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Back in Taiwan – Nov 8th 2011

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Hey guys! I’ve been back for about 10 days now. And I’m doing well. My wife and I haven’t fought since that last spat in Canada about 3 or 4 weeks ago. And this could be the longest we’ve gone without her yelling at me in the last 3 years. So I’m in a good mood.

It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow and we’ve invited people over for the first time to have a real birthday party. For his 1st and 2nd birthday party we just went out to dinner. But he understands fully what birthday parties are now and he deserves a good one. Should be fun.

I went to the race track the other day. I haven’t ridden in 3 months and was nervous. The track was also crowded as there was a race the next day and all the racers wanted to practice.  But when I started to ride….I did well….very well….I was passing/lapping the racers. It was a nice feeling. Out of 12 bikes I was the 2nd fastest. I got it all on video so you’ll see that some time soon.

I was worried that being back in Taiwan would depress me after spending so long in Canada. But to be honest….I’m glad to be back.  I find Canada a bit  too boring/oppressive for my tastes now. I enjoy the freedom of flying around on a scooter/motorbike way too much.

I’ve been playing BF3 and loving it (when it’s working and I can connect). My EA name is M13online if you want to add me.

I sold my main scooter. The one I used for my tours. It’s kinda sad because that was the first scooter I ever bought….and it’s a good one. I’ve been through a lot on that scooter. But with my tour company I decided it was time to get something fuel injected for the mountains. Seems silly buying a whole new scooter just to handle one or two roads better……hmmm…..fuck this I want my scooter back….where’s that guy’s phone number.


October 25th 2011

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Hey guys. First off I want to apologize for not uploading much to my youtube channel and to my private series as well. But the good news is that after 2 months of virtually no motorcycles, no videos, and no Taiwan……I should now be able to go back with a fresh new perspective and a lot of new energy and make even better videos than before. Because if you think about it I’ve been uploading a video a day for almost a year….and before that one every 2 days for a few years. So it was an over-due vacation. And hopefully it will enable me to find new levels of creativity.

My wife loved Canada. Her family warned her that us white folk only eat burgers and sandwiches and burgers and sandwiches for every meal. And that she would go crazy trying to find something good to eat. The opposite was true. My wife found that no matter where we ate the food was very good. And in Taiwan she’s a very picky eater. My wife also noticed that the several different familes that we lived with didn’t have the wife constantly yelling at the husband….even though some of the husbands were noticeably deserving of a good yelling at. And she admited to being wrong with her abusive behavoir towards me and said on more than one occasion that she would strive for change. Personally I think it’s probably too little too late regardless. But if it means my life will easier to live for the next few years…well then I’m all for it.

My wife is already on her way back to Taiwan. And I leave on Thursday (the 27th). We decided it would be best for us to leave at separate times so that at least one of us might be rested (as opposed to both of us riding on planes for 24 hours and then having to take care of our 2 year old).  So she left first.

Hopefully there’s still some more good weather for riding left in Taiwan. Regardless I’ll be pumping out the videos. And come this February we’ll be putting J.D. back in school…..and this time we’ll be doing it full time. So I’ll have my days to myself for the first time in many years. I plan on using that time towards my channel and website.


A very special thanks to all of you who are still sticking with me and my videos. And to those who opened up their homes to my family during our vacation. Thank you.


Canadian Vacation – Oct 16th 2011

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Still travelling around Canada am in Edmonton at the moment. Staying at a subscriber’s home and it’s nice. They have a huge home with a sauna, hot tub, pool table, air hockey…etc….etc. They also have two huge loveable labs which are great. My subscriber has a new girlfriend and he’s kind of pussy whipped….so he spends all his time doting on her (which will turn her into a total bitch within about 2 months (not saying she’s one now…..just saying that if a man treats a girl like a princess….then sooner or later she’ll become one)), but I get along well with his parents….haha….and they are awesome.

We’re heading out today to go to Canmore and we’ll be staying with a different subscriber there. Canmore is in the Rockie Mountains… my wife will see our mountains for the first time. And it will be perhaps my 2nd time seeing them. Should be fun.

Only a week or two left for this vacation and then I’ll be rested and recharged for making new videos in Taiwan. Two months out of Taiwan is no small thing. I should have new views and perspectives as well as a new love for riding (as I haven’t really ridden since I’ve been here….and no….putting around in Winnipeg DOESN’T count… sorry to those who bought the 2011 private series as I haven’t been updating it much….but then again it’s already longer than my 2008 and 2009 series. But regardless I have a LOT more vids for it and I’ll get on top of that when I get back.

