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For Fathers

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A careful man I want to be;
A little fellow follows me.
I do not dare to go astray
For fear he’ll go the self same way.

I cannot once escape his eyes,
Whate’er he sees me do, he tries.
Like me he says he’s going to be;
The little chap who follows me.

He thinks that I’m so very fine,
Believes in every word of mine.
The base in me he must not see;
The little chap who follows me.

I must remember as I go
Through summer’s sun and winter’s snow,
I’m building for the years to be;
The little chap who follows me.


June 20th 2011 – More Ninja Mods!

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So something very cool happened to me the other day. I was at the motorcycle shop and I was thinking about advice people have been giving me about my Ninja’s looks. So I asked if they had some product to help make my Ninja’s tail better. And he showed me some integrated tail lights made by Clear Alternatives. They cost around 130 dollars. It’s not a lot of money…..but I thought about it for a bit and said OK order them in for me. Then I thought to myself….wait a minute. Recently I had Scottoiler and Pyramid Plastics contact me and give me some stuff……maybe I should just contact this company and ask if they want to send me their product as well.

So I went home and searched around. Found many sites selling the light system for 150 bucks and only one selling it for less than 100. So I sent them an email. An hour later they replied. And only two days later  UPS arrives at my door with my new integrated tail lights.

Sometimes it’s nice being “M13”. Now I wonder if there are any companies that make carbon fiber rims that need some advertising…hmmm.


June 13th 2011

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Alright, I’ve said this before…but I’m gonna really try this time….lol…I’m going to update my blog every Monday.

This last week I announced my 2011 private series. This is a big deal to me as it’s a once a year deal. I went to the race track 2 weeks in a row. I haven’t gotten my knee down in a long while, but I got it down on Thursday. I was happy. I plan on going to the track once a week from now on as well. I figure since my main “job” involves motorbikes I might as well try my hardest to be good at them. So I plan on going every week from now on. I’m also toying with the idea of getting a cheap (very cheap) 125cc motorbike to use for racing only. And start to join actual races. I figure you guys would get a kick out of watching me race from a first person point of view. I think I can justify using money from the private series sales for this as it should help to improve my channel.

My son is talking more and more. His vocabulary seems to expand every day. If you don’t talk with him for a month (like my neighbor or something) then you’d be surprised by how much he would change in such a short time. I guess this is normal for kids his age (learning quickly)…..but his vocabulary is considerably larger than others of his age. Some kids his age can barely talk at all.

Wife and I had a serious argument. And she’s trying to ignore me as much as possible….and we do things separately now. Which is how I wanted to do things as long as 2 years ago. 2 years ago I tried to make a “family” schedule where we’d take turns taking care of our son and rarely do things together….because even then I knew the best thing for my wife and I was to be apart as much as possible. But she wouldn’t have it. Luckily for me she’s now starting to dislike me as much as…, she couldn’t possibly hate me that much……well……she dislikes me more now anyway. And that’s a good thing. She finally starting to understand that we are not meant to be together. In the past when I would tell her that we would get a divorce as soon as Jade was older, she’d assume I was just speaking out of anger (even though half the time when talking about it we weren’t arguing or anything). But she’s starting to see the truth now. If I were her I’d start looking for a new boyfriend ASAP, she isn’t getting any younger. And speaking of younger, I met a…..hmmm……nevermind. 😉


May 4th 2011

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*decided to edit out my political rant about Osama and the amount of money it took to kill one guy (trillions?)*

Other than that I find it interesting that my Taiwan tour for 2011 is only 2 days away from starting. Last year I had 3 guests and this year I have 7 for the first trip and 3 booked so far for the second one. Make sure you follow me on Twitter to see pics of the tour as it’s happening.

My YouTube channel is finally starting to get some notice by companies….and the views are starting to increase faster and faster. It only took me 5 years of work with a lot of dissapointments along the way (Charlie Boorman…etc). But it’s finally starting to be successful. And along with that I’m getting comments like “SELLOUT” under my vids….nice. I had just recieved a 300 dollar system that I thought was cool as hell for free… I was excited and happy and I made a video about it. It’s understandable. Oh well. I was gonna upload a different sponsor vid right after the Scottoiler one….but I think I’ll hold off on that for a couple of weeks…haha.

I’m still playing LoL when I get some free time. And my son is amazingly cool. We’ve been potty training him for the last 2 weeks and he hasn’t had one accident. Although sometimes he pees every 5 minutes which can be annoying at the mall.

That’s about it. I’m busy as hell getting ready for the tour. Weather should be good. And hotels are all booked. Should be a fun week. And I’ll have my phone so i won’t be cut off from the internet like I was last time. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.



Libya Explained

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Secret Service on M13

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From a viewer:

“Funny thing happened the other day, to do my job in the navy i need to get a “Top Secret” clearance, And part of the process for getting that is an extensive and highly personal interview. One of the questions was relating to online activities, blogs and whatnot, so i mentioned my channel and what i do on it, i.e. sticking a camera in my face and riding around talking rubbish.. and the spy dude from Intelligence giving the interview said “oh that sounds kinda like that m13 guy”! Turns out he was a fan and thought it was awesome that I’d been over to meet you… made my security interview go a lot easier anyway.. especially explaining why i went to Taiwan.. so yeah, apparently our government intelligence is watching your channel… in one way or another.”


Quick Update – March 21st 2011

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Hello everyone. I had some upsets with finding work. Took my son out of daycare as we can’t really afford it anymore. BUT I am now focusing on my YouTube and some other video projects as my primary job. I teach a few hours here and there as supplemental. I’m hoping that with spring here my views will rise and I’ll start to have some financial freedom.

J.D. is doing well. He’s a very happy and smart child. One of my wife’s relatives has been staying with us with her child for the last few days. And J.D. is an angel compared to her son. And her son isn’t all that bad. He’s a great kid (mine…not hers).

Just bought an exercise “game” for my PS3. Need to try to get in a shape a bit before my Taiwan Tours get started……only 6 more weeks……last year’s tour took a lot out of me. On one day we rode for around 12 hours up mountains in the rain. It was tough……fun but tough….and once we got to the hotel room my body seemed to protest by cramping up a lot. So this year I’m gonna start injecting anabolic steroids and pumping hard iron 6 hours per day until the tour starts. Last year’s tour had a guy named Mark on it….and he was kinda lippy…..but this year if any of you fuckers give me lip I’m just gonna knock your teeth out.

2 spots left on the May tour. Use banner above to sign up!


Jan 2nd 2011 – Life Update

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Hey guys! Been awhile. I have no excuse other than my addiction to LoL . When I get some free time in front of the computer…I generally put that game first. But I’m here now baby….I still love you (and the LoL servers are down at the moment).

So what’s new with me? I mentioned in a video description that my wife got me a cool present for Christmas. It’s a watch. My first semi-expensive watch in my life. I like it. Although it blows my mind that I could get a computer or scooter (2nd hand) for the same price as my watch.

Jade is doing well. His vocabulary keeps growing in leaps and bounds. And he seems to have overcome his childhood asthma…which is interesting and I’ll make a video about it sometime.

Wife and I haven’t argued much recently. I through her through a door recently….that seemed to help. Just kidding….it was awhile ago. Don’t think that because we aren’t arguing anymore that that makes us “OK” or anything. Even if she never picked on me again…..I’d always remember the last 2 years and resent her for it. Plus….we are honestly just not compatible regardless of her abuse.

Speaking of which she told me that if we separate/divorce that she’ll give me custody for now… I’m very excited about that. My YouTube earnings are good enough now that I don’t have to work long hours and that leaves me plenty of time for raising my son. I think if I could be a full time father, part time YouTuber then that would be great.

My numbness…..seems to be receding. Hard to tell. But it seems that way. So hopefully it was just a pinched nerve or something and it’s resolving itself.

My Taiwan tours already have 6 people booked for 2011 and they are still a long way off. And 2 others said they are coming… I already have about 8 people when last year I only had 3. Plus I’m making a few improvements to the itinerary for the 2011 tour so it should be amazing.

Chinese New Year starts at the beginning of February. And that means I get a week off of work. Hopefully I can use that time to do something interesting. Perhaps travel….but my son has only recently begun to get his inoculations. He has missed his last 18 shots or so…lol….I wanted to wait until his brain was a bit more developed before shooting him full of foreign substances. But that’s a topic in itself.

I’m honestly worried about Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2011. So let’s all hope that we get through the next year with no nuclear bombs falling. Alright?




M13’s Taiwan Tour is done for 2010.

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So my first attempt at being a tour guide is done. And it was a massive success. Two of the three guys are going to try to make it back again next year. And the other guy who didn’t mention coming back still said it was “perfect” and gave me a large tip…..and he joined the tour never having heard of me. So he was judging it purely on the tour and on my skills as a tour guide. He had never seen an M13 video. He was just coming to Taiwan anyway and googled “Taiwan tours” and found my tour site. And he said to myself and others that it was perfection.

I’ll be uploading some of the Tour’s videos to youtube, but mostly they’ll be going into the 2010 private series…..since some of them are rated “R”. Mark could barely keep his tackle in his pants the whole trip.

Oh….and my school was shut down. So I’m looking for a new teaching job……sigh. But I kinda needed a new job anyway….my last one was odd.

Other than that……let me introduce you to the best video game ever:



Zombies in the UK

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Hey everyone. Got some spare time on my hands (and that’s not all) since I have HFMD, which kinda sounds like HL2DM and it is like that, except absolutely not. HFMD is Hand Foot Mouth Disease….and the reason they call it that is because you often get blisters in your mouth and on your hands and feet.

Everyone in my family got it….but it only hit me hard. My son and whor…..err….wife got through it much easier. The good news is we will all be well by the time my guests get here in 2 weeks for my Tour. Although…..I might still be infectious at that point… that’s something for them to look forward to! But don’t worry guys…it takes about 7 days for the symptoms to kick in… you should be feverish and in pain for your whole flight back! Fun fun.

I’ve always wanted to infect the whole of UK with some foreign illness, ever since I saw that 28 Days Later movie, this will have to do until I get my lab up and running.