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Hey guys! It’s about time I made some shirts or something as people have been bugging me for them for over a year now. I’ve spent a few days working on a shop. You can read about it in my forum here:

  1. Cody(CharityX) Said,

    Hey Mordeth, ahah i gunna buy some of those shirts, you should get some jackets or something

  2. firewall0071 Said,

    Hi M. Mordeth13 should become a brand name motorcycle clothing line thingy. haha. Mordeth13 riding jackets, pants, boots, helmets!! Or at least be a clothing line, imagine the money. 😀

  3. Cy G. (USApatriot85) Said,

    hey after i sent you that messege my mom got me a credit card and its only for emergencys but screw it im getting a shirt haha

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