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Hey guys, M13 here. I kinda gave up on this website a bit because the forums were getting over run with spambots and one of the website owners (there’s 3 of us) has moved on and given up on me/the site (partially my fault for not doing things he wanted…..not that…..sicko).  But the forums are redone and working well again. And here I am making yet another post. I should post more here….because posts here last a lot longer than FB updates that are buried within hours.

For 2013 I want to WORK. I have all these ideas for income and I’m also starting two new youtube channels. One is gaming….which is nothing unique…..but the other will be a sort of Asian twist to what RWJ does. And yes, in the past I’ve criticized him for getting rich off other people’s videos…..but…..if it works it works. And mine will be more about the News than viral videos. And it will focus on Asia… not the same.

Actually the channels are already up if you want to subscribe early:


I’m not partnered with YouTube anymore. I joined one of those groups that always asks people to join them… Machinima, but not them. Hopefully that will make a difference. My YouTube income has gotten low…..if it were just me it wouldn’t matter. I can live easily enough off of very little. But it’s about my son. And I need to do whatever I can to make sure he has all the chances in life that I never had.

My contract on my phone runs out in a couple of months. I’m looking at getting the HTC Butterfly.  I need to use my phone calendar more to force myself into being more productive. I currently have about 5 different “jobs” and sometimes a day goes by where I just watch “The Voice” or play video games. I’m really starting to think that I shouldn’t let my son get too into video games and computers. When I was young I never had a computer……and I had so many different adventures  in my city walking around with my friends. You also can’t have 12 girlfriends in one month in this day and age with FB and all that. So sad for my son…lol.


Anyway…..I need to watch another episode of The Voice. Later guys.



  1. James(dsm92eclipsegsx) Said,

    He has returned to bring us the good word! Good thing I check up on this every now and then. Subbing to your other channels so they better be good. Cuz if they aren’t……ohhh boy you’re gonna be sorry. Take care now, bye bye then.

  2. vrublevskogo Said,

    oh oh dunno what to say lol…best of luck, man!

  3. LithCS Said,

    Good to see you back on here. Many seem to have abandoned the forums with you though, hope to see them return as well.

    How come you lost your YT partnership? And how significant is this decrease in income? We wouldn’t want to see you cut back on food and such, I’m sure. (And I’m still hoping to see you get an NSR one day…)

    Hope all is well, and the best wishes for 2013.

  4. blinkycab Said,

    Hey buddy,

    nice vlog. I thought you were an English teacher?

    Good luck with everything. Some of the things you say and do almost remind me of me at times. ALMOST!.



  5. Darlene Lett Said,

    Well I guess that means no more vids for ya. I looked forward to watching them. Oh well it was good while it lasted. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  6. Alex Said,

    I see your starting new channels, but i hope you don’t eliminate your general motorcycle vlogging videos. I really enjoy them, and many others do to. YouTube may not pay the bills at the end of the day, but you still have supporters through your private series, and general donations! This website is great also, it really put’s everything together. So you should always have something like that, that brings all the thing’s you do together.

    Good luck!

  7. Roy Sohn Said,

    Hell, you’re the best father i’ve seen around, M. Supporters will always support whether it helps or not, Good luck!

  8. Matt Said,

    The HTC Butterfly is beautiful…I wish they sold it in Canada. Maybe I can pick one up when I’m back in TW?
    Looking forward to the Gaming channel, I personally enjoy “Let’s Play” style rather than solely reviews — just a thought.

  9. James Said,

    That’s what happens M13; when you turn into a dick.

  10. Jerahn Said,


    I’ve been watching a lot of your videos recently, and I stand impressed! You seem like a great person, and not only for teaching me how to ride a motorbike, which I want to do soon. I hope you can keep your head up and your heart full for your son, and yourself.
    My parents divorced when I was a kid, and I lived mostly with my mother. I like to think of myself as an all-around good person. This outcome was largely in part to my father being there for me even when he wasn’t around as much physically. I handled most of my problems myself, as my mother could not really be counted on for help. And I didn’t confide in my father as much as I think I should’ve, but his presence is greatly appreciated, looking back. Long story short, don’t stop doing your best for your son! I’m sure you won’t, but I wanted to share some words of encouragement. The more you put in, the more it will pay off, truly. He’s literally a piece of you, and should always be treated as such. 🙂

    But anyway, good luck with everything. Ha, I’m sure you can always resort to “cutesy” videos of your pets to make a quick buck. Positive thinking pays off, though, so keep it up and take care.

  11. HyperHorse Said,

    How the hell can you watch garbage like The Voice?

  12. Lennart Said,

    Oh boy that’s tough man, it seems like your new channel isn’t extremely popular yet, although the quality is amazing. You know we all wish you the best, at least I do and you deserve it. The way you take care of your son is heartwarming and I’m sure that, with the care you give him, he’ll grow up just the way you want him to.

    Best of luck to you and make the very best of it!

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  16. abcabcabdfg Said,

    Is there a reason I was blocked from your channel last week??

  17. CrHazardous Said,

    Loved all your vids, always watched, sad to see you go, not one post except the beginning of 2013 :/ 🙁

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