a game called Great Little War Game that I’m playing a lot while outdoors on my phone.

I started working out daily. I’m sweating buckets as I type this. I hope to be in better shape for when my son hits his teen years. Having a son is great motivation for improving on yourself in any way that you can.

His Brithday was on the 9th and it went well. Onlymanolos from youtube sent me some money to pay for his party which was very nice of her. Thanks for that. My son was throwing up a couple of days after his party…but there was a guest who was sick so hopefully it was just a bug he caught….we suspect he might have something wrong with his digestive system. I mentioned that in the last post didn’t I?

I picked up my new scooter and am enjoying it. It’s basically the same scooter as my old one….just newer, but none the less it has a couple of mods that make it unique and extra storage space that makes it more practical. I installed a black box with front and rear facing cameras on my scooter…so it should be interesting seeing what kind of footage I can get from that in the future.


That’s it for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this.





  1. Alex Said,

    Hey dude, glad you are doing better with your wife, hopefully it’ll stay that way for a long while! And congrats on your new scooter, I’ll try to see if I can join one of your tours next year, but they coincide with school so I’ll have to see, keep it up!

  2. PnutHead Said,

    Good to hear all that M (besides your son being sick of course, hope he gets better). Seems like stuff has been going really well lately, and you can even tell in your vids. You seem really upbeat about everything. Hope all stays well and stuff continues to improve in your life. Enjoying the vids and the private series alot! (If you are on here and don’t have the private series yet; I highly recommend buying…good shit!)

  3. ozwerks Said,

    :::insert barf/party joke here:::

  4. Mark Said,

    lol… brithday. If you want to be a good role model for you son how about YOU LEARN HOW TO FUCKIN SPELL?! FUCK.

    Heh, just kidding. But seriously, read a dictionary or something.

  5. Sandy Said,

    Did JD ever get over that stomach ache? I pray all is well with each of you. Hugs

  6. vrublevskogo Said,

    it’s all good

  7. vrublevskogo Said,

    ohh the game is not for android 🙁

  8. BoomerFTW Said,

    Just a Battlefield 3 tip M from someone who has been trying out the different weapons (lvl45 with 1.65 kdr).

    Best guns imho: Assault: F2000, Engineer: M416, Support: PKP PECHENEG, Sniper: USAS, P90, or PDW-R (LOL) but if you have to snipe SV-98. On the first three kits play them until you unlock the IRNV scope and you will dominate fools all day.

    Best of Luck,

  9. Dan S Said,

    Hey man, i really hope you read this, if you genuinly think your son might have an issue with his digestive system get him checked out for Cystic Fibrosis, i have it and it’s a pretty serious disease but it’s manageable if diagnosed. Hope all’s well bro 🙂

  10. Matt Said,

    @vrublevskogo Great Little War Game IS for Android. Apparently I bought it a while ago but never installed it. Must’ve been during that crazy Android Market 10 cents sale.

  11. David Said,

    I’m a fool for all your videos. Like everyone else, I’m glad that you and your wife are getting along better. It’s good for your son to see you and your wife happier, and you are helping him in this way, and in many others. I ride a Genuine Buddy 125 (made by PGO of Taiwan), but seeing all your Taiwan videos makes me want to get a Kymco 50 cc of some kind. I’m grateful for your vlogging work. Thank you.

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