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Feb 14th 2012

Wow, long time since my last post. Sorry about that. I should have more time since my son started school again….and this time full time. When he was one and a half he went to school mornings for 6 months until he was two. And now that he’s 3 we put him in daycare from 8 until 5. So that’s 9 hours a day that I now have “free”. I still need to spend time uploading vids, reading messages, and trying to exercise. And when I’m done with that….I often find myself tired……I think it’s part of aging (or more likely poor diet). And I’m not getting as much done as I’d like in a day. I don’t know how movie stars do it. They fly all over the world and do more in a day than we do in a week. I’m guessing they all do speed drugs like Whitney Houston. Perhaps I should start doing meth again….I promised myself I wouldn’t but if it’s for my career then that’s ok, right?

My 1000th video is looming. And I honestly wouldn’t have even mentioned it. But my subscribers seem to counting it down which puts pressure on me to do something cool for it. I wanted to do a Rave Biker 3…..but time is running out and I wouldn’t have that done by then. I’ll probably just do a mash-up. A compilation of my older vids….perhaps a time-line showing a clip from every 100th video that would be ten clips. Or perhaps every 50th being 20 clips. Just an idea.

The YouTube biking community lost a very unique and interesting biker vlogger Svengalie. I spent a few days dealing with my emotions about that. At first I took it very well…..probably because it hadn’t hit me yet….and then I was sad for a few days…..and now I’m kinda angry. He has children. If you have children….then you aren’t allowed to kill yourself, period.

My income is dropping along with my views…..but that’s due to winter. No one does motorcycle searches during February…not in most of America anyway…..and that’s where most of my views come from. But I’m confident that come spring I’ll bounce back….I have in the past. And with my son in school I’ll have more time to do some unique vids.

I’m actually trying to get my self confidence up. It takes a lot to do crazy shit in public….and being with my wife I’ve lost a lot of it. But track riding and going out dancing at the clubs has helped a lot. That’s it for now. Thank you very much for reading this.



  1. juan Said,

    pretty sweet that you still dance in the clubs. exercise does wonders!

  2. kcj Said,

    I miss the way your channel used to be; videos once or twice a week rather than every day. Quality > quantity.

  3. Josh Said,

    U serious about considering drugs again?

  4. mjw555 Said,

    I love how frequent your uploads are, and the quality has been increasing steadily for years. Keep up the great work!
    Maybe for your 1000th video you could put your vlogging helmet on JD and just let him riff.

  5. flclfayev Said,

    I would have to agree with mjw, the quality and quantity have both gone up in the past few years. Personally, I have no preference to the old way or the new way just as long as you’re still making videos! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. LithCS Said,

    Don’t be too worried about the 1000th video, it’s a milestone but that’s all to it. Whether you do something special for it, that’s not of so much importance, at least I don’t think so. As I enjoy your videos regardless of whether they were made “especially” for some occasion.

    As for Steve… I didn’t see it coming, at all, and I refused to believe it even after I had read the official atricle on the argus~ which link was posted on your wall. He seemed like a nice and cheerful guy, and it for sure is a loss. It pains my to know how much he struggled under the surface, and it takes a lot of guts to do have made that choice. I respect him for that, but obviously I can’t condone it due to him having children. However, condeming him for it would not be a way in which I would like to remember Steve.

    Ride and be safe M.

  7. JS Said,

    Rave Biker 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Joeyy33 Said,

    I would like to see another Rave Biker!.. Maybe you should do a geocaching video like Sven did. Take the little guy out and find some caches. Then your channel would get biker veiws along with geocachers viewing it. Just an idea. I think the mix of your scooter, dog and geocaching would be a great combo with maybe some rave mixed in.

  9. Danny Said,

    Wow, 1000 videos?? Man, I remember watching you waaaaaaay back in 2007. This was when I was still in high school and I never would have imagined myself riding a bike. I just looked up “how to ride a motorcycle” out of curiosity when I learned that at high speeds the bike will lean the opposite direction that you turn the handlebars. Throughout the years I came across more of your videos when looking up bikes and always thought “oh hey, it’s this guy again” when I heard your voice since it’s very distinct. It wasn’t until I actually got my first bike a year and a half ago that I really learned how much of a legend you are haha. Just wanted to stop by and show your site some love because I know how much that can mean for somebody, even if it is coming from a total stranger. Hope stuff picks up for you man, and as always, ride safe!

