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If you have never bought a series before I recommend starting with 2010. It’s the first year to use full HD and it has a lot of content. 2008 and 2009 are small series, with a lot of childhood info and stories. 2011 and on are more of the same that yousee in the 2010 series.

2013 is now available.

To purchase a private series you give the minimum amount (or greater) plus the year in cents….so for the 2010 Series you would “donate” a minimum of 13 dollars and 10 cents. The 10 cents shows me you want the 2010 series.

And if you want to purchase the 2011 series you need to click the donate button above and give a minimum of 13 dollars (13 is up from the 10 dollar pre-purchase price) and 11 cents. Again the 11 cents is what shows me you want the 2011 series. If you want some advice then start with 2010 and work up from there. The 2008 and 2009 series have poor video quality and less content……but they also are my first private series and have some very personal stories.


With Pre-Purchase series you’ll need to wait a while before getting anything. I will announce in a video when the series goes live. With older complete series you will receive an email Usually within 12 hours but sometimes as long as 3 days (sometimes I go away for a day or two and don’t check my email).


And Thanks in advance for those of you that buy any of the series. It’s helps me….a lot.

Please also put in the comments the series that you want. It helps me to send you the series quicker


Donate to M13




-The 2013 series is in live. The minimum cost is $13.13. I sometimes give “bonus material” for those who give more….but it’s not guaranteed…so only give more if you want to.




– If you would like to purchase the 2012 series please give 13 dollars (or more) and 12 cents by clicking on the donate buttons at the top of this page.

M13 confronts Drunk Driver





– If you would like to purchase the 2011 series please give 13 dollars (or more) and 11 cents by clicking on the donate buttons at the top of this page.




– If you would like to “buy” access to my  2010 PRIVATE CHANNEL just donate 13 dollars (or more) and 10 cents to the donate  button at the top of this page.

For people who give more I often have some bonus things (but not always).

Thanks for showing an interest and the money truly helps my son and I.



CANADA SERIES 2008: Me back in Canada mostly talking about my childhood. I got into detail about some of my drug use experiences. And other moments important to my growing up.

Click here to purchase the Canada Series:

KENTING SERIES 2009: The majority of this series is filmed at a resort town. With gorgeous roads and beaches. A lot of sex stories and sexual talk in this series… well as many other topics.

Click here to purchase the Beach Resort 2009 Series:

  1. Cramer Said,

    If I pay ten bucks now for the current private series, does that mean I get the videos as they are released, or that I’ll get access to the videos once they’re done?

    Also, is the basic series Canada+Beach Resort, with the bonus being something completely different, or am I just really on the wrong page here?


  2. DoReMiRocker Said,

    Yo Wasup! :)

  3. ManxNinja Said,

    hey if i donate and get the private series how will the videos be made viewable to me like do you email them or similar.


  4. Spinks Said,

    Ugh man you’re smart to charge, but I’m just too cheap. Love your videos though.

  5. dakota Said,

    i wanna see ur crash vid haha when will that be put up for everyone to see

  6. CBR1000RR Said,

    Hey M13,

    I went to click on buy now for the canada series, and I get a bunch of boxes on screen as if my browser doesnt have the right fonts or something? The paypal form is all in boxes, or “another language”

    Any help? reply to my email.


  7. Mordeth13 Said,

    If you get the weird font, then above the paypal logo click the “boxes” there….it will open a language pulldown and you’ll see the word “English”.

  8. Fox421 Said,

    When will the 2010 series be relesed sorry if already posted

  9. dudeguy Said,


  10. Avarice74 Said,

    Hey man, how much would it cost to get access to all your private stuff?

  11. Diego Said,

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  12. Susan Said,

    I am interested also in your private series. If I donate more than the small amount do I have access to all of them with bonus? And how are they viewable

  13. Mordeth13 Said,

    When you buy an older series. Or donate to receive the new series. I send you an email with links to the videos or passwords to the channel.

  14. Susan Said,

    I donated some money and have viewed all your videos above but cant seem to find access to the canadian series unless its called something else on here. Just let me know.

  15. Andrew Said,

    Mordeth is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  16. Geoff Said,

    Hey man, I’ve been watching you videos but never logged on to rate them so I thought I’d make it up and donate to help you out for the holidays. Marry Christmas man!

  17. brian Said,

    how do i donate

  18. Guillaume Said,

    Hey M13, I just thought I would donate you a little something. Merry christmas from Canada! Continue making your awesome videos, you’re my hero!

