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Everything is still going well. My wife just went to visit some family down south and took my son with her. I had fun playing video games last night (Fri) and I’ll probably do the same today.

I actually wanted to go to the track. But it’s rainy. Limits my options. But there are some household chores that need to be done. So there’s always that….sigh.

  1. vrublevskogo Said,


  2. christian frketich Said,

    what is your playstation network account name cause i need to add you

  3. Mordeth13 Said,

    All my gaming names are on my forum. And for the people who reply with “I can’t find them” then that just means you weren’t meant to find them.

  4. James(dsm92eclipsegsx) Said,

    When are you gonna buy a Hayabusa? lol

  5. sb2 Said,

    u hopping on bf3 pc anytime?

  6. ozwerks Said,

    I’m building a teleportation device in my spare time. I will send you my laundry. And Brundlefly.

  7. vrublevskogo Said,

    what do you play more pc or playstation games?

  8. Alien Boomstyles Said,

    Well if you get bored you could always jerk off.

  9. demoleus Said,

    you go girl!

  10. BoomerFTW Said,

    Yeah M, we need to play some more BF3 PC, that one time like a month ago when You Bloodhay and I played for like 3 min just didn’t satisfy lol

  11. Regina Said,

    Nice. good life!

  12. jr Said,

    TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL dont worry i wont troll you

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