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Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been updating much. My life from week to week is fairly mundane…..doesn’t give me a lot to write about. I’ve been going dancing at the local Filipino and Thai clubs. Been having fun and am meeting new people.

I’m talking with another video hosting site (2nd largest) and they are going to be moving my videos over to their site. I’ll still be on YouTube…I’m just “expanding”. I’m excited about that. And someone from YouTube contacted me and pointed out that on over 600 of my videos I only have 50% of the advertising working….and they’re going to enable the other half for me. So hopefully I’ll see some kind of improvement in my YouTube income.

So things seem to be going fairly well. But with America trying to control the internet in 2012…..I’m still rightfully worried. This time next year YouTube could be shut down by SOPA and I could be looking for a full time job. I don’t think I could teach again. Teaching is stressful and my wife has driven me to the point where I couldn’t handle teaching full time again. I think I’d have to try to get a job in motorbike sales or something. Sadly enough I’d probably ask if any of my viewers were hiring. Sigh.

So that’s about it. I’m hopeful, but worried…at the same time.

If I didn’t have my son my life would be sooooo different. I wouldn’t even worry about the future if he weren’t around. But with him in my life I spend a lot of time worrying about his future. You don’t know true fear until you become a parent….because all self fears are lesser than the fears one feels for a child.




P.S. If you’re American….then FFS vote for Ron Paul.

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