  19. Michael Said,

    Is your private series HD? I think it´s a super clear and crisp video quality – and fast. Better than youtube.

  20. Yoda Said,

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  21. jeiwaru Said,

    Hey guys,

    I bought the canada series before I created an account. After leaving paypal, I was able to see the links for the canada series but the videos don’t work. Is there a pw or cookie or something that I need to be able to view the canada private series?

  22. istvan jambor Said,

    Super bike headrest from Race Headrest Systems. Google “race headrest” and find the website. I need your help. My sponsors are Motorcycle USA and Sunrise Cycles in Norfolk, Virginia, USA You can call me on my personal cell. It is on my website. Thank you and looking forward to hear from you. Istvan Jambor (Race Headrest).

  23. stickitinthepoop Said,

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  24. Yuri Said,

    Hi M13, I donated but haven’t received anything yet? How long does it take to receive the videos? Thanks.

  25. Mordeth13 Said,

    Message me on youtube if you haven’t recieved it. Let me know your paypal email that you used. I probably already sent you the email check your junk folder.

  26. Gavsterooni Said,

    I think…..I think I love you…..

  27. :) Said,

    I like potato and mordeth.

  28. BoJangles Said,

    I am addicted to cocaine.

  29. Yo Mamma!! Said,

    all riiiight Mordeth, im thinking on donating but I’m waiting for my paycheck to be processed….see ya soon :)

  30. AxisBold Said,

    I’d like to get your Canada series, how can I get my hands on that?

  31. SageNTitled Said,

    Is there four series at a total? Two old ones, the 2010-series, and the current one?

  32. Josh Lathrop Said,

    I’m 17 right now. I have been following a few of your videos, and I would eventually love to come do this for a week or two (How ever long it last.) keep it up man, everything will work out in the end.

  33. mandela31a Said,

    I love your videos! Even though I got laid off, I decided to send you some of my unemployment $. Used pay-pal and forget to put request or anything. would love to see private series and I will set aside my tu-tu $ for your August Tour. Ride safe!

  34. P. Said,

    Heyy Mordeth :)
    I would just like to thank you for the many hours of entertainment that you have given me man. I donated a little sum of money to your paypal thing. Hope you enjoy it man! Take care bro!

  35. nerfherder Said,

    hey m13 can you send me a link of the info for touring i want to take a tour with you and 2 of my buddies

  36. viral Said,

    Thanks M13, you possibly saved my life or prevented me from being seriously hurt the other day. I’m new to riding and was practicing cornering quickly on back streets. Coming around a blind corner (I know its stupid but I was in my lane and wasn’t thinking) I went a little too quick and was almost touching the middle line when a car came at me cutting the corner. If I hadn’t been watching your videos I probably would have braked while turning, slid into the other lane and gone through the lady’s windshield. I quickly adjusted my lean and accelerated to pull away from the other lane. Scared the shit out of the lady driving the car but your teaching saved my skin and I learned from my mistake. I’m planning to buy the series tonight when I get home. It’s the least I can do.

  37. AlexCail Said,

    Hey i Donated 13$ but didnnt specify what i wanted i would like the newest series this is the only spot i could find if there is a support page let me know.

  38. Mordeth13 Said,

    If you just donate that means you get the latest one. Until it gets moved to “older”. I’m going to change the rules to make it all easier in the future. Check back here soon.

  39. MHW Said,

    How much does a year of school for a child cost in Taiwan?

  40. doemijmaareenblonde Said,

    Hey m13, love your videos, all of them =) I’m kinda new to riding a bike and thanks to you I’m having loads of fun on my Honda NSR125R 2-stroke! Therefor a serious donation from all my heart to support you, your vids and your kid (family). Put him back in school will ya? Anyway… keep up the good vibe and enjoy your life (even if you’re broke every now and then, like I am =D)

  41. Darryl Said,

    Hey M13, $15.11 is not much but I hope it helps you and your son. It’s a small price to pay for the down to earth and honest daily entertainment. Keep up the great work.

  42. DDW Said,

    what if I want to buy both 2010 and 2011 series?

  43. Stealth333 Said,

    Well just sent money for the 2011 series. Been watching your videos since the start of 2010 and even though i’m a car guy, i always enjoy your videos and you have made me love bikes! This is my first time paying for the private series. I’m excited and can’t wait ! Woohoo :D 

  44. Peter Said,

    Hi M13 im a guy from sweeden and i love your videos, and i really whanna to got your private series but the problem is that it looks like u only can pay it if u r living in usa because you must print in a valid city and state. is it possible to pay it other way or can i pay it from that site.