Alright…off to Canmore.


Sept and Oct M13 in CANADA

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Yep, I decided to tell everyone that I’m going to Canada instead of keeping it as a surprise. Why? Because I was looking at hotel prices…..that’s why.


So I’ll be staying in Winnipeg for a couple of weeks……then touring Canada for a couple of weeks….then spending another 2 weeks in Winnipeg and then heading back to Taiwan.


So if any of you have a nice place with a spare room for my wife, son, and myself…….and you live in western Canada then let me know.


Here is the route I’ll be driving: 


P.S. Oh if you live in one of the cities along that route then send me a message on youtube and include your FaceBook. I don’t think I’d risk traveling with my family to someone’s house if I couldn’t see it first.







Aug 28 2011 – Vacation

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Been awhile since I updated you guys here, sorry.

The Taiwan tours for 2011 are done. The May tour was alright, but had a few problems. The August tour was near perfect. And I’m guessing that 2012 tours will be even better than both. The tours really do seem to get better and better with time (I’ve also been raising the price each year). After having done 3 tours I seem to have the knack of it. And I’ve learnt more and more fun things to do and see while giving the tours. Although I’m starting to get a lot of repeat business already so I may have to adjust the routes regardless. We’ll see.


With the tours done and my private series distributed and underway I have a lot less stress. In a couple of weeks I’m going to be taking my wife and son on a vacation of sorts. It will be my son’s first time on a plane. Should be interesting.


My wife and I have been getting along well enough. I haven’t changed…..she’s just started making more of an effort. Our marriage almost came to an abrupt end a couple of months back…..and I think she had some time to think about life without me….and she didn’t like what she saw. So she’s been pretty tolerable since then. But there’s a big difference between tolerable and love.


My son is awesome and I’m loving every minute spent with him. I applied for his passport….which was/is another stress. The passport is supposed to be done by the 14 of Sept. But one of my “references” on the application form didn’t answer the phone when they called him and they haven’t called him back since……according to the rules that means they haven’t sent my application for the passport out yet. But since they haven’t phoned me either I’m guessing they just processed it anyway. We’ll see.


Need to buy some luggage and slowly start packing. Got a house guest just in time for my vacation…..he’s going to watch my dogs. The timing with that was amazing. Almost like “fate” or whatnot. And speaking of the dogs….they are both doing fine. BaoBao had some kind of bad flu….that was all. We put her on antibiotics and she got better quick.


I’ll be uploading vids to YouTube from my vacation destination so for those of you that don’t know where I’m going (cheap bastards) you’ll have to wait a few weeks to see.




Forum update

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We’ve updated the forums to different and better software. We’ve mostly copied over the theme. (Thanks to ShiftPlusOne for all his help), and it’s pretty close to the original. We’ll be working on fixing the styles over the next couple of days to make it exactly the same as it was before. If there are any issues that you find with the forums, please either send me a PM on the forums (murphyismymantra), or leave a comment below.


July 26th 2011

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Not much of an update this week. I already put up a 25min video detailing my last week so not much left to say. Although I got a message from a viewer talking about a stranger he saw on a train…..and I think it’s pretty cool.

Also when I was on the train today I saw an older guy with a fanny pack who reminded me of you, but then I realized he was wearing a Dianese jacket, I figured seeing as he was wearing a motorcycle jacket AND a fanny pack he probably knew who you were. So I pointed at his fanny pack and said “M13” and it turns out he was one of your viewers (he also rides a Ducati 996 which is pretty awesome)


July 20th 2011 – Tour Approaching

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Only 2 more weeks until my guests start to arrive. Been busy getting ready for that. Plus my son hurt his foot as most of you know. That took 3 days worth of my time. And then yesterday morning he had a stomach flu or something and was vomiting painfully for hours. Not a good week for him.

The August tour should go well. I’ve learned from the mistakes of my last two tours and I keep improving the tour schedule. Next year’s tour will see yet another price jump, but we’re adding on another day as well. So 11 days not 10 for 2012.

Been arguing with the wife a lot less. She turned into a bitch for a bit yesterday and then apologized a few hours later which is very uncommon for her. We had a big fight a couple of months back and she had some time to contemplate what life will be like once I move out…..and I’m guessing she didn’t like what she saw. So she’s actually trying now (I’ve been “trying” for over 2 years……). Regardless that makes the home run a lot smoother.

Trying to figure out what to do with my dogs. My wife won’t take care of them while I go on tour. And I’ve brought them along in the past. But it’s not the best idea bringing them both along. Especially since I can only carry one dog on my scooter and I need to ask one of my guests to take the other one…..and half of my guests crashed last tour. Sigh.

