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Well I had planned on making some new channels in 2013. But since I can barely find time to update my own channel….and I CAN’T find time to update my website. I guess those channels never had much of a chance of taking off.


But 2014 is here now. And I guess this will finally be the year that I move back out on my own. I will also continue to exercise daily….I started working out in the latter part of 2013….and other than when I do tours, I am still working out daily. I’ve lost most of my pot belly and am getting some nice definition. I’ll always be thin….I’ll never be big….but that’s fine. Strong and thin is a lot better than chubby and weak.


It currently looks like I’ll be moving out of my house and sharing a place with my good/best friend Donny. I plan on making some amazing videos this year….and yeah….I say that every year…..but I have a list of dozens of videos that are better than anything I’ve uploaded recently….I just need to find the time to make them. And once I move out….I’ll have that time.


That’s it for now. I’ll try to update more often (heard that before).



  1. vrublevskogo Said,

    Happy 2014 :] all the best wishes.

  2. waderp Said,

    Happy new year bro.I have all of your private series and will continue to support them.I have a feeling 14 will be a good year! šŸ™‚

  3. ant155 Said,

    Hi mordeth. Good luck for the future. If you want help with the website, would be keen to help. I do devops for work and currently writing rails and android apps. Looking forward to your vids.

  4. Metaken Said,

    It takes some real guts to move on like that.
    Even more respect for you now know

  5. Moleman Said,

    I think your life will be 100% when you lose the bitch, and thus all the stress. (And I say this as one who doesn’t normally believe in divorce- but dude, I can feel your pain!)

  6. Alex Said,

    M13 where r u dude. We are missing you.
    Are you planning to visit USA east coast anytime in the future?

  7. RIPamerica Said,

    Alex, why would M13 want to come to this police-state?

  8. joyce Said,

    Sorry to hear about Bao Bao. RIP <3

  9. broken-leg-mike Said,

    you come across as a total asswipe in your videos trying to act like the police. how’d you like it if some foreigner came to the US and started telling you how to drive? i wouldn’t give you dirty fingernail clipping, let alone a dollar. get well soon.

  10. Darius Stevenson Said,

  11. Jaycee Williams Said,

    we will be waiting for that. goodluck.

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