  45. Minnesota Steve Said,

    Hey M13, A fellow Canadian living in the US. Love your vids. I am more than happy to donate to you and your son. You have made me laugh many times. Keep up the good work!

  46. Nathan Said,

    Hey, mordeth.

    I didn’t read before I hit donate. Sent $20 your way. Would prefer the 2011 series. Thanks.

  47. Mordeth13 Said,

    No problem. I assume anyone sending an even amount wants the newer series anyway.

  48. F. Said,

    Is there an alternative to Paypal? The place I live is not listed in the Paypal countries, thus it doesn’t accept my credit card…

  49. Nick Said,

    I pre-purchased, but not enough to afford the stripper :/ sorry guys…

  50. Alex Said,

    Hey there.

    If I/someone else were to want all the series as I/we currently have none. What would be considered as an appropriate purchase amount?

  51. poptat Said,

    i think i mayhave spelled my email wrong if so will this cause a big problem

  52. Rob C Said,

    Hey mordeth,

    I made payment like a week ago, I think it was like 25 or 35 dollars, lol, I can’t remember, but I had the cents as 21 since I wanted to purchase the 2010 series AND pre-purchase the 2011 series. I haven’t gotten an email back yet about anything. I probably screwed something up, but if you could get back to me that’d be awesome, since I have nothing to do at night but watch your videos. Thanks!

    Also, a big what’s up from Windsor, Ontario!

  53. Otakop67 Said,

    Loved the 2010 series so much, I just had to get the 2011 one too. Just prepaid for it. BTW, glad to hear JD’s foot injury wasn’t serious. Hope he get’s over the stomach bug and feels better soon.

  54. Noltz Said,

    Hello Mordeth, i just payed 20.11 for the 2011 version and 20.10 for the 2010 version, I really like your videos and I’m going to start donating monthly to support your effort you deliver to us! Thanks! -N3

  55. Frank B. Said,

    I paid for a private series (2011) and i was wondering if i am suppose to get an approval email or something confirming that I paid for it. This was the first time i paid so i am still lost on the process. Any Word to relieve worries would be nice… Thanks for any help
    Frank B.
    The Xbox Phantom

  56. Robert Said,

    Should I have already received the email for the 2011 series? I haven’t got anything yet (been checking my junk folder, too)

  57. Noltz Said,

    @Robert He will make a youtube video saying that the private series is up and our access has been e-mailed to us :)

  58. benno1 Said,

    hey, ive reciently brought a new motorbike, its a manual.. how will i know when to change gears?

  59. Ben Finfrock Said,

    Dear Mordeth, i hope you and Jd have fun in canada! ive been watching your videos for a few years now and i first started when i found your how to ride bit, its always fun to hear what you have to say and i love catching up with whats going on in taiwan, especially if its been a while! Exciting news, tomorrow i turn 19 and i can legalize my motorcycle license! im looking to buy a bike soon after i do some riding with my grandpa (he has two bikes) (and trusts his grandson) (enough) hah. So im at the begining of my adventure!
    every one of your tips has made me think more about how i can be a good and smart rider and i want to thank you for all the wisdom!
    youre a real inspiration
    all of my friends and my two younger brothers really think youre awesome as well!
    uuuuuummm… thats really all. ide love to say more but no point rambling!
    keep on dancing!

    have a good trip

    Ben Finfrock

  60. Hexabis Said,

    How long does it take after sending money to receive 2011 series thru email?

  61. Mordeth13 Said,

    I check my email every few hours. So unless you buy it when I’m going to bed then it should be only an hour or two after you buy it to receive it.

  62. shan_4th Said,

    Hey M13, I really want to buy your private series but I do not have a pay pal or credit card as I am under 18… Is there a way I can send you cash? I am in Shanghai, China
    Thanks :)

  63. Bladez0fFury Said,

    Do you have to donate 13 for each series? So 26.20 would get me 2011 and 2010? or how does the donation work. Im not fully sure.

  64. dino Said,

    Hey Mordeth, I was interested in donating to the 2011 series but have never used paypal. is there a different way to donate or should I just bite the bullet and create an account? Thanks!

  65. Mordeth13 Said,

    Paypal is the way to go man. It’s the largest bank in the world and the founder of it is one of the richest men in the world. It’s used by everyone and is safe enough.

