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Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been updating much. My life from week to week is fairly mundane…..doesn’t give me a lot to write about. I’ve been going dancing at the local Filipino and Thai clubs. Been having fun and am meeting new people.

I’m talking with another video hosting site (2nd largest) and they are going to be moving my videos over to their site. I’ll still be on YouTube…I’m just “expanding”. I’m excited about that. And someone from YouTube contacted me and pointed out that on over 600 of my videos I only have 50% of the advertising working….and they’re going to enable the other half for me. So hopefully I’ll see some kind of improvement in my YouTube income.

So things seem to be going fairly well. But with America trying to control the internet in 2012…..I’m still rightfully worried. This time next year YouTube could be shut down by SOPA and I could be looking for a full time job. I don’t think I could teach again. Teaching is stressful and my wife has driven me to the point where I couldn’t handle teaching full time again. I think I’d have to try to get a job in motorbike sales or something. Sadly enough I’d probably ask if any of my viewers were hiring. Sigh.

So that’s about it. I’m hopeful, but worried…at the same time.

If I didn’t have my son my life would be sooooo different. I wouldn’t even worry about the future if he weren’t around. But with him in my life I spend a lot of time worrying about his future. You don’t know true fear until you become a parent….because all self fears are lesser than the fears one feels for a child.




P.S. If you’re American….then FFS vote for Ron Paul.

  1. Gigel Said,

    I truly doubt SOPA will pass, and I truly doubt a site like YouTube (and many others that people care about and would be vulnerable) would ever get shut down.

    Also, RP won’t do anything about SOPA. And his economic policies (if followed) would probably take the U.S. economy to a new low.

  2. Tomac Said,

    Meeting new people is the way to go Mordeth, if the internet is corrupted, they just might help you out of a fix, but let us hope it doesn’t come to that. Enjoy the time and the freedom you have now, your fears for the future are justified, but try to put them aside and be there for your son, I know you will be. No matter what position you find yourself in, there’s always somebody who’s got it worse…

    That said, if Ron Paul actually makes it to Presidency it may well be a lot worse for all of us, this man is out of tune with the needs of America; he’s racist, anti-China, and he thinks that global warming is a hoax. Along with these great qualities he embraces the same incomprehensible policies as those other republicans running for office. Now Obama isn’t perfect, but he’s on another level compared with these jokers. When you look back to Madison, the genius of the Constitution, and the first Presidents; Washington, Adams and Jefferson, it’s a wonder the United States managed to fall down so god-awful low,

  3. Mordeth13 Said,

    That’s funny. When you said ” he’s racist, anti-China, and he thinks that global warming is a hoax.” You pretty much described me. Did you know that the planet has been getting cooler for the last 6 or 7 years straight? And don’t I have around a dozen videos talking about how evil China is? And I can’t believe you defended Obama…..Obama is just another puppet…..he’s George Bush the 2nd. And he’s just continuing to take away all your rights and freedoms. America used to be the land of the Free….truly….and soon it’s going to be another Nazi Germany.

  4. Mordeth13 Said,

    A new low? All your money is made by a private company…which lends the money to you on loan. And then you have to pay the money back to that company with interest. And your government continues to wrack up debt…..and sells away America piece by piece to China to try to make up for it. You think Ron Paul can make that worse? You must think him a god.

  5. Tomac Said,

    ‘The planet has been getting cooler for the last 6 years?’ Sigh, this is not representative of climate change at all. The warmest year was 1998. After 1998, the next 9 warmest years are all in the decade 2001-2010. Warming may have stopped temporarily, but the trend is still consistent with rising global temperatures. China is a threat, obviously you feel this living in Taiwan. However your perceptions are outdated, the Chinese people I speak to don’t support such foreign policies, even if they have come to be represented by them in your eyes.
    Obama is struggling, however as you pointed out in video, the President of the US is always going to be limited by the Congress. At least Obama commands the vestiges of respect that still remain for the President in the increasingly important field of international relations. Ron Paul would lose such vestiges, but as you point out… it’s likely anyone would. Difficult times are ahead if they’re not here already…

  6. Sovereigntan Said,

    its really tough when our planet is run by MONEY, all should be given for free since its our right as a living being to have the resources of the planet be shared, so lets get back to reality, instead the resources are sucked dry for money, what the hell is going on here. This is the problem, more than half of worlds population are living in poverty like $1 a day as the say, but enough of that, we all know it. But I can understand what Mordeth is saying, he has a SON, a wife u can get rid of easy but a son? that’s what is going on here. If the son did’nt exists who gives a fuck about what the US gov’t does, its seems like the problem we are facing today cannot be solve by humans any longer, its way beyond solving, and it can’t be stopped until it collapses in itself. As for myself I am single no kids or a nagging wife but still, its really though getting up everyday living in the states thinking about money, when i don’t have a regular job anymore and have to think creative honest way just make some. since a 9-5 job for me is basically paid slave prostitution lol, I can’t imagine when you have kids and a wife to go along with that.

  7. Sovereigntan Said,

    As for global warming, the world solar system is heating up, not just our planet lol, Neptune, Saturn, etc all are heating up, why? I don’t know. Few years back Scientist went to the Antarctic to dig some core sample and they found every 2500 years (not accurate) the planet heats up to what we have now but not in a dangerous level, so its a cycle that’s all, we humans happen to be adding up with our vehicles, powerplants, cutting forest.. So who knows what well happen but I am optimistic about the future, whatever happens either nature or the money grabbing greedy bankers, it will be far more better what we have now, 2012 and beyond there might be intervention by oustside forces, if its true then good redence to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nathan Said,

    Here is the petition to sign on the Whitehouse website. It’s not enough to just sign (should also write letters, call, and email your thoughts to local congressmen,

  9. Chris Said,

    Yea America is sucking right now, and yes Im American and live there. The govt is filled with corrupt bastards. Soon, but hopefully not, America will turn into something worse than communism.