  10. Curtis Said,

    I agree with LithCS, dont worry about the 1000th vid, we love the vids regardless. Every other day we log on and check out what you’ve been up to. If its been a while it’s no problem we just re fresh on the ‘clutch control’ or the ‘guy beatin on his dog’ etc. You have 900+ vids to keep us well entertained eh! Bit of Canadian for yah.

    I just checked out the Ghost hotel for the first time and that was top M.

    Can I just say that you are the Number 1 Vlogger for us newbies and (no pressure) we really love your stuff.

    I watch your stuff and as a result watched Sven’s. Can I just say that your vlogs helped me adjust my technique. Thankyou M.

    Svengalie was a beautiful guy and thanks to you I just watched his ‘send off’.

    I live in England and have spent time in Austrailia as an 18/21 yr old-I am now 41!!! Came back to England for girlfriend (no longer together). Before I returned to UK I was really depressed. I didnt realise at the time but I was sleeping in, lacked motivation, and was generally low in mood. After many years of searching and eventually finding some purpose/meaning of life,I am married, have two great kids and a ‘moaning’ sexy assed wife! She gives me loads of shit and we rarely meet eye to eye but on occasion we do and its great. I often want to piss off and leave for a while and am sure she does too, let alone the poor little kids!!!

    However we are what we have, unfortunately for them!!!!

    Taiwan seems like a really cool place to raise a child and also ride a bike (also eat great food with chop sticks). PS its pissing down with rain today in Bolton England and my brake discs are rusting just thinkin’ about the weather we are experiencing at the moment.

    Any way jus wanted to let you know you were well appreciated, keep up the good work, Lots of Love from Bolton England.

    Thanks again

  11. TorontoJohn Said,

    Just to let you know, mid Feb and I’m always checking your vids. Then again I’m always riding (well not today, just got a blanket of snow) but if it’s dry i’m out there. Finding your vids encouraged me to start riding back in 2008… keep up the good work.

  12. Sibu Said,

    Please do some pranks, or be sick in helmet kind of pranks for 1000th video celebration, PLEASE!! DO SOMETHING FUNNY! last video ive watched which you was funny in was like 2years ago, shout at people please anything and i will have no problem donating $50.

  13. Emergency56 Said,

    “Shit White bikers Scream in public”

    That is the title for your 1000th video, stuff that will make your viewers cringe in embarrassment, The less shame you show in the video the more epic, more views.. shots of confused Asians faces will make it better.. i guess it won’t matter what you say as most (order folk) may not even understand..

    Just an idea ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. LAWise520 Said,

    Dude, I found your videos by pure chance like a week or two ago. The first vid I watched was one in which your son was afraid of a fake crocodile at an arcade or something. I only clicked it because it had a cool picture of a REAL crocodile. I watched a few more vids and was intrigued, so I subscribed. Now I’ve got your vids on in the background while I do other stuff online. So, you got at least my viewership (apparently, that’s a real word) in the month of february.

    Also, Emergency56 has a great topic idea. hahahaha.

  15. KilKidd Said,

    Man, i really love your vids, they got me into riding

  16. Ed Said,

    You are a breath of fresh air. Laughed a lot while watching you videos. Thanks.
    I’ll be a fan forever. If you come to Chicago let’s ride!

  17. Frank Zieglar Said,

    It should be a compilation of all your wacky final scenes that you use to clse the videos.

  18. wade parsons Said,

    Hello M You should consider offering more private series type of videos.I personally would gladly pay for any series/movie/gaming type of deals.It would be the worst thing in the world if you stopped posting videos!

    Im planning on getting my license soon and then get a ninja250r or maybe a 400…not sure yet…….all because of you.Its an inspiration to watch someone have a passion about riding.Just remember that you have a dedicated fan base that support you…just like svengalie….so on that note Im sure people would be willing to shell out 10 bucks for a few vids.

  19. caspermayne Said,

    Well, Whitney Huston did enjoy her life, maybe it’s a good idea to try to sniff here and there haha. It’s just a hard period of time, I know you aren’t in depression but it’ll get better anyway, I’m sure. Spring, more views, more free time, you’ll get along. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your BIKE ha? It is 650cc but changes make changes you know. Take care and keep us updated, we follow for sure.

  20. Bryan Keenan Said,

    Hey man, I know this an odd comment, but if your feeling tired/sluggish , try multi-vitamins, and definitely taking the vitamin iron everyday. you might be iron deficient (Anemia) which is common. I started taking iron and it has brought me out of a rut of physical depression. Just a thought. This is if you want info on iron anemia symptoms and what not. Have a good day!

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