  66. Tut Said,

    Do I need to send two different payments for the ’10 and ’11 sets, or can I send one combined payment (e.g. $69.21)? (similar question to Bladez0fFury, above)

  67. Mordeth13 Said,

    If someone gives .21 cents I’ll understand the meaning.

  68. g_skullector Said,

    hello…i just got money from xmas as gift and i already paid my bills so i might as well donate the money to you and ur son and also ur dogs. ok i’ll just wait to see the new series! thanks


  69. mike Said,

    Hey m13 little donation for you and the son. Enjoy your videos. Since i can’t ride as of now i can at least feel i am riding around with your vids.

  70. Poptarts Said,

    Love your video’s got addicted to them plus the amazing scenery I felt like giving something back.

  71. ElectricDaisy Said,


  72. Lennart Said,

    Just bought the 2011 series, hopefully you get everything in Dollars, because my PayPal is doing everything in euro’s… Should be good though, looking forward to your email :)

  73. Matthew Said,

    Hey M13, I have paid for the 2012 pre order and also have paid for the 2011 private series. When should I expect to receive it? My Youtube username is moonlitvampire1

  74. Joe Said,

    F&$king awesome private series man, thanks!

  75. Matticus Said,

    When you donate via paypal, he sends you an e-mail with the link and the password for the private series. From there, follow the links. It’s pretty simple.

  76. WiLd_HaCk3r Said,

    ahh, i shall donate more when i have money floaing around.. i need my bike first XD

  77. justin Said,

    Can I buy all of the private series (2008-2012) for a discounted price?

  78. Are Tips Charity? | Motovlogging World Said,

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  80. Javier Said,

    Hey Mordeth,
    Which series would best describe how you ended up changing from Canada to Taiwan. I’m very interested in the fact that you got up and left, which is very hard for us Americans to usually do. So if you direct me to the Series that shows that progression that would be great.

  81. Roberto Said,

    Hey M13, I haven’t receive a email from you for the 2012 series and I made the payment yesterday night.

  82. smoove Said,

    Hey M13, i have donated for the 2012 private series as well, and have not received a mail :(
    PayPal email is the same as i input in this form.

    I also tried to send you a mail via the contact form on this page, i got an email back from teh mailserver saying “This email address does not accept email anymore” (something like that)

  83. Darlene Lett Said,

    I tried to buy your 2012 series but it didn’t expect the card. I signed as a guest and was using a debit card.

  84. Roy Sohn Said,

    Damn, the price is increasing each year, if you know what i mean ;p

  85. Roo Said,

    Just donated! Keep up the good work!

  86. Mordeth13 Said,

    If you didn’t notice my email. Just send me a msg on YouTube and I’ll get back to you. This comment section isn’t ideal for a back and forth discussion.

  87. Max Said,

    Heya m13 i donated for the 10′ series but don’t know if you got it or not, when can i get to see the series itself ?

  88. Matt Said,

    For those who are mentally handicapped, check the email that’s connected to your Paypal. There you should see if he’s sent you a confirmation email and details on how to see the series. I’ve purchased 3 series so far, and every time he’s responded within a few days.

  89. Henry Said,

    Excellent just donated for the 2013 series. Looking forward to your next year picking up for you!

  90. Lynne Said,

    I ordered the 2013 series and have already watched everything that’s already up there. I’m ready to buy another series but I want one with the most dog action. Didn’t see much of Baubau on this one and none of Shaumei. Maybe you just don’t include dog stuff on any of your private series? Please advise.

  91. Jason Said,

    Hey M13, I’ve been watching your videos since 2010 and hope to see you continue your effort on youtube by supporting your private series. Hopefully that will provide you some help since now you have moved out. All the best buddy!

  92. Violet Said,

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  94. Slippery Said,

    Get well soon!

  95. Andre D Said,

    Hi there,
    Sent you 75.13 for series 2013 but don’t worry about sending it. I just wanted to send some money your way.

  96. PaulF Said,

    Hello, just bought the 2012 series. Get well soon!

  97. Maillon Said,

    Just bought the 2010 series =)

  98. maillon Said,

    Hey guys :) just wondering how i will receive my pass for the 2010 series :) i donated for it like a week ago :)

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  104. Christopher Benavides Said,

    I’m not sure what series I want: whichever discusses your family life most(something I was always curious about). …..hopefully I don’t sound like a complete weirdo with this comment…..oh well I guess.

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