  10. fronter Said,

    You censor people yourself don’t you.. hypocrite..Ron Paul has no chance, so mind your business

  11. R Said,

    Btw I’m not sure if you’re aware but the UK already has a bill quite similar to SOPA in many ways, including taking down of internet sites. Here is a link to the wiki page for it:

    I am glad that SOPA is being opposed heavily, let us hope protect IP and SOPA fail since this would be a blow for freedom and set a precident.

  12. Matt Said,

    This is what you get when Americans learn their politics from fox, cnn, or msnbc. Don’t you get it yet? It’s propaganda. It’s sad that you are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the paradigm that has enslaved you, that you willingly fight for it. You don’t think SOPA will pass? Well the NDAA did. That’s the one that says you can be thrown in prison without trial, without charge for the rest of your life.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who actually cares about you and your freedoms. FFS the Obama’s administration are the ones responsible for coming up with the NDAA. Ron Paul is anti government intervention, which is exactly what what SOPA is. Ron Paul would veto it without hesitation. Ron Paul would put an end to the federal reserve, and bring back a dollar based on actual worth. Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to put an end to the war on drugs, which unfairly discriminates against minorities in the US. He also delivered 4000 babies, many of them minorities. He even worked for free if the patient couldn’t afford medical treatment. That doesn’t sound very racist to me.

    Obama, Mitt Romney, ect. are puppets of the mega banking cartels as evidence of their election campaign contributions.

    Obama: Goldman sachs (1,013,091), JPMorgan chase (808,799), citigroup (736,771)

    Mitt Romney: Golman sachs (367,200), Morgan Stanley (199,800) Bank of America (126,500), JPMorgan chase (112,250)

    The banks OWN THEM. The same banks that get all that nice unregulated tax payer money. 16 Trillion dollars to accurate. That’s 56,000 dollars per American boy and girl.

    Do us all a favor and wake up.

    I’m glad to hear m13 is.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  13. RaMPaNTPaNDeMiC Said,

    Im 23 this year and this is the first time im going to vote, Mainly because this is the first time its not a Lose-Lose situation. Finally there is a candidate that is looking out for ME. Ron Paul has my vote because he has my back.

    And as for America, lets be honest, this house of card is swirling the drain. At least he wont take away any more of my freedom in the meantime. But i doubt anyone can fix this mess, might as well enjoy it while it lasts!

  14. galten1234 Said,

    I’m not American, but Ron Paul seems to be the man of choice. I’m not religious, nor do I agree with all of his policies, but he seems like a man that actually belive in what he says. He seems to stick with what he says. All other politicians promise things, then they don’t actually keep what they promise.

  15. LithCS Said,

    Better a soggy little pussy than a worn out douchebag, right Julian?
    GTFO the internet.

  16. Jason Said,

    “And someone from YouTube contacted me and pointed out that on over 600 of my videos I only have 50% of the advertising working….”

    What does it mean? You couldn’t turn on the in-stream ad? Or youtube don’t allow you to turn the in-stream ad on because you have too many videos?

  17. buhay6 Said,

    Ya my brother brought me up to date with the SOPA situation, it’s not looking good so far that’s for sure. I was really going to get my channel up and running this summer cuz of the new bike but I don’t think I’ll bother now. I’m sure a lot of us viewers would love to get you a job, if you were back in Canada I could get you one driving heavy equipment for 5 grand every 2 weeks. But personally I think you’d make a great sales person just know what bikes are which brands and expand from there. Everyone here knows you got the personality for a sales person. Keep on living life man! things will work out in the end.

  18. Chaotic Beast Said,

    I don’t know i am not a voting person but i just want to say this one thing yea obama isn’t the greatest president, Shit, i think that Bill Clinton was a way better president, yea he cheated on his wife, but in my opinion she’s a stuck up bitch, and like i always say if you don’t get it at home you will go find it elsewhere not that i would,still i don’t vote and i don’t think i will start anytime soon just sayin. but at least obama kept one promise he said that he would find osama and he did.

  19. Matt Said,

    Osama is a boogie man. He’s there to scare Americans into giving up their freedoms.

    If you honestly believe that they found Osama, killed him, and then threw him into the ocean than you need to get your head checked.

    Oh, and the SEAL Team that was responsible for killing him happen to die months later in a helicopter crash.

    Please wake up.

  20. Chase Said,

    So great to see you posting videos and updates again, im addicted to them

  21. James Said,

    Stop the bitching people the man has a point!
    just.. Do the hustle!!!

  22. Bado567 Said,

    Hey guys mordeth has a huge point about global warming. I do believe that obama is a puppet. Let me tell you guys something… the government is controlled by the big corporations because thats where all the money is at… which is how global warming has been created. It was made up, along with how we are running out of gasoline(which isnt true) just so these corporate bastards can raise gas prices to allow more money to go to them which will destroy America’s middle class eventually, which is what they want so there is absolute control. Money=power. once thats done the new world order will begin and canada and mexico will mix with America creating one big country.

  23. Fusroda Said,

    paul FTW

  24. contaitquit Said,


  25. Andrew Said,

    Ron Paul is a right-wing piece of crap. Ralph Nader would be better. What is wrong with people?

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