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Hey guys. Yep, haven’t been very active with this blog. I’ve been more active with FaceBook though….so subscribe to me there if you like.

My life is very different now. My son is at school and I have a lot more free time. Being kinda lazy to be honest. Trying to get caught up on all the gaming I missed out on these past few years. I’m also been studying a new…skill…..more on that in the future.

I’ve got some good video ideas. I’ve been writing them down. And am working on a Rave Biker 3…mostly in the idea stage…but got some good ideas. I’m also toying with the idea of getting some help….perhaps hiring someone to start making some really cool stuff. After all I’m in Taiwan…where labour (even skilled labour) is cheap. Don’t worry I’ll still make my regular motovlogs. But I’ll have the odd “produced” video as well.

My son being at school is interesting. I barely see him anymore in comparison to before. He goes to school for 8 hours a day and then when he gets home it’s only a few hours before his bedtime. So I went from spending 12 hours a day with him to only 4 a day. It’s hard sometimes. But I wouldn’t change it. It’s better for both him and me. But sometimes I think about how fast he’s growing up and it truly….truly….scares me that I’m missing out on so much time with him. But on the bright side it makes me all the more happy when I do see him. You never know what you have until it’s at kindy.

It’s still winter here….or spring or whatever…..either way it’s raining all the fucking time. So even when want to make vids….I can’t. I just write them down and wait for better weather.

My Taiwan Tour is coming up:

I’ve got both 2012 tours more than half sold out. I’m especially looking forward to the Sept tour because I have quite a few repeat customers coming for that one….maybe as many as 6! Must be a good tour if people are doing it two years in a row….eh? EH? The new people coming for the  June tour I couldn’t give a shit about. I might actually let a local do that tour for me (kidding, kidding….but not really). I’m looking forward to the tours this year. Last year I worked most of the bugs out of the tour…and this year should be much smoother.


That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.






  1. Drew Said,

    I would love to do one of your tours. Of course, I’ll need to procure some cash first. At the moment, however, that cash has just been used to pick up an 09 650r :). I didn’t realize you had a ninja until after I picked mine up (new rider). I actually used your how to videos to help me (and they really really did).

    I’d love to see some videos on proper balancing when starting and stopping (stoplights and stop signs).

    Anywho, MSF course tomorrow.

    BTW my gf is head over heals about your son, she thinks he is adorable as hell, and that says allot coming from someone who taught 60 kindergarten kids in a small classroom for 8 hours a day.

  2. Bryan Keenan Said,

    Keep it up man, Lovin your videos, and wanna keep supporting in the way watchin, liking, clicking ads, and buying your private series. I am glad your going to try some new video ideas, I am excited for some different things you can come up with.( I cant wait for the 2012 private series) Glad things with you and your son are going well! Take Care!

  3. LithCS Said,

    So…. so far we have riding video’s, gaming video’s, private series, rave biker videos… now… when do we get the epic Mordeth13 dance class video where you teach your subs how to be awesome? haha.

    @Drew, I’m not quite sure what you meant with “proper balancing when starting and stopping(stoplights and stop signs)”. [They are traffic lights by the way, not stop lights, as there’s no such thing. – quoted from my driving instructor roughly 3 years ago].
    Simply put your foot down and don’t tilt the bike over to one side too much, very easy to know when that happends is when you start feeling the weight of the bike. As for which foot to put down, that depends on the situation. If you’re on an angle, it’s best to put your left foot down (shift side) so you can cover the rear brake with your right. If you’re not on an angle, it’s pretty much always the right foot down.
    Either way, I’m certain you can find an answer to your questions on the forums, so go check it out 🙂

  4. Christopher Potvin Said,

    Love you blogs and Vids, Man! I usually have to watch them a few times to get everything. I either get distracted by what’s happening visually or I’m in another window and I’m just listening to you talk. Thank you for all the good stuff and I hope you and the Fam are well.


  5. Tiller Said,

    Hey Mordeth, been following you for a long time but I haven’t checked in a while. Somebody on one of the forums I hang out on just picked up a 650R and every time I see or hear of one in think of you. So I see your still alive and life is being good. I caught the track bug back in late 09 and last year I had two crashes , the second resulting in a broken clavicle. That was three and half months ago and it’s still not healed after it was plated.

  6. M13 Said,

    I caught the track bug as well. I go almost every week. Loving it. It’s a rush….and I just keep improving. Went for a street ride the other day and it was my first time in a long time. And I was getting my knee down on public streets. Something I’ve never been able to do before. I owe it all to track riding.

  7. Ecookman Said,

    would LOVE to do one of the tours but going to be starting school in September :/ I was going to do the September one if i didn’t get accepted into the aviation school I wanted to get into……ohwell i hope you are still doing them in 4 years.

  8. ozwerks Said,

    I love when your channel breaks away from the bike. Especially the videos with multiple short segments.

  9. ef Said,

    Call me stupid, but I was for some reason misinformed that your tour costs as mere as $213. Now I’m feeling weird. Maybe because I’m too poor or something 🙁 Are you planning on more affordable tours i.e. beginner’s tour? I’m Indonesian and $1513 is just way too expensive to me.. ah nevermind. Anyway I always like your videos and your style.. keep going dude.

  10. Mytheral Said,

    Just placing a prediction of what that skill might be: Qigong
    Love the videos and hope to make it out to a tour one day.

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