That’s it for now……oh…..we got an Ipad2. I’ve been using it quite a bit……and you know what? Apple really truly ISN’T better than Android. I enjoying using the Ipad…….but it lacks so many options that are common on an Android. Mostly with regards to customization.


Uploaded with


Sleep Paralysis – Ghosts

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It’s 3:30am and I just woke up.

I was having a dream.

I’m riding my Ninja in a bad part of England. A car almost hits me (not too close) and I honk at them. I then notice that the car is filled with rough looking British guys. I don’t care, I’m on my ninja and they’re in a cheap chav car. So I stop and give them a dirty look but they don’t seem to notice as they continue to drive away. I then realize it was a dumb thing to do as they park just further on down the street and I will be parking my Ninja close and going into a nearby building to sleeep. Not my home, but some kind of arcade or something. And I plan on sleeping on the floor. I start to set up on the floor and then realize that I’m too close to the door and I’m in my underwear and what happens if a customer comes in? So I decide to go to a different place that I’m surprised that I forgot about.

I walk past a park heading to the other place to sleep. The park has many people in it. And almost all of them have an animal with them. Giant white animals. I notice a motionless giant white wolf particularly. The car with the chavs drives by…they look at me and I get worried, but don’t seem to recognize me.

Not sure what happens after that. Then I was at a friends house. An exgirlfriend’s house. Her name is Launi she lives in Winnipeg Canada. We are close friends now. But in the dream she lived in England. The dream was actually very weird up to this point. But became much more normal once I saw her. I was in front of her home. A side by side English style. And her parents were just getting out of a small car. And she was there. And her “boyfriend”  a black guy (although in real life she’s married to a white guy). But in the dream I was good friends with this unknown black guy. Anyway….I said hello to her and her family. Everyone was happy to see me and that was good because before this point the dream was somewhat tense.

I go into Launi’s house and it’s small. There are stairs leading on the left. Instead of going up the stairs I walk forward and jump up and grab onto the 2nd floor ledge and do a chin-up playfully. While hanging from the ledge someone puts their hand on my neck firmly. At first I think it’s Launi’s parents because they don’t like me climbing about their home. But then I realize the person is beside me…and I’m hanging off the ground. Their hand is still on my neck.

I start to realize the Launi scenario is a dream. I start to wake myself up. I “wake up” lying on the floor in a shop. There is a man next to me on my left. A girl on my right looking down at me. And some other people moving about (at this point I am awake and in my bedroom….but can’t move….am stuck in sleep paralysis). I think that I’ve fallen asleep in the shop and those guys have come in to mug me or worse. I realize I’m wearing only underwear and I need to do something to protect myself. I try to pretend like I’m grabbing at a weapon beside me……instead I only grab hold of my own….penis. Sigh. But luckily the tugging of my slong helps to wake me up more fully. And I start to realize I’m in my bedroom and not in a shop.

I wake up fully and start to look around the room. No more hand on my neck, no one in bed with me….thank god. But there is still the girl standing beside me. And I can see my wife and son in the corner of the room talking. My wife is kneeling down talking to my son and he’s listening intently. And then I see a rather large man on the other side of my window. I can see him through the curtains he’s crouching down. The girl on my right starts to fade. Then my son fades. Then my wife. The man out side my window is still there now. I left the room and came here to type this. I only slept for an hour and a half…….not sure if I’m going to go back to sleep.


June 28th 2012

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Opps, day late on my weekly blog. But still doing better than before with my once every month or two updates.

Things are going good. I contacted yet another  company about their product and they were also happy to oblige. So I’ve got two more cosmetic mods for my motorbike that I haven’t shown yet on video. And I decided to spend some money to make my motorbike safer since I’m riding so much at the track and with a much more aggressive riding club….so I ordered in a suspension upgrade. Should make my bike smoother in the corners as the stock suspension isn’t adjustable.

So at the moment I’m loving being a biker. More so than I have in a while.

Made some videos the other day. Went looking for Obama. Didn’t know if the vids would be interesting or not…did some different roads. But at the end of the day I was very pleased with what I’d made. I also did huge piles of cocaine which helped with the creative process. Speaking of which you guys see the movie Limitless? I just did. Liked it.

Well I missed my daily upload for Monday…and am working on it now. Spent the day working on my 2011 private channel. The 2011 private channel is going to kick off with an hour long video that is very high speed and still interesting. I sat through the whole hour of it with a smile on my face…..and if a vid can make me smile or laugh….then it generally is well accepted by my viewers.

So yeah……back to work!