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  1. Mike Said,

    I’d like to make it clear that I am M13’s webmaster and am not M13. So I think you’ve got the wrong guy.

  2. SHAHIN Said,

    please many comment this side

  3. Melissa Said,

    Tried to send in a question via the form above…email failed. “This address no longer accepts mail.”

    I was wondering why the links on the FAQ page don’t work. They all link back to the FAQ page.

    Also would just like to say really enjoy your vids. Sending friends here!

  4. qwerty Said,

    Hey M13,
    Today i have sent you a Donation of $13,12 and I’m not sure how I can view the private series where you are chasing that bloke who jumped into the car and drove off. I’m a complete idiot regarding your website and i have nooo clue how to navigate around and get to watch the video. My forum name is gtr34

  5. Jack Said,

    Hey M13!

    I really like how you indicate which videos were added with the last update. You’ve commented many times on how long it takes you to make good videos, and consequently I find myself checking back only every now and then. I really appreciate the “Last Updated” message.

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