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Hey, not M13 here, but Mike the web developer. I was on the tour and can verify that his accident was very real and very horrific. It was a nightmare for him and for all of us. He is in good spirits and recovering, but he has a long way to go. He is unable to update the website until he is out of the hospital and returns home where his computer is.

I’d like to ask you all to please support him through his GoFundMe campaign. He wants to express his sincere gratitude for everyone who has chipped in and supported, and it’s incredibly helpful during this difficult time.

M13’s Medical Expenses GoFundMe

I’d also like to make a note that we are having some issues with PayPal. For anyone who has donated through PayPal in the past couple of days, he’s asking that you request a refund as PayPal has frozen his account, and he can neither withdraw nor issue refunds. Please donate using the GoFundMe link above.

  1. rider Said,

    Glad to see the website updated, however I can’t see the gofundme links. Are they embedded in Flash? Perhaps putting in some text links as well. Heal well and quickly M13!

  2. Thomas Said,

    I’d like to donate but I do not own a credit card (don’t need one). Will PayPal be available again soon?

  3. Fartsy Said,

    Sorry to hear about the crash and all- but dude, what has happened to your videos? They used to be just you riding around Taiwan and talking about interesting stuff; life observations; your past, etc. -Now, it’s just stuff about video games; motorcycles, or your tours…. BORING…. Dude, you’re 30-something years old, don’t try and be a teenager.

  4. Jaycoo Williams